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Academic Snezhko, R.A. – Author@Right Holder of the Etalon Unblocking for the Elimination of Stuttering

Academic Snezhko, Roman Alekseyevich, Russia, Scientist; Researcher; Academic (Professor); Etalon Unblocking Master; Author & Right Holder of all Etalon Unblocking Courses For The Elimination Of Stuttering.

R.A. SNEZHKO was born in Russia. (He still resides there today.) He experienced his own nightmare with stuttering at the age of 15. Yet, the boy was able to figure out the cause. He eliminated stuttering in a short time without anyone’s help. At age 18, Snezhko enlisted in the Russian Army. He served in the Marines Northern Fleet. Then, he entered Yaroslavl Technical University in Russia. He received his first Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (With honors!). Later, R.A. Snezhko entered Moscow Medical College. There, he obtained a Master’s degree in Medical Business (Again with honors.!) He found himself in the business world and started working on his life vision. This led him to his enrollment in Moscow State University. Mr. Snezhko received two more Master’s level degrees from there. One was in education and a second – in Psychology. (Both again, with honors!) Mr. Snezhko was still driven by his personal desire to go further in his understanding of human nature. He underwent an Intensive Visionary training by Masters of Yoga and Meditation. This training provided him with what he felt was a total understanding and vision of the world reality. Today, R.A. Snezhko is the founder of several fundamentally new directions in science.

Achievements of R.A. Snezhko

Roman Alekseyevich Snezhko is the first and only scientist in the world to fully reveal the mystery of stuttering. This may seem strange, but before his discovery, stuttering was considered a severe and incurable illness with unclear causes. Academic Snezhko has made it clear to thousands of people that stuttering is not a sickness and that any attempt to cure it is silly, useless and even criminal. Stuttering cannot be cured by any therapeutic means or methods. Yet, any person who stutters can (and should!) be quickly retrained to naturally balanced speaking. It is possible thanks to the individual 3-day Etalon Unblocking Program designed by Mr. Snezhko in 1998.

Academic Snezhko has a long list of unique scientific achievements and awards. Let’s indicate only the main ones here. He is a person with 5 types of formal educational degrees in different areas of natural science: medical, psychological, spiritual, technical and non-traditional. He has written 6 books and nearly 1,000 articles on various topics related to the psychological and causal aspects of stuttering. The scientist has identified and explained the definitive cause and mechanism of stuttering.

But thousands of people who stutter have thanked him for his gift to them! He has presented them with the opportunity to recover their naturally balanced speech over the ordinary learning process in just 3 days. Academic Snezhko develops individually the curriculum for each student who stutters. This Etalon Educational Plan takes into account all individual’s personal characteristics: gender, age, type of stuttering, temperament, family/social environment, spoken language(s), and many other parameters affecting the speech of the person who stutters. The uniqueness of the individual approach leads to a speedy growth of awareness in all Etalon students. They quickly begin to understand why they have become stutterers and what their actions cause them to stutter. Such rapid mental development enables the stutterer to start fixing one mistake after another under the careful guidance of the teacher and drop their fears. On the third day of the class, the student begins to speak without hesitation and mistakes. His/her speech actions become independent and confident.

A conscious approach to speech guarantees not a temporary and random success, but a stable and lifelong skill of speaking with ease and balance.

After graduation, former stutterers do not lose their acquired skills over time. They develop and enhance their speech mastery even further in the same way all adequate speakers do. In 5-10 years after their unblocking, former stutterers speak even better than in the first weeks after their graduation from the 3 day training course.

Mr. Snezhko has written many scientific papers on education and medicine, which have been published. (You may find the book written in the Russian language under his supervision and then, translated by Anna Deeter on this website. Its paper version is entitled SPEECH IS A SKILL and its pdf version is entitled LIVE STUTTER FREE). He is now continuing on in his pioneering research of the functioning of the human dynamic. He is currently employing his accomplished science based knowledge of the human dynamic and his perceptive interactive skills to assist individuals who are suffering from and desire to eliminate completely stuttering, speech neurosis, poor eyesight, psychologically induced fears, depression and mental stupor.

In almost 30 years of his revolutionary teaching, Academic Snezhko alone has unblocked over 10, 000 people who stuttered worldwide. He has enabled them to stop stuttering, revive their Naturally Balanced Speech in only 3 days and LIVE STUTTER-FREE EVER SINCE.

The video below has caught a brief moment of  a Skype conversation between Anna Deeter and Mr. Snezhko in 2015…  Roman Alekseyevich is sharing with her how many students he has unblocked in just a few months.

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