3 Day Children Course

3-Day Etalon Unblocking Course for Children & Dependent Adults

FOR THE ELIMINATION OF STUTTERING in Children under 18 years old or Dependent Adults

Instruction time: 15 to 30 hours

This course is for you if you are…
• A parent desiring to unblock and enhance correct speech development of your child/children,
• A caretaker of a child requiring to correct inadequacies of his/her speech development,
• A dependent adult (18+yo) accompanied with your caretaker(s)

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This Course…

  • Is the method of instruction for parents and caretakers of a child or dependent adult, who stutters, stammers, clutters or experiences any other difficulty learning to speak.
  • Is taught in the individual online setting via an online video platform for 3 days in a row.
  • Two unique Etalon Unblocking Masters provide 15 – 30 hours of instruction total.
  • Is individually customized for your dependent’s exact “unblocking” needs. This ensures his/her 100% success and offers our 100% lifetime guarantee to you.
  • Trains you to assist your dependent with his/her balanced speech development. You will discover their unique special needs and natural ways to meet them. We will enable you to further enhance their speech development after the 3-day Course.
  • 100% guarantees success to each student who has completed all teacher’s tasks with a high mark. Your dependent will need your supervision and support. Following precisely the Natural Laws of Physiology always guarantees 100% success.
  • Offers a 100% lifetime guarantee against relapses and returns of stuttering. You may forget something learned during the 3-Day course or have a new question. If so, you can always come back to the teacher for a FREE consultation and clear your mind in almost no time.
  • Teaches you and your child/dependent adult to follow the Natural Speech Norms.
  • Is available to English-speaking stutterers worldwide. If you do not speak the English language, we may consider training with the help of your interpreter
  • Is the new teaching style. It is the revolution in the whole system of modern education worldwide.
  • It enables you to learn a condensed science-based college course in only three days. No need to go through years of professional training!
  • It is 100% opposite from all other stuttering programs in every regard. No gimmicks. No temporary fixes. No misleading recommendations or offers to “fix most of the stuttering, most of the time”. Your dependent will unblock his/her natural ability to speak without mistakes.
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How will your child/dependent adult become stutter-free in 3 days?

You will take part in the unblocking process of your child/dependent adult. Two licensed Etalon Unblocking Masters will guide you. Together with you, we will unblock his/her Thinking, Attention, Memory and Speech. He/she will learn to move with ease their speech organs.
Then, he/she will learn to follow the Natural Speech Norms that all people on the planet follow. By doing so, your dependent will begin to speak without mistakes right away. Speech errors will have no chance to occur when he/she will follow the norms! After that, your dependent will complete many speech tasks. He/she will need to learn independency in the new way of speaking. By the end of the class, he/she will begin speaking correctly without any external help.
You will learn a set of training speech tests. They will enable you to direct the speech work of your child/dependent adult after the course. You will help him/her to adjust during Rehabilitation and Adaptation Period. You will encourage your dependent to speak correctly in any situation. Make sure he/she speaks a lot, everywhere and for the rest of their life – like we all do!
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