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Hello! I am a pioneer of a brand new industry of SPEECH EDUCATION! Please, click here to learn more about what I do:-)

* Learn and follow the logical formula of natural speech and live free of any speech imperfection;

* A unique breakthrough scientific approach towards speech and life education based on natural laws;

* A 3-day intensive psycho - physical training to guide you in your self- transformation.


Please, watch these 5 amazing 1-2 minute videos and keep in mind this can be you or your loved one in only 3 days! I have many similar testimonials.

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I was a conventional speech therapist dealing with stuttering in the conventional therapeutic way and achieving low effective conventional results for 30+ years of my life. Today, I call myself a speech educator because I have discovered an ALTERNATIVE 100% effective NATURAL solution for anyone determined to eliminate their speech and life imperfections, including stuttering. Based on natural laws, this Speech Education method, called ETALON,  provides clear scientific answers  to all questions about speech, stuttering and various human imperfections. To learn more about the ETALON method, please,  click her.

My passionate desire to share the knowledge I possess today with as many people in need (especially, with those who stutter )  as possible has motivated me to write several introductory books about this unique method called 'Etalon'. The books in English:

* STUTTERING SOLVED - Definitive Scientific Solution For Speech Perfection Based on Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by Roman Snezhko;

* SPEECH IS A SKILL - 100% Reliable Scientific Solution for the Perfection of Speech and Elimination of Stuttering Based on Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by Academic R.A. Snezhko  To learn about and purchase my books, please, click here


.... For centuries mankind has faced an unsuccessful battle with stuttering and millions of stutterers have all asked the same question: "How can I stop stuttering?"

The ETALON method has discovered and proven in over 3000 successful cases the answer to this question.

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 4.50.22 PMOnly YOU can stop your stuttering permanently   by knowing and following the natural speech process! No one can “cure”, “treat” you or employ “therapy” on you.

  Only you can  choose to:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.24.23 AMvalue and commit to the growth of your own speech and life skills,

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.24.23 AMlearn and implement on a continuing basis the natural norms followed by all normal speakers on the planet;

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.24.23 AMcoordinate your body muscles (just like an athlete training in competition!)  to mach  the natural speech actions in order to develop and enjoy your ideal speech skill.

 Only you  can turn your speech on!Turn on your speech eddited


                                                   TRANSFORMATION :-)  

To find out whether you are a good fit for the ETALON program today, please, click on the "Take the  Survey" tag on your left

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Anna Deeter,

Etalon Speech Educator

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