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ANNA DEETER,   M.A.,  Speech  Educator, author,  public  speaker,  founder,  director and    instructor  of  the   English-language Division   of   the Speech Academie  Etalon International By R.A.Snezhko

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I’m Anna Deeter, M.A., Author; Public Speaker; Founder, Director and Speech Educator at the English-language division of the Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko. I have had over 30 years of experience as a conventional Speech-Language therapist  in both Russia and the USA combined. Having treated  many people with fluency disorders (stuttering, stammering, and cluttering) and not being satisfied with the results of my therapeutic work, I realized that traditional medical approach and treatment methods used by speech clinicians all over the world for over hundred years are ineffective for stuttering. They lack clear understanding of causes, mechanism, and treatment techniques of stuttering and may never guarantee a 100% successful outcome to their clients. My professional curiosity and passionate desire to find a reliable treatment made me look outside the traditional approach.



Since May of 2012, I have shared my knowledge with thousands of people who stutter through the social media and educated personally close to 100 stutterers who spoke English as a primary or second language. Under my guidance, all of them have learned and implemented the information about the natural algorithm of speaking, coordinated their own speech muscles and achieved their ultimate goal – 100% success in their SELF-EDUCATION – stutter-free speech.”


I have been on the mission of spreading the truth about stuttering ever since! And for that, I conduct question-answering Etalon conferences with people who stutter through social media. Please, take your time and watch me answer any question of people who stutter in my regular LIVE STREAMING on YouTube. Here are a couple of my recent conferences:

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