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We thank you for your donation from the bottom of our heart. It is because of your generous contribution, we can continue our  mission of discrediting the misconception about stuttering as a medical condition. Combined with our passionate work, your support will empower millions of people believing in the lie about their imperfection to awaken their own latent power in order to eliminate stuttering in only 3 days.




Grant Funds will go towards the costs of:

1) The scholarship for select students who stutter to enable their enrollment in the Speech Education Class for the Elimination of Stuttering. The ETALON method is a set of natural rules, norms, and standards for normal speech. This scientific breakthrough information is a foundation for a 100% effective speech education program for the elimination of stuttering. The program is offered as a 3-day intensive psycho-physical training and the postgraduate 3+ (as needed) progress monitoring consultations via Skype. It is designed to educate children and adults who stutter about the natural algorithm of normal speech production that all normally speaking people on the planet follow in their normal speaking actions, no matter what language they communicate in. Educated in the ETALON classroom, any person who stutterers can enable himself to self-correct and self-eliminate his individual speaking mistakes, self-develop his speech coordination, eliminate any form of stuttering, stammering or cluttering permanently and become a normal speaker. In order to speak normally, every human must learn (usually, in the early childhood), know and follow the universal algorithm for normal speech actions. All good speakers follow it intuitively to produce their good speech. People that have never learned, learned incorrectly or forgotten this natural speech algorithm always struggle as they guess of what to do at the moment of speaking and frequently make speaking mistakes every time they speak. The solution is simple: a stutterer of any age can learn the natural algorithm of normal speech, follow and enjoy it practically for the rest of his life.

2) The creation of the educational tools necessary for the Etalon Speech Education Self-Study Course for the Elimination of Stuttering. Because the information contained in the Etalon method is unique and cannot be found anywhere in any conventional approach literature, there is a great need for the creation and development various sources for the Etalon science education, such as: the Etalon Self-Study course in the form of a computer application; writing and publishing the textbook, entitled ‘SPEECH IS A SKILL. 100% RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION FOR THE ELIMINATION OF STUTTERING AND PERFECTION OF SPEECH BASED ON NATURAL LAWS DISCOVERED AND EXPLAINED BY ACADEMIC R.A. SNEZHKO”, about the Etalon science (the book is the practical self-study guide for any stuttering individual to learn the natural algorithm of speech, eliminate his stuttering and become a normal speaker.); creation a series of Etalon video lessons for educating people who stutter in the process of their self-elimination of their non-correct speech behavior (stuttering) and substitution it with the Etalon Speech Actions; etc.

3) Preparing, designing and conducting various conferences, lectures, seminars and other systematic study courses for the Etalon Speech Educators. According to the official statistics, 1% of entire World population suffers from stuttering, stammering and cluttering. The Etalon science is the only rational solution, real help and hope for more than 70 million struggling people in the World. Therefore, in order to make the natural, simple and reliable Etalon speech education available to them in the future, we must start preparation of the Etalon professionals today.













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