All Anti-Stuttering Methods Block Normal Speech Development

It is not easy to disclose the truth. It is not pleasant. It is shocking for most people who have devoted their entire life to working for an industry that was created as a big fraud to begin with…. I have been there with you for 30+ years…

Yes, the whole creation of Speech and Language Therapy – Pathology as a branch of a medical industry has turned out to be a painful mistake we made as a society. I have explained in my several books how billions of people around the world became mislead by one Russian psychiatrist and nasty politician Ivan Sikorski, who made a fortune off his evil invention of a “stuttering illness” in 1889. He claimed (without any proof!) his discovery of a “mysterious” medical condition called stuttering with unknown cause and cure and promised to people that the one who finds an effective solution and a 100% cure for such “illness”, will receive a lot of money and a golden monument in his honor! Thousands of people rushed into chasing this “golden goose” without realizing that “stuttering illness” was a pure MISREPRESENTATION. Over the past 100+ years, they worked hard and ,created a whole system servicing this non-existing bogus “disease”.

Let’s not bitch about the past; what happened – happened…. Let’s roll up our sleeves and begin fixing our mistakes in the “now” – build a new profession called Etalon Speech Education.

We, the people, have paid a very high price for our ignorance and greed. Believing the lie of their genetic and neurological sickness, millions of people struggle severely today. They damage their body and mind with drugs, practice daily useless artificial speech methods and techniques, use harmful devices, turn themselves in total psychopaths, commit suicides… These are all broken and lost lives of real people who have been made to believe that they are powerless because of the incurable “stuttering sickness”, which does not exist in reality…. It is time we awaken from the nightmare of endless lies that we have been living in for over a century….

Here is a recent video report about my online work with a FORMER stutterer in India. This young man entered the 3-day Etalon classroom after practicing diligently various speech techniques of a “Speech Coach”, who stutterers himself. By doing this for 5 long years, he TOTALLY RUINED HIS SPEECH.

If you are just curious, then, watch this 1-minute video summary. But if you are a PASSIONATE speech professional who wants to learn the truth for the sake of your speech students, take your time and watch the full version of my report🙂

With hope and lots of love,

Anna Deeter

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