Etalon Unblocking FAQ



A: The Russian Academic R.A. Snezhko created the Etalon Gymnastics in 1998.
A: The Etalon Gymnastics addresses not only the lack of physical deficits in a stutterer. It is PSYCHO-physical.  Therefore, it can assist anyone in correcting not only imperfections of their physical body, but any deviations of their mind.
A: The Etalon Gymnastics is being successfully used in the area of speech. In only three-four days, any person who stutters can fully correct and normalize his/her speech, emotional state and mental functioning by using his own power only – without medications, drugs, hypnosis, speech therapists’ trainings, or psychological help.
A: The results achieved over the Etalon Gymnastics training are 100% successful and practically lifelong. Every Etalon course graduate can maintain daily his own speech with self-regulating the load of his daily speaking practice. This is similar to how an athlete keeps himself fit by determining the daily load of physical exercise for himself in order to maintain his own ideal fitness.
A: Just like any fitness training, the Etalon Gymnastics is suitable for anyone – from young to old. The earlier a child becomes familiar with the Etalon Gymnastics, the faster he/she will learn it and the healthier his/her speech, attention, body and mind will be throughout his/her life.
A: The Etalon Gymnastics is the best prevention of stuttering for children of any age. Trained with the Etalon Gymnastics, a child obtains a full life “immunity” from any form of stuttering and logoneurosis (fear of speaking).
A: The teaching method is the secret of the independent Russian scientist Snezhko, R.A. His intellectual property is protected by the “KNOW-HOW” mode and can not be disclosed. All rights are researved exclusively by the StylelEtalonReal Ltd., Russia,  founded by Academic R.A. Snezhko. Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter are the co-founders of the Speech Academie Etolan International By R.A.Snezhko. This  non-profit organization offers the 3-day individual Etalon Gymnastics training in English language.
A: The Etalon Gymnastics offers a 100% of success and a life-long guarantee. Gymnastics is a set of exercises that do not have an inspiration or “use by” date. They do not get spoiled or become updated. That is why the Etalon Gymnastics is so favorable compared to such methods of conventional “stuttering cure” approach as: drugs (they all have a shelf life and expiration date!), influences (they all have terms of expected result and side effects), and suggestions (they all have a limited time of their effect and can be harmful).
A: The Etalon Gymnastics enables a complete and permanent normalization of both speaking and thinking functions in any person, except those who are totally deaf or do not have the tongue in their mouth.
A: One needs approximately 3-4 days of intensive training in order to achieve stable and sustainable results. The Etalon Gymnastics gives almost instant result in the present time. Usually, a stuttering individual corrects his own speech in the very first hour of the beginning of the training. His further speech improvement grows literally “by leaps and bounds” as he begins to acquire the natural etalon methods of speaking (corrects his speech muscle movements) and the natural etalon speech algorithms (corrects his thinking).
A: The Etalon Gymnastics is NOT a cure. It is a psycho-physical training It contains a standard/etalon set of physical techniques of using adequately speech muscles and a standard/etalon set of adequate mental algorithms that block inappropriate pathological thinking in people who stutter.
A:  The Etalon Gymnastics is clear, simple, pleasant and easy to learn for a child, but only when it is taught by a certified Etalon coach, trained to make the information accessible to children and adults.
A: No. A former stutterer is not a speech trainer. He possesses only an individual set of some speech techniques that were selected by an Etalon Speech coach specifically for this student during his 3-day course. Every Etalon student receives limited information, which matched his specific stuttering type only. It is not suitable for people with any other types of stuttering. Unprofessional explanation of the Etalon Gymnastics can only confuse a stutterer (an adult or especially a child!), lead to a degradation of his speech and increase his neurosis. Messy explanations (instead of the clear Etalon instructions!) presented by such a “self-appointed coach” can seriously harm a stutterer’s speech and psychic. Beware of impostors and swindlers, who offer to teach you the Etalon Gymnastics “cheaply, inexpensively and cheaper”!
A: This fragmented and sketchy information can only confuse and mislead you.  In the best case, it may cause you to waste months of your life. At worst, it can trigger worsening of your speech and mental state (neurosis). Every piece of the video and text information on the Internet is for introduction and education purposes only. It is not a textbook on Etalon Speech Gymnastics or its practical application guide. Remember that reading about drugs in a medical directory and self-prescribing a medication can be lethal! Unprofessional self-treatment brings up no good. Contact licensed Etalon Gymnastics trainers only!
A: Anna Deeter is the first and only English-speaking certified trainer of the Etalon Gymnastics today. The author of the Etalon Gymnastics and a few licensed trainers assist Russian-speaking students only.
A: The Etalon Gymnastics is fundamentally different from speech therapy exercises or any other methods of stuttering treatment, and it has nothing to do with them. The Etalon Gymnastics is based on the laws of nature and human physiology. It does NOT contain such man-made unnatural exercises and techniques (NSA and UNSA), as, for example, the following: “monotonous humming/chanting” (prolonging/stretching speech sounds), tapping a speech rhythm with fingers, substituting “difficult” words with the “easy” ones, breathing exercises, adding initial sounds to words, the use of various psychological suggestions, affirmations, devices, drugs, dietary supplements, magic, conspiracies, psychic and hypnotic effects, and so on.
A: No. The Etalon Gymnastics is a method of self-development and self-improvement. It does NOT contain any unnatural methods or artificial speech techniques (NSA and UNSA)[1] invented by people. There are no external influences (physical, medical, psychological or hypnotic) on a student. The Etalon method is based exclusively on the laws of nature and physiology. The total absence of any type of influence on a stutterer guarantees the complete absence of side effects of such effects. A student uses consciously and willingly the Etalon Gymnastics for his own self-improvement. He does not rely on anyone’s assistance or any outside influences. In order to improve his educational level (for self-improvement and self-development), every Etalon student studies voluntarily at the expense of his personal physical efforts only.
A: By the standards of the existing global rates, the cost of the three-day individual Etalon Gymnastics training is quite average. Compared to other individual educational programs and sessions with personal trainers or life coaches, one-on-one Etalon Gymnatstics course is quite inexpensive. Such one-time investment in yourself, your speech and your future will pay off over your life many-many times. Let’s calculate reasonably to determine its obvious benefit.

