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Since 1998, over 3,000 Russian-speaking people stopped stuttering in the unique psycho-physical Etalon Speech Gymnastics in only 3 days. It worked 100% of the time for each Etalon program graduate in Russia. They all became stutter-free after having trained themselves to follow the natural speech standards, discovered and explained by an independent Russian scientist Academic Roman Snezhko.

Anna Deeter, Etalon Speech Educator, studied these standards in Russian language, translated them into English and made this unparalleled teaching available worldwide – for English language speakers who stutter. Since 2012, over 100 English-speaking people from 10+ countries have also achieved the same 100% successful outcome in their intensive Speech Gymnastics training offered in the individual Skype classroom.

If you or your loved one suffer from a so-called speech fluency disorder (stuttering, stammering, cluttering), Anna Deeter can teach you these unique natural speech standards so you could too train yourself to become a natural standard speaker and stop stuttering in as little as 3 days.


To learn how this life changing Etalon technology has enabled to succeed so many English-speaking former stutterers, feel free to navigate this website: see their video and written testimonials, watch Anna’s video lessons, read scientific articles translated from Russian, posts and e-books. Do not hesitate to e-mail your questions to her.

Once you have educated yourself and became able to make an informed decision to coordinate your mind & body for the natural standard speaking, you may then  SIGN-UP for your 3-day course of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics, enter and permanently enjoy your new stutter-free life!

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