Etalon Certification Program


Instruction time: until completion of Certification requirement to independently unblock 100 stutterers


This course is for you if you are…

  • an individual with College Degree desiring to become an Etalon Unblocking Master,
  • an individual trained elsewhere to unblock people at the level of their mind, body, will and desire to become an Etalon Speech Educator,
  • an educator of all categories: teacher, counselor, speech therapist/pathologist, psychologist, etc.
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This Course

  • is the method of instruction with immediate practical application in teaching children and adults with such inadequacies in their speech development, as: stuttering, stammering, cluttering, etc.
  • is 100% based on the the Natural Laws of Physiology
  • is designed to provide unparalleled training of a new type of educators: Etalon Unblocking Masters
  • is available to English-speaking people worldwide via various on-line video platforms. If you do not speak the English language, we may consider training you with the help of your interpreter
  • is taught in the individual online setting via various video platforms by two unique Etalon Unblocking Masters
  • offers a License to educate independently people who stutter, stammer, clutter (and/or blocked in other way) to certified individuals after they have unblocked at least 100 students
  • presents a new teaching style – the revolution in science and a whole system of modern education worldwide
  • enables you to learn practically a condensed science-based college course and begin earning money off your work without going through years of conventional professional training
  • is 100% opposite from all other stuttering programs in every regard. It adamantly opposes ALL gimmicks, temporary fixes, misleading recommendations and such offers as to “fix most of your stuttering, most of the time”. (You will learn to recognize blocks at the level of a person’s mind, body and will, unblock and liberate him/her to speak adequately according to the Natural Speech Norms).
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How will you become a certified and licensed Etalon Unblocking Master?

You will begin your training with studying carefully the information on the website, YouTube channel and in all Etalon books. You will also have several individual training sessions with Mr. Snezhko and Mrs. Deeter. Then, they will guide you in building your website and finding your first students. Once you have brought a student to the Etalon classroom, your practical training may start. You will observe and actively participate in the whole process of the 3-day Unblocking of your student in the Skype conference call.

You will witness how two licensed Etalon Unblocking Masters will evaluate him/her and then, custom make his/her Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Under your mentors’ guidance, you will be implementing this step-by-step IEP – assisting your student with completion of his/her tasks diligently, precisely and accurately. On the third day of the class, your student will have to pass a final examination with an excellent grade (100%, A+) . You will be responsible for continuing to monitor your student’s correct speech development after his/her successful graduation per his/her request.

You will learn practically how to teach the Natural Speech Norms to your students. As the number of students unblocked with your active participation will increase, you will gradually gain unblocking experience and skills.You will understand more accurately the mechanism of stuttering, begin to recognize and differentiate the variety of stuttering blocks in different people and will develop skills to unblock people at the individual level of their mind, body and will. You will become licensed to teach independently after you have successfully unblocked at least 100 students. 

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