Let’s say you spent the amount of 4-6,000 dollars in order to go through the Etalon Gymnastics and learn to speak adequately once and for all. Is it expensive? May be, but…


  1. The Etalon Gymnastics is the ideal tool for developing and maintaining your perfect speech for the rest of your life.
  2. You acqure complete freedom and independence in your speaking for your lifetime!
  3. You will no longer spend a penny on attempts to cure your speech.
  4. You will never have to pay again and again a “tribute to the stuttering cure” to anyone else.
  5. You will discontinue paying a “stuttering relapse tax” to several speech therapists, pathologists and various MDs.
  6. You will no longer be afraid of the “return of stuttering” and the need to “return to its cure,” when you will be charged from $200 to 3,000 dollars for each new treatment again and again. Let me remind you that most of the stuttering cure programs are absolutely useless, and the outcomes of those that “help a little bit” do not last for too long. … Just as your life begins getting on track, the next stuttering relapse always comes back! You run to another “stuttering cure” program and pay again for it… You are not aware yet, but the result of this stuttering treatment will last again only until the next stuttering relapse and you will again need another treatment and to pay more money for it again… That is, again, you have to give your money to another “new” (old NSA and UNSA, hidden in a new wrapper!) “stuttering cure” program. And so on, endlessly, in vicious circle, for your entire life! Go ahead, calculate now how much a one-time investment in the Etalon Gymanstics is more profitable financially than these endless financial costs over your entire life!
  7. While counting the financial benefits, do not forget to add up the money you lose during your multiple attempts to cure your stuttering. This is the time of the missed stability of your work and earnings. You keep losing opportunities for personal career development to become a leader at work – a higher pay position, where the adequate speaking skills are required as the main working tool.
  8. Plus, add your moral losses when emplyers prefer those who do not stutter for a job or when ordinary people choose to rather deal with non-stutterers in a variety of everyday situations. After all, stutterers’ discrimination in society is obvious: a stutterer is always and everywhere the last in line!


Is it still too expensive? I am confident that this simple  math has displayed everything to you, and you realize now, what’s cheaper: to keep getting your endless stuttering treatments or to train yourself in the Etalon Gymnastics only one time and become a normally speaking, valuable member of society – rather than being a “black sheep”, which ordinary people dash aside and avoid to deal with.

[1] NSA – Non-correct Speech Action

UNSA – Useless Non-Speech Action