Please, enjoy this collection of just a few  video examples of 100% success achieved by each ETALON program graduate.

Keep it in mind there are  3,000+ more program graduates, former stutterers, live today in various countries – all enjoy their freedom from stuttering!


Graduated recently:


Meet Alex, 28, USA

Born in the family of a parent who stuttered, Alex believed the lie that he inherited the stuttering illness from his father and ACCEPTED it. But he became a super-achiever and did not let stuttering hold him back in life. He became a SPEAKER and a LIFE COACH in order to help leaders to tell their stories to the world. But in the process of his own self-growth and spiritual awakening, he shifted his identity from “My stutter is there to serve me” to “MY STUTTER WAS EVER HERE ONLY TO OVERCOME AND GET RID OF IT COMPLETELY”
First watch the short version of the video report and if you want to learn more, watch the longer one

Meet Philip, 27, Germany

Phillip has tried all kinds of remedies to cure his non-existing illness of stuttering, but they all caused him frustration and disappointment. Enjoy watching how this highly energetic and ambitious young man has finally reached his stutter-free destination in the 3-day Etalon Speech Gymnastics training.

Meet Daniel, 19, Portugal

After he tried to implement several trash-advises about HOW NOT TO STUTTER from various sources, including personal coaching of a person who stuttered himself(!), Daniel has finally learned HOW TO SPEAK NATURALLY NORMALLY in the 3-day Etalon Gymnastics training. He no longer needs any advises. He has become his own TRAINER!

Meet Saeed, 24, Canada.


Meet Glen, 40, Uganda

It is hard to believe that this INCREDIBLE MAN grew up as an orphan.  His real life in the war zone could have made an amazing Hollywood story script! TAKE YOUR TIME to watch the WHOLE movie!!! It is a mind-blowing story!!!!

Meet Farry, 27, Canada

Listen and enjoy the story of this FORMER stutterer! Watch her still believing that she  needed some kind  of  a method to speak naturally and making speech mistakes  in  the “BEFORE” part and the confidence, happiness, and excitement of  becoming  a normal  speaker in the “AFTER”! She is telling how she was able to  finally  reach the final destination of her NATURALLY NORMAL SPEECH  by taking a 3-day Etalon speech education class on Skype.

Meet Kesang, 27, India

Being rational, she learned early  in her life that the conventional  ” help” in dealing with stuttering was worthless. She tried  to follow recommendations of some ex-stammerer, who taught her artificial techniques for stuttering  management: breathing and prolongations. But she felt embarrassed when people laughed at her speaking like a robot. One month ago, Kesang learned about the Etalon program and made a decision to take this class. She was  able to loan the funds, took her life-changing 3-day Etalon Speech Education class and became a NORMAL


Meet Laura, 33, Norway-Lithuania

Laura learned about the Etalon program first time and decided to take ..the  3-day course of the Etalon Phycophysical Gymnastics  10  years ago.  Last  year, .she put away her Master’s Degree Diploma of  a Financial Manager and moved  to Norway to earn money by doing a simple, but well paid in Norway cleaning job. It took her one year to collect enough money  to  buy  a  car and  to  invest  in her own speech education!  Please,  enjoy  this  video  report  about  her  amazing  transformation. Her hard work has paid off!

Meet Arnon, 24, Norway

He considers himself fortunate as he has never done any speech therapy or been to any other officially recognized stuttering programs before.  After his attempts to sort out his speech difficulties independently by searching online  and not finding anything that would make sense to him, he has come across  and decided to  stick  with  the  Etalon program.  Although his knowledge of English language (the language of  instructions)  was pretty  weak,  he  still  was  able  to  learn  the basics   of  the  correct  speaking  skills  and   eliminated    his  stuttering  (speech mistakes) in only 3 days!

Meet Ese, 27, UK

She shares hеr experience of her 27-year-long life as she was following various FOOLISH tips and advises for STUTTERING CURE… She tried and inevitably failed  in  several  well-known conventional and alternative recommendations:

1. Drink water…
2. Speech therapy for decreasing emotional tension, NOT speech mistakes.
3. Speak slowly
4. Breathing
5. Speak like a robot
5. Speech therapy of acceptance of stuttering.

Watch the story of the roller-coaster of her emotions as she was going from the bitterness and tears in the “BEFORE” part to the happiness  and excitement of becoming a normal speaker in the “AFTER”!

Meet Stephan, 48, Canada

Stephan, 48-yo,  has ..,searched  over  35  years  of  his  life for a cure ..of his severe stuttering. He has tried several well-known conventional and alternative stuttering programs with no to insignificant and short-lasting results::

1. Various types of speech therapy,
2. Stuttering management (Andrew Bell Programme)
3. Coastal breathing practice (McGuire Programme),
4. NLP philosophy,
5. Supplements,
6. Pharmacological drugs,
7. Hypnotherapy,
8. Tapping technique…

Stephan has openly shared his invaluable experience with each of these programs for the benefit of 70 million people ..who ..stutter worldwide – so they could avoid making the same mistakes and instead, chose the Etalon program to  fix their speech problem effectively and permanently – just like he did!

