What’s wrong with the stuttering programs taught by a stuttering trainer?

I have received an e--mail from a "very nice" and "kind" STUTTERING TRAINER WHO STUTTERS HIMSELF AND TEACHES OTHERS TO STUTTER IN HIS WAY. He has honestly and proudly included one of the testimonials of his program attendees. Read it carefully first and decide for yourself if you really want to learn about what is [...]

“I started stuttering in 9th grade…. What should I do?”

I have received an e-mail today. Please, read my comments below it. Good day, M. Please, read carefully my comments to your message. "plz guide and help to cure stuttering." Let me begin with explaining to you the CORE of your problem. The fact that you were speaking well up to the age of 16 [...]

Why, for what and to who do stutterers keep paying?

Stutterers constantly pay. They pay with their moral humiliation while being compared to other normally speaking people. They pay doctors, speech pathologists-therapists and various outright crooks for the treatment of stuttering. They pay with their time and energy for their useless walks from door to door in search for help and support. And what is [...]

How to stop stuttering – E-MAIL OF THE WEEK

I am receiving many e-mails from all over the world. People who stutter ask one common question: HOW TO STOP STUTTERING? In order to answer it, I am starting a regular Etalon Speech Education in my social media classroom. I will select one e-mail a week and present my response to it in a blog [...]

Do you even need any treatment for stuttering???

I have been on the mailing list of several representatives of various stuttering treatment approaches today. I study carefully their extremely misleading e-mails so I could help both sides of the battle process – confused stutterers and confused stuttering specialists – in ridding their mind of any confusion. Below is the screenshot of the KEY-MISINFORMATION [...]

Only YOU can create the video of YOUR Etalon Self-Study Course! Why?

Below, you can see a screenshot of the e-mail that I received from a person who stutters. Just like millions of deceived and confused stutterers, he believes in LIE that he has a medical condition preventing him from speaking naturally without making mistakes. He keeps searching for some man-made artificial techniques, tips, tricks, methods - [...]

HOW TO STOP STUTTERING NATURALLY – Anna Deeter answers questions on the US National Radio Station, 7-22-2016, New Jersey, USA

Anna Deeter, a pioneer of the new industry called Etalon Speech Education, is answering questions about speech and stuttering. LISTEN UP & ENJOY YOUR SPEECH EDUCATION!    


Myth: Stuttering is neurological. Truth: Stuttering is the result of underdeveloped or lost speech skills   Myth: Stuttering is genetic. Truth: Stuttering is a set of learned Non-correct Speech Actions.   Myth: Stuttering requires a cure. Truth: Lack of a skill to speak adequately can never be cured; it requires self-training.   Myth: No one knows [...]

What does an Etalon Teacher do?

As a pioneer of the brand new profession of an Etalon Speech Educator, I would like to clear some confusion many people who stutter and  conventional speech professionals have today. What are the job descriptions of an Etalon Speech Teacher? What should the candidates for the Etalon Speech Gymnastics expect from their 3-day training? As [...]

3000+ people worldwide stopped stuttering in 3 days of Etalon Gymnastics. You can too!

This video is prepared by ANNA DEETER, M.A., CEO&Founder of LiveStutterFree @ Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, Speech Educator, Public Speaker, Author. The author of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics for the Elimination of Stuttering in 3 days, Academic Roman Snezhko, has answered a question of a person who stutters during his 3+ hour [...]