3 Day Children Course

3-Day Etalon Unblocking Course for Children & Dependent Adults

FOR THE ELIMINATION OF STUTTERING in Children under 18 years old or Dependent Adults

Instruction time: 15 to 25 hours
Financial Investment: $4,500 USD

This course is for you if you are…
• A parent desiring to unblock and enhance correct speech development of your child/children,
• A caretaker of a child requiring to correct inadequacies of his/her speech development,
• A dependent adult (18+yo) accompanied with your caretaker(s)

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This Course…

  • Is the method of instruction for parents and care-takes of a child or dependent adult with such inadequacies in their speech development, as: stuttering, stammering, cluttering, etc
  • Trains you to assist your dependent with maintaining, developing and mastering their speech skills at the Etalon (model-like) level during and after the 3-day program
  • Is taught in the individual online setting via various on-line video platforms for 3 days in a row (It is 15 – 22 hours of instruction total) by two unique Etalon Unblocking Masters
  • Is individually customized for every client’s exact “unblocking” needs. (This is a vitally important component in insuring the 100% success of every student we work with and is how we are able to offer our 100% life-time guarantee)
  • Is designed to “unblock the mind” of your child/dependent adult who stutters and/or who experiences other limitations with their oral self-expression and to guide him/her in further enhancement of their adequate speech skills after the Etalon Parent/Care-Taker Unblocking Course
  • Teaches you and your child/dependent adult to follow the Natural Speech Norms in order to speak correctly (without stuttering)
  • Trains you to assist your dependent with maintaining, developing and mastering their speech skills at the Etalon (model-like) level during and after the 3-day program
  • Is 100% success guaranteed by your adequate supervision and support, your dependent’s obedient and diligent work on completing their speech tasks, as well as by the Natural Laws of Physiology
  • Is available to English-speaking families worldwide (If you do not speak the English language, we may consider training you and your dependent with the help of your interpreter)
  • Is the new teaching style – the revolution in the whole system of modern education worldwide
  • Enables you to learn a condensed science-based college course in only three days, without going through years of professional training
  • Provides a life-time guarantee that if you ever forget anything learned during your 3-Day training or come up with a new question about how to support the speech development of your dependent, you can always come back to your Etalon Instructor for a FREE consultation and memory refresher
  • Is 100% opposite from all other stuttering programs in every regard. It adamantly opposes ALL gimmicks, temporary fixes, misleading recommendations and such offers as to “fix most of stuttering, most of the time”. (You will know what and how many tasks your dependent would need to complete in order to remain unblocked and liberated to speak adequately according to the Natural Speech Norms that all normal speakers worldwide follow intuitively).
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How will you become stutter-free in 3 days?

You will participate in the process of unblocking of your child/dependent adult. Guided by two licensed Etalon Unblocking Masters, you will first help him/her to unblock the natural functioning of their Speech, Thinking, Attention and Memory and become liberated to move with ease their speech organs.

Then, your dependent will discover and immediately begin to follow accurately precise Natural Speech Norms (Etalons) that all people on the planet follow intuitively. By doing so, he/she will instantly and automatically begin to speak without mistakes. Once he/she will demonstrate an ability to INDEPENDENTLY produce a 100% Etalon (precise and accurate) speech, he/she will automatically and instantly normalize the work of their mind and body.

During the 3-day course, you will learn a set of training tests for directing the speech work of your child/dependent adult in order to assist him/her with adjusting to use correctly his/her speech organs in any situation. You will gain the knowledge necessary for supporting the self-development of your child/dependent adult, encouraging him/her to maintain and master their speech at the “Etalon” (model-like) level after the 3-day course, and making sure he/she speaks a lot, everywhere and for the rest of their life, just like every normal person does!

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