Enrollment Process

How To Enroll

Skype-Conference-Call1. Educate yourself. Study information on this website. Follow steps we recommend.

2.  Choose from the following  Etalon Course Financing Options .
3. Contact Anna Deeter for a free 20-minute consultation. You may call direct at (951) 723-5052 (Skype number) or (323) 896-1214 (USA, WhatsApp, Viber). You can also send a Skype request to “annadeeter” or email info@livestutterfree.com at any time.
4. Request your e-copy of the Etalon Enrollment Form.
5. Once we’ve accepted you for enrollment in the course, you can donate below. We will schedule your Etalon unblocking course right away.


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We thank you for your donation from the bottom of our heart. It is because of your generous contribution, we can continue our mission. We can continue discrediting the misconception about stuttering as a medical condition. Your financial support empowers our passionate work for saving millions of lost souls. Too many people still believe untruths about their imperfection and suffer from that. Thanks to you, we can awaken many of them to use their own latent power to eliminate stuttering in only 3 days.

Additional Information About the Course

Be ready to invest as much time and effort as you can in the valuable 3 days. They will have the power to change your life forever. Do not waste your time. Refrain from irrelevant questioning or irrational doubting. Do not allow harmful resistance of any task your teachers will give you. Remember that in order to get unblocked, you will have to change your mind programming (the way you think about speech!). This may be challenging, yet, it is a very important part of the Etalon program. The speed of your progress will depend a lot on you and your choices. Humble, diligent and respectful students become unblocked rapidly.
We wish you a lot of success and joy in your endeavoring speech education!