All Anti-Stuttering Methods Block Normal Speech Development

It is not easy to disclose the truth. It is not pleasant. It is shocking for most people who have devoted their entire life to working for an industry that was created as a big fraud to begin with.... I have been there with you for 30+ years... Yes, the whole creation of Speech and [...]

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Stutterers are victims of two factors: their own laziness and the criminal negligence and ignorance of teachers and parents. Lots of adults surrounding a bit lazy child help the organized work of the criminal conveyor called "stuttering cure." Unaware, adult "professionals" accustom the child to perform various Non-correct Speech  and Useless Non-Speaking Actions under the [...]

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Can multiple-problem stuttering be solved in a group? Yes: one problem at a time!

Speech Academy Etalon International by R.A. Snezhko opens the online group program for people who want to permanently get rid of stuttering, stammering, cluttering, logofobia and other speech problems. By studying and beginning to follow the natural speech NORMS, students will gradually correct all their speech errors, NORMALIZE and MASTER up to the etalon (normal) [...]

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I keep receiving questions about this “new” “miraculous” way “to cure stuttering” (a simple lack of speech maturity!) over some time… It is called MODELING… A passionate promoter of this TRASH-method and a nice income maker is Mr. Michael Williams. He a person who stutters himself and truly believes that the best way to become [...]

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Etalon Group Gymnastics Outline

 10 LEVELS OF THE ETALON SPEECH MASTERY GAIN ONE SPEECH SKILL AT ONE LEVEL & PROCEED TO THE NEXT LEVEL!   Level 1: ETALON SKILL OF MELODIC WORD PRODUCTION Training objectives: Get rid of all "difficult" and "unpronounceable" words; To learn the standard pronunciation/reading aloud of any one-stress word-melodica; Learn all word-melodicas a student wants [...]

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The first group course is scheduled on the 21rd  of November, 2017. E-mail or call Anna Deeter to reserve your spot in the class and donate $1,000 USD before or on the 16th of November - the day of head count! Speech Academie Etalon International by R.A. Snezhko opens  enrollment in the online program for [...]

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I want FREE offline stop stuttering course!

I've received an e-mail request today: "Please send me a list of offline or free stuttering stop courses."  . This message is a perfect example of the mindset in many young people who stutter today. They really believe that someone in their neighborhood (offline) must fix their problems for nothing (free).... Just like children waiting [...]

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Discover your own speech style or replace it with someone else’s?

What is happening to our sanity??? Where is it??? Why do we tolerate and even support those coaches who stutter themselves and convince others to KILL their own unique personality, REPLACE it with the speaking style of OTHERS and PRETEND to be someone who they are not born to be? Will we ever realize that [...]

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Why the 3-day Etalon success does not make sense to a stuttering coach?

One well-known online stuttering coach by the name Michael Williams has been communicating with me on the stuttering blog  for some time now. I solute his genuine passionate intention to help those who stutter, his hard work, his tenacity,  and his resourceful marketing strategy! However, being a stutterer himself, Mr. Williams is unaware of the [...]

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All trainers who stutter can only offer you to stutter with their “techniques”:-(

It appears that millions of people who stutter make a fertile soil for profiting of them by some their fellow-stutterers. It is sickening to see how many people with underdeveloped speaking skills boldly offer their "speech improvement" service to others while giving only empty promises without any guarantees. Most of them do it inadvertently. They [...]

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