Etalon Unblocking Options


We offer a choice of 3 OPTIONS of how you may become a student of Etalon Academie and unblock your life in the shortest time possible


Introductory Video Meeting  to conduct a swift pre-screening via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or any other video platform. This pre-screening will allow us to determine a general problem you have. In addition, we will provide you with a detailed description of the Etalon program that you desire to enroll into. The Etalon Course Instructor will then answer all your questions about the course you are planning to take.

Time duration: 2-3 hours.

Our life-long 100% Etalon guarantee against all relapses and the return of stuttering is NOT included


A Complete Evaluation to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the type of stuttering you have. Afterwards, we will develop an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for your work. This IEP will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate you in achieving a 100% elimination of stuttering based on your individual abilities, your type of stuttering, your environment and your personal desires and preferences, as to ensure you with the speediest and most stable result.

Time duration: 3-6 hours.

Our life-long 100% Etalon guarantee against all relapses and the return of stuttering is NOT included


The Full 3-Day Unblocking Course for the elimination of stuttering to conduct practical unblocking of the type of stuttering blocks you (or your loved one) have by means of guiding your speech work according to your Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), eliminate all of your speech mistakes/difficulties, enable you to normalize the Naturally Balanced functioning of your mind-body and to achieve  a speech improvement of up to your total comfort level in 3 days.

Time duration:  3 days in a row, 6-10 hours a day.

Our life-long 100% Etalon guarantee against all relapses and the return of stuttering is included

AFTER GRADUATION FROM  THE 3-DAY COURSE you (or your loved one) will have to go through the following two stages:

1. Rehabilitation and Adaptation Period/Quarantine of Etalon Speech – is a crucial time for you and for the mastering of your achieved results in real life. The time-frame of your rehabilitation and adaptation period will range from one to six months and is referred to as your  Etalon quarantine. This period of quarantine means you having no contact, both written and verbal, with those who stutter. Any such contact is strictly prohibited! You will need this “time-out” for the prevention of any re-infection with stuttering to occur after your graduation. During this period, a former stutterer achieves a gradual adaptation and habituation to his/her new full-fledged, normal speech during their daily social communications, i.e. in the family, at work, with the inner circle and in public places. Should the event arise that you are to experience any difficulty with speaking in any social setting, you may immediately request an unlimited amount of daily emergency consultations at no additional cost to you.

Time duration: 1-6 months (depending on the individual student’s progress).

Your contribution: $0. The Etalon 100% guarantee covers all of your expenses.         

2. Etalon Graduate’s Life-Long Guarantee from Speech Degradation.  In the unlikely event of an emergency where you were to return to stuttering or suddenly become re-infected with stuttering, you may request the immediate assistance of your Etalon Course Instructor and receive a complimentary recovery session for as long as it may be necessary for you to return back to your normal speech.

The time duration of a recovery session is 1-6 hours.

Now, you have a choice!

You may take the Etalon Speech Unblocking course to…

*   GRADUALLY SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS ONE BY ONE OVER SOME TIME and experience a significant improvement of your speech/life after each Etalon session or

* SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AT ONCE IN  3 DAYS IN A ROW by making a one-time investment of your time and money in your speedy self-improvement and self-development.

Speech Academie Etalon International by R.A.Snezhko nonprofit foundation may consider  a partial financial assistance of underage (younger than 18yo) orphans ONLY because they cannot fund their speech education with their work yet. It is our vision that in order to fix the life of an adult (18+), it is crucial that he/she earns the necessary amount of money for their education with their own work.

To avoid the frustration of being rejected at the job interview for a speaking position, we recommend people who stutter apply for a NON-SPEAKING JOB.  The reality is that no matter what professional degree an adult stutterer may have earned,  he/she is still not prepared yet to perform any speaking work. Therefore, we suggest he/she should first apply for a SPEECH-FREE job, collect the funds for his speech education and then, learn the natural skill of normal speaking in the 3-day Etalon training. Once stutter-free,  a FORMER stutterer may obtain any job of his/her dreams!



Speech Academie Etalon International by R.A. Snezhko is a nonprofit organization NOT SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY BY ANY GOVERNMENT FUNDING. We fund all our projects with DONATIONS received from students and our families.

We, the founders of the Speech Academie Etalon International by R.A.Snezhko nonprofit foundation, greatly appreciate generous contributions of our family, friends and students who have observed first hand the amount and quality of service we provide to public. Thanks to their donations since 2012, we have been able to fund the following projects:

  • educated several thousands of former stutterers from various countries on how to stop stuttering permanently in only 3 days of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics training and enjoy their stutter-free life forever;
  • created an efficient website with a lot of complimentary breakthrough information available for anyone to benefit from;
  • released over 500 YouTube, Vimeo, reports (in English and Russian languages) about the 100% success of each Etalon graduate – for complimentary public education;
  • wrote and released for public several books in English and Russian languages. Most of them are complimentary for downloading from our website. Others are available for purchase-donation from the website and  amazon. com
  • invested in the marketing service to spread the information about our enlightening work in the social media all over the world;
  • created several social media Etalon classrooms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, InContact, Odnoklassniki, etc) and forums for answering questions of people who stutter and speech professionals;
  • made a serious of live TV, Radio, podcast, etc. presentations for making the Etalon knowledge public;
  • completed  many other Etalon projects aiming  to create a brand new industry in the world: ETALON  EDUCATION – the only natural, reliable solution for the elimination of any  imperfection (underdevelopment) of an individual’s life actions, including such speech limitations as: stuttering, stammering, cluttering or mumbling.