Why the 3-day Etalon success does not make sense to a stuttering coach?

One well-known on the net stuttering coach has been communicating with me on the stuttering blog  for some time now. I solute his genuine passionate intention to help those who stutter, his hard work, his tenacity,  and his resourceful marketing strategy! However, being a stutterer himself, this person is unaware of the NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS /ETALONS. Because of that, he  continues to confuse his stuttering clients by offering them various forms of …. stuttering. He calls them  “techniques”, “methods”, “strategies”, “steps” for  “speech improvement”. Just like other “stuttering cure” experts, he still believes that people  who stutter must  “change their stutterer’ s identity” and turn themselves into someone else…. And yes, accomplishing a  task of demolishing your own personality and becoming another person is impossible in only 3 days…


Yes, I may appear disrespectful and… intolerant at times of what “stuttering cure” experts say and do today, but I am coming not from “a lack of knowledge or pure ignorance”…. It is quite the opposite….

Being involved in helping others, we all are passionate about our work and really want to make a difference in the life of our clients. And we all do! But the ways we do it are quite different. It is based on our personal experience, knowledge and skills.

Unfortunately, a big number of people who stutter suffer from deception and “lies induced” laziness… They are unaware that their speech mastery is the result of their speech work (what kind of work though?) . You are definitely not one of them:-) I do respect your passion and your hard work. In fact, we both are workaholics:-)

This is why, I take my time to respond to your message here. I want your collaboration, not confrontation! I believe that only TOGETHER we can rid humanity off this fraud called “stuttering cure” and unnecessary suffering. So, let’s leave all our emotions out of this conversation and focus on the topic of speech and stuttering, shell we?

Yes, what you are offering to your clients really makes sense TO YOU – based on YOUR experience linked to the old MISTAKEN “stuttering cure” approach. Representatives of this approach assume (mistakenly!) that because stutterers’ speech is physically broken, they need to replace it with the way OTHERS speak. It may sound logical, but…

The reality is that when people who stutter attempt to get rid of their natural and comfortable for them (God given!) inborn speaking style, they attempt to eliminate their own UNIQUE personality…. Their authentic speech reflects who they are at the present moment, who God (or, Mother Nature) created them to be. But because a stutterer (deceived by others) is convinced that he (his speech style) is “not good enough”, he begins modeling the speech-life style of OTHERS and switches from his own physiologically comfortable identity to becoming them….

(This criminal approach was invented in Russia at the end of 19th century by one soulless Psychiatrist (not a speech expert!!!) and a dirty politician, who made a fortune off his invention:-( His name is hidden from English-speaking readers… He is well known only in Russia… If you want to learn more, please, go to my website and download my FREE e-book A TALE OF TWO GENIUSES IN STUTTERING. You will find a lot of historical data that I translated from Russian.

So, based on the assumption that millions of UNIQUE people on the planet are not worthy, that they need to “change their identities” and become someone else in order to be accepted by the modern society, thousands of good hearted people (mostly stutterers themselves) around the globe started to develop and sell their “methods”, “tips”, “strategies”, “techniques”, “steps” of how to “improve speaking” and become… someone else…. The modeling technique is sure one of the best ways to accomplish such an inhuman goal. This is why it takes so much work and time for the participants of your and other “stuttering cure” programs …. Stutterers are being forced to become foreigners to their own spiritual, cultural and language identity…. They have to start from scratch their lives….. It is a really painful, time and energy consuming process with no clarity of when their dream will become a reality…. It is like wondering in the darkness of unknown… Along with other stuttering trainers, you have been giving your life to this cause!!! I solute your passionate intention to help others, but…

Why is it that it does not make sense to YOU that EVERY Etalon student CAN begin speaking without mistakes without changing his own unique identity and remain speaking in his own speech style almost instantly…. in only 3 days of HIS intensive Etalon speech work? Because you simply are still unaware of the revolutionary discovery of the NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS. Such a “miracle” can happen only at the moment when a 100% physically healthy person discovers and begins to follow the NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS=NORMS=ETALONS.

What are they? The NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS are a set of instructions of the “User’s Manual” that we, people, follow while operating adequately our most intelligent machine called “body-mind”. Yes, this is a revolutionary science that you are obviously not familiar with. We learn to operate our own “body-mind” device in the same way we learn to use any other device: cellphone or computer. When we use a device according to its user manual’s instructions and push the right buttons, it works in coordination and without interruptions. But if we do not know how to operate it correctly and act blindly (“by trial and error”), the device will fail to work properly.

The relationship of a stutterer with his own body-mind instrument is the same as the relationship of a monkey with a cellphone. A low conscious level animal will not be able to make a phone call.  Even if,  by accident, the monkey will dial the right number,  it will get scared and drop the phone right after someone will respond “Hello!”:-) Why? Because it has no idea how to operate the cellphone device and what it is for!

This is exactly what happens with stutterers – people with a healthy body, but unhealthy (confused) mind! However, their problem is NOT BIOLOGICAL, not medical! It is INFORMATIONAL. Stutterers are like computers infected with a virus! Therefore, such informational damage of their mind is EASY TO SOLVE in almost no time and not in some unknown future, but right NOW!!! People who stutter simply do not know (never experienced) what etalon (standard) actions to perform when they speak! From the young age they thought that they needed to use some special “methods”, “techniques”, etc. to speak… The moment they receive and begin operating their “body-mind” according to the Etalon instructions, their stuttering (improper way of using their system) disappears right away!!!

Stutterers do not need to change their identity! They should simply begin to operate their body-mind according to the User’s Manual”!!! Etalon is this manual.

Now, what kind of speech work do we, Etalon Educators, recommend our students do after they have become normal speakers in only 3 days?

SPEAK! SPEAK! SPEAK! SPEAK!!! To catch up with years of following all kinds of stuttering “techniques” and “methods”… We recommend they MASTER THEIR (not someone else’s!) SPEECH STYLE in every situation that used to be “challenging” for them. Our graduates must simply speak just like they did in and outside of the Etalon classroom. Naturally, easily… No “techniques”, “methods”, or “steps”!!! Many are advised to do some speech work to increase their vocabulary. Over the years of “not speaking”, “speaking only in case of emergency” and “speaking with techniques” programming to break words in parts, they never learned or forgot the WHOLE meaningful words…. How can anyone speak without knowing words???

Regarding your recommendation to anyone to “test” your system “for yourself before paying a dime.”… I did. I interviewed one of your “boot camp” and self-study participants and the recent STUTTER-FREE Etalon graduate in a week after his graduation. Please, watch the 3 part video report with the results of my “research”. I would never call this young man one of those “people who just stop or give up because it takes effort”. He appeared as a HARD working and rational person. And so was his FATHER!

The bottom line, I invite you and other good hearted people to collaborate with us. You have a choice today: to continue prolonging suffering of your confused clients by giving them a lot of your “stuttering cure” methods and techniques…. or LEARN THE NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS yourself and begin assisting your clients in discovering these clear speech instructions of Mother Nature for their benefit as soon as possible!

We are planning to conduct the first 3-day Etalon webinar for the future Etalon Speech educators next month. E-mail me directly if you are interested in my offer.

Hope to see you soon and assist you the best way I can.

Sincerely, Anna Deeter

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