Stuttering Cure Never Existed as It Was Never Needed from Anna Deeter on Vimeo.

Meet Ivan, 52, Australia

Ivan,, was struggling with his speech problem for 45 years of his life. Being a highly intelligent, dynamic and driven  towards self-improvement person, he has tried several well-known conventional stuttering  programs: various  types  of  speech therapy, Coastal breathing, practice, NLP philosophy, but the results were always insignificant, unnatural,and short-lasting. Please, listen and enjoy Ivan’s story, where he is telling how he was able to finally reach his destination of NATURALLY NORMAL SPEECH by taking a 3-day Etalon speech education class over Skype.

Meet Patrick, 17, USA

Patrick noticed his speech “problem” when he lived and attended an elementary school in Peru. He felt that he could not speak to strangers and teachers. As many millions of people who stutter worldwide, Patrick believed that he had a stuttering disease and needed a cure…. The boy was shocked to discover that ..speech was a skill and that he would need to LEARN it. Today, he is no longer a stutterer! Patrick is a normal speaker who understands.and CAN follow practically the natural algorithm (logic) of speaking action. He CAN 100% control his CORRECT speech actions always and anywhere.

Meet Hussein, 20, Finland

Hussein was  only 17 .when.he first contacted Anna Deeter through Facebook private ..messages ..and ..started ..learning about the Etalon program. He spoke Arabic.. and ..Finnish.. languages back then and.had to use.Google translator writing ..English .to Anna…. He was just a low-esteem teenager and a severe life-time ..stutter with no job, no money, no bright future… His loving parents were extremely skeptical about their son’s participate in some not “officially-approved” program he found on Internet and attempted to talk him out ..of.. it… Look at this young confident man a little more than 2 years later! Enjoy this heartwarming success story of a confident, financially secure working man and the Etalon speaker!

Here is how Husein’s first stutter-free week went:


The short video below is the letter Hussein sent to Anna Deeter one month after his graduation from the Etalon class.

Here is his video letter to Anna Deeter, in 6 months after his graduation.

Watch Hussein’s WINNING SPEECH in Toastmasters International club in Finland.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.56.21 AM

He won the title of the “BEST SPEAKERin 8 months after his graduation.

Meet Adrian, Australia

Right ,,BEFORE ,,the ,,3-day ,,Etalon class, Adrian, had to undergo an emergency procedure on his eye. Acting according to his life-long habit ( mental program) of helping his speech actions by pushing hard his muscles, he ..was constantly applying an excessive pressure on the various parts of his body.and ended up with a dangerous medical condition: retina detachment in his right eye. After three days of intensive speech education class over Skype, Adrian become stutter-free, but he still had to undergo another medical procedure for healing his eye condition.

Meet Phil, New Zealand

Phil has been through a few speech therapists’ “help”. ….They have taught him the following old incorrect speech actions: to “slow down” (they even.gave him a push-button device for counting his syllables and for …. DISTRACTING HIM FROM SPEECH!), not to say “hard”  words (substitute them!),  control his diaphragm (assisted him in developing a breathing stupor) and many others… .The result of such irrational training was obvious: irrational speech and irrational life of a stutterer:-( Today, he is a rational.. speaker who understands and CAN follow practically the natural algorithm (logic) of speaking action. He CAN 100% control his CORRECT speech actions always and anywhere.

Meet Ivan, Russia

Ivan is one of 3 000 graduates of Roman Snezhko’s program since 1998. Out of 37 years of his life, Ivan was struggling with severe stuttering for 32… In this video, he is sharing his experience studying the Speech Education Program ETALON in his 3-day speech class.

Part 1: Ivan is telling how his stuttering impacted his life and what treatments he tried?

Part 2: Ivan explains.what his speech errors made him stutter just 2 days ago. He shares his feeling of being stutter-free in less that 3 days. See and listen to it your self and remember .that it is now available for stutterers in any language around the world.

Meet Roger, 31, UK.

Roger was a life-time stutterer. ,He is the very first English speaking individual who has been educated by the program ,ETALON in a Skype setting. Roger’s stuttering has been eliminated in 3 days.

Next, please, enjoy the video story of Roger’s stutter-free life almost 4 months after his Skype class!

Meet Natalie, 19, USA.

Natalie was a stutterer for 10 years of her life. She has been freed from stuttering in a 3-day speech class via Skype.                                                                                                                            

Meet Paulius, 27, Netherlands.

He has been a stutterer for 24 years of his life. ….Has ….been ..freed from stuttering in a 3-day speech class via Skype. He is now a confident fluent speaker in three languages: English, Russian, and Lithuanian.

Meet Shantanu, 27yo, India

The former ..stutterer, ../Shantanu has learned his naturally-correct speaking skills and ended his stuttering .in a 3 day intensive study course in the individual setting of the Skype classroom. He has built his FOUNDATION of his NATURALLY ..mistake-free speech and has learned all the knowledge necessary to build a house of his IDEAL SPEECH.

Meet Slava, 24, Russia.

