Hussein from Finland graduated  from the Etalon Speech Education Course 8 months ago. He has participated in a SPEECH CONTEST and won the title of the BEST SPEAKER at the Toastmasters International club in Finland. Please, enjoy listening to his WINNING SPEECH!!

Roger from Mumbai, India, graduated from the Etalon Speech Education Course 2 years ago. He is answering questions of Anna Deeter about his stutter-free life.

Paul from the Netherlands, graduated from the Etalon Program 3.5 years ago. He is telling how his stutter-free life unfolded after he  had eliminated his severe stuttering in a 3-day intensive

study course over Skype.

Stephen, Canada, graduated in 2015. Please, enjoy watching this video report about the first stutter-free week of this Etalon Program graduate who had been struggling with his stuttering for 48 years of his life before he entered the Etalon classroom!

An amazing transformation of the life of Hussein, Finland, is an example and expiration for others! Please, enjoy watching this long-term report about his first stutter-free week.

This is a video letter Anna Deeter received from the Etalon Program graduate after one month since his graduation.

Here is Hussein’s video greeting (click on words in green) for Anna Deeter’s Birthday. 6 months after his graduation from the Etalon Program.

This video is about a long-term success of another Etalon graduate, Dev, from Mauricios Island. He is sharing his experience of his first stutter-free week. One week after his graduation.


Roger T., UK, graduated from Speech Education Program for the Elimination of Stuttering “ETALON” 3.5 months ago. This video is a demonstration of his stutter-free speaking skills in various situations after 3.5 months since his graduation from an intensive 3-day study course on Skype.


This is another video of Roger T. He has produced it 18 months after his graduation from his 3-day intensive Speech Training. He no longer discusses the stuttering issue because he is busy living his life and talking about things of his personal interest.