Discover your own speech style or replace it with someone else’s?

I am sad to see how we tolerate and even support those coaches who stutter themselves today. We allow them to devalue the unique personality of other people who stutter. These coaches convince a stutterer to speak in their style and pretend to be someone who he/she is not?
But by imitating someone else, a person will never discover his own speaking style. He/she will not be true to him/herself.
Etalon teachers encourage students to value their own, God-given, speech/life style. Unblocking Masters guide each student to discover it in a 3-day Unblocking Course.
In their desperate fight against “stuttering illness”, people who stutter believe many lies. The untruth about their speech (life!) style being “sick” is one of them. They believe that it should be killed…. replaced with a speaking (life) style of other people… They come to a coach who stutters himself and begin imitating his stuttering style… What is the result? They become clown-imitators of their stuttering coach. They substitute their type of stuttering with the way their coach stutters.

Their pretentious speech looks and sounds awkward. It’s like an act of a stand-up comedian copying voices of celebrities. It’s something an actor may do for fun and entertainment of others…. They make the same grotesque hand gestures! Speak with the same weird inflections! Their breathing is unnatural and noisy. Their speech is full of the same meaningless fillers. But unfortunately, stuttering imitators do not realize that they act like funny clowns.
Such speaking style is unnatural and uncomfortable for them. But they learn it and can make even a whole presentation in front of other people. Yet, they will again begin stuttering when they want or need to be themselves in their real life:-(
Becoming a clown- imitator has become a new fashion among confused stutterers today:-(
Etalon Unblocking Masters strongly oppose the whole idea of “replacing” personality. Instead, they teach the Natural Speech Norms to people who struggle to find their speaking style. This discovery takes only 3 days. Once stutterers have learned the norms, they would need to follow them with 100% accuracy. Then, their comfortable natural speaking style will show up on its own.

Please, watch these three video reports about the 100% success of the Etalon graduate who has been through the program of such stuttering coach prior to the Etalon Speech Unblocking. Learn the bitter truth!


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