He was a life-time stutterer. His mother, an elementary school teacher, was constantly taking him to all kinds of therapists, doctors, and healers in various cities in Russia and even countries for many years, .but her son  remained speechless. He could not attend college nor obtain a job ..because of the severity of his stuttering. Slava has become stutter-free after a .3-day intensive course taught by Roman Snezhko in his Moscow office.


Meet Camille, 29, Canada.

Camille was a life-time stutterer. ..Back in his country of birth, France, his speech therapist suggested ..Camille ..should not even try to learn any foreign language because of his stuttering. However, he has proved her wrong by acquiring English language speaking skills. His stuttering has been ELIMINATED in 3 days and he has become a confident speaker in both French and English languages.

Meet Darin, 24, USA.

Darin began to stutter when he ..was 4 years old. Although his stuttering has not stopped him from ..becoming successful in his military career at his young age, however, it has dramatically impacted the quality of his.. life and his self-esteem. His miracle transformation.from a shy and fearful stutterer into a confident communicator has been accomplished in the 3-day class as well. Darin is looking forward into talking to people now!


Anna Deeter’s Video Summary

Progress report about the development of the LSF program in English-speaking world. June – November, 2012

Meet Thabang, 35, S. Africa.

He has become the first program graduate from S. Africa. .Life-time stutterer, .he struggled speaking even .to his 6-yo son before his 3-day class. .His stuttering would make him want to disappear at work: although he always knew .the answer, but he would prefer to pretend he did not – just to avoid speaking in front of others. Watch Thabang’s dramatically increased confidence and listen to his testimonials on the last day of his study course: “Speaking is so easy!”

Meet Tad, 22 yo, Lithuania

Tad started to stutter at the age of 20, when he went to a job interview and ..“for some reason” mentioned to an interviewer that he stuttered. He graduated from the ETALON program in June, 2014. ….Today, he easily performs his duties of a radio operator on a ship where ..he responsible for giving important strategic radio commands daily.

Meet Alexander, 22 yo, Russia.

Alexander, a life-time stutterer, lives in Russia. He has attended  Roman Snezhko’s office in Moscow. After his graduation from the program ETALON, he has become motivated to master his  English language skills. The “After” part of this video was filmed in the morning of the day 3.

Meet Vidyakant, 29, India.

Vidyakant  began to stutterer when he was a 7 – 8 year old school student. He has had a couple of fruitless speech therapy courses at school and then, trained himself to live with it so it was not a big burden for him until he decided.. to .move up in his work later in his adult life. He has finally made a decision to get rid of his speaking limitation that was taking away his possibility “to shine”.

Meet Roger, 25, India.

Roger was very young when someone convinced him that he stuttered. His mother attempted to get some “professional” help for her son’s speaking problem from a…. homeopath, but …. it sure did not help. How .could anything, but speech education, help Roger to learn how to speak? Please, enjoy watching Roger’s transformation from. a .shy .fearful .stutterer  .avoiding .speaking into a confident speaker over the course of THREE DAYS!

Meet Aydana 20, Kazakhstan.

Aydana suffered from stuttering for 12 years out of her 20-yo life. She has attempted to solve her severe stuttering problem with the help of all kinds of medical treatments, therapists and medications before she learned her naturally-correct speaking skills and ended her stuttering in a 3 day intensive study course/psycho-physical training in the individual setting of the speech education classroom in the Moscow office of Roman Snezhko.

Meet Die 22, USA.

Die’s stuttering was not that severe, but it prevented her from being herself – a “social butterfly”. She has also learned her naturally-correct speaking skills and ended her stuttering in a 3 day intensive study course/psycho-physical training in the individual setting of the speech education Skype classroom.

Meet Jerry 21, Canada.

Jerry ..has been struggling with his frustrating speech problem since he noticed that he had a hard time getting his words out at the age of 7. .Being a highly intelligent, dynamic and driven towards self-improvement person, he has been searching and trying various programs and tips for easing his stuttering, .but the results were always insignificant, unnatural and short-lasting. .Please, listen and enjoy ..Jerry’s story, where he is telling how he was able to finally reach his destination of NATURALLY NORMAL SPEECH by taking a .3-day Etalon speech education class on Skype.

Meet Dev 27, Mauricious.

Dev is no longer a stutterer! .He has called the Etalon method  “the revolutionary solution everyone is waiting for”. Today, he is.a normal speaker who understands the natural algorithm (logic) of speaking action and can control his.CORRECT speech always. and .anywhere. In spite of many learned from. his conventional .speech.therapist artificial methods/techniques.for avoiding speaking and hiding stuttering as much as possible, Dev has taken the risk to invest in.his speech education and WON!!!!

And here is how Dev’s first post graduation week looked like:-) :

Meet Zul, 27, India.

Zul was 7yo when he started copying speech behavior of a stuttering painter who came in his house. Concerned parents took him to a speech therapist… .After 20 years.. of his diligent intensive training ..with various “kind” speech therapists he developed a severe stuttering in the form of BREATHING STUPOR. ..He was “kindly” trained to perform the impossible – breathing and speaking at the same time – and wondered why he faced many blocks….  ..Please, enjoy watching Zul’s transformation from a shy fearful stutterer  avoiding speaking into a confident speaker over the course of THREE DAYS!