Enrollment Process

How To Enroll


  1. Before you make an informed decision to enroll in the 3 day Etalon  Skype Class and stop stuttering, do your homework:  study information on the website (begin with FAQ page!), download and read FREE e-books, purchase and read SPEECH IS A SKILL/LIVE STUTTER FREE  (optional).
  2. The cost of an individual Etalon training session is not much higher today than an average Speech Therapy session. Please, study the detailed information about the NEW options we offer to match  financial needs of every student. The following  Etalon Course financing options (click on the link) are available to you today!.
  3. With any question about the course, you are encouraged to call Anna Deeter direct at (951) 723-5052 (Skype number) or (323) 896-1214 (USA and WhatsApp), send a Skype contact request to “annadeeter”, or email info@livestutterfree.com at any time.
  4. Contact Anna Deeter to schedule you FREE 30-minute pre-screening session and receive your e-copy of the Etalon Enrollment Form
  5. Once you’ve been approved for the course, you can donate below and start your unblocking and speech self-training right away.

Donate Here

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We thank you for your donation from the bottom of our heart. It is because of your generous contribution, we can continue our  mission of discrediting the misconception about stuttering as a medical condition. Combined with our passionate work, your support will empower millions of people believing in the lie about their imperfection to awaken their own latent power in order to eliminate stuttering in only 3 days.

Additional Information About the Course

Be ready to invest as much time and effort as you can in the valuable 3 days that may change your life forever. Do not waste your time on irrelevant questioning, irrational doubting or harmful resistance of any task your teachers will give you. Remember that in order to get unblocked, you will have to change your mind programming (the way you think about speech!). This may be challenging, yet, it is a very important part of the Etalon program. Your progress time will depend on your choice of being a HUMBLE, DILIGENT and RESPECTFUL student.

We wish you a lot of success and joy in your endeavoring speech education!