3 Day Public Speaker

3-Day Etalon Unblocking Course for Public Speakers

For Corporate&Private Sector/Key Note Speaking/Training

Instruction time: 15 to 30 hours

The setting of the 3-day Etalon Unblocking Course is one-on-one. The original author of the Etalon method and Anna Deeter together will be guiding you for three days. First, you will become unblocked. Then, you will learn to follow Natural Speech Norms that all people on the planet follow. The norms you need to learn depend on your personal speaking difficulties. We will create a customized plan for you to follow. As a result, you will immediately revive your balanced speech and become able to speak in public.

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This Course is for You if You are…

  • An individual desiring an administrative or executive position
  • A professional desiring to be promoted
  • Someone wishing to become a public speaker
  • An individual desiring to master your skills of delivering presentations
  • An educator of all categories (a teacher, counselor, speech therapist, etc.) needing to boost your communication skills
  • An individual planning to become a public personality; i.e. a politician, actor, entertainer, etc
  • A school graduates preparing for job interviews
  • An individual wanting to enhance your relationship with others; i.e.Personal relationships, business/work relationships, social community, etc.
  • Any other type of an individual desiring to become “unblocked” at the level of your body, mind and will
  • A person desiring to revive and enhance your adequate Thinking, Attention, Memory, and Speech.
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How Will you Turn Yourself Into a Confident Speaker in 3 Days?

Two licensed Etalon Unblocking Masters will guide you for 3 days. You will discover facts about speech, your speaking mistakes, and life in general. We’ll guide you to substitute DIS-information in your memory with correct information. You will develop and improve your speaking skills through your own efforts.
First, we will help you to unblock your Thinking, Attention, Memory, and Speech. You’ll feel liberated to move with ease your speech organs. Then, you will learn to follow simple Natural Speech Norms that all people on the planet follow.
You will perform independently your 100% precise and accurate speech actions. They will enable you to normalize the functioning of your mind and body as well. You’ll eliminate your speech mistakes, hesitations or anxiety. You will learn to stay inside the speech norms and speak with ease, comfort, and confidence in public.
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