100% Effectiveness of the Etalon Speech PE versus Low/Non-Effective methods of stuttering cure

When prescribing a headache medication, every competent doctor usually advises his patient to try the drug and observe its effectiveness, “If you have not noticed any difference in the first 10-15 minutes after taking this pill, then, it does not work. It is useless to continue taking this medicine. You obviously need some other remedy”

Every competent teacher, coach or trainer of any program is obliged to do the same. The method of teaching proposed by a specialist has to show its effectiveness immediately after its application.

For example, while Etalon teachers  train stutterers with the Etalon method of Speech PE (Physical Education), every student is instructed to perform an etalon/correct speech action. As soon as he executes it, he then gets instant results: he immediately begins to speak normally. This is an indicator of the 100% effectiveness of the Etalon method and it demonstrates a complete “recovery” of any stutterer in the shortest possible time.

But what is happening in the majority of the so-called “long-playing” (offering a long-term training) programs for stutterers today?

Unfortunately, many “speech coaches” or “voice trainers” keep orienting their patients on long-term work, assuring them that what is not working at the moment will miraculously work one day. Such stuttering “expert” usually promises to stutterers beautiful speech in the vaguely distant future …

If it is not an outright deception and extortion of money for their incorrect, useless and inefficient methods of teaching, then, what is it?

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These “long-playing” coaches enthusiastically and convincingly assure gullible stutterers that their methods work …. in the future. In the present moment, such a coach offers a patient to perform something not normal or natural. Right after stutterers perform this recommended artificial non-correct (unnatural) speech action, they immediately produce inadequate speech. They speak incorrectly, abnormally, unnaturally – in the way they have been advised: with chanting, breathing, relaxing, screaming or even moving some parts of their body that normal speakers never use in their speech!

But their speech coach convinces them that if they practice diligently this non-correct speech action for a long time, then, it will somehow turn into the correct speech action. one day! Simply put, here is his advice for people who stutter: “You will get nothing today, but if you practice hard this “nothing”, then, it will become “everything” tomorrow! It is bad today, but it will be better tomorrow!”

What is this: a naive and unintentional misleading or deliberate deception and fraud?

Unfortunately, one of the graduates of the Etalon program, called Abdulrahim, has suffered from the actions of such a long-playing” speech trainer. After having obtained an immediate outcome of the 100% correct speech in the 3-day Etalon course of intensive training over Skype, this 21 year old man decided to “improve” it by seeking the advice of a so-called “specialist”.

As a result, Abdulrahim became a stutterer again. The irrationality of choosing an incompetent advisor is obvious. The Etalon instructors offer free of charge and unlimited consultations to any graduate, who may have forgotten something or came up with new questions about the norms of speech behavior! Unfortunately, in addition to the harm that this Etalon program graduate self-inflicted, he has also discredited the Etalon method  with his inappropriate behavior. After all, he did not just wipe out his own hard work, but dismissed the diligent and dedicated efforts of the Etalon teachers.

Just as after the sessions with each student, the video report about a100% success of this young man is presented to public in the social media network. After Abdulrahim followed precisely the instructions of the Etalon teachers, he got rid of all his speech mistakes in only three days.

Now, where is the video report about the results of this “long-playing” coach’s work with Abdulrahim? Where is the obvious proof of the extraordinary immediate results and the 100%  effectiveness of the technique of such a “specialist” ?

Nowhere to be found! Why? Simply because this coach confused Abdulrahim, knocked him off the right track and ruined his speech, which this young man had just tuned up recently under the direction of the Etalon trainers.

Abdulrahim did not only turn back into a stutterer again, but he developed even more severe stuttering because of this trainer, who promised the “better” than achieved in the Etalon classroom results… in the future!

Only uneducated and incompetent workers may cover lack of immediately successful outcome in their work  with the promises of positive results in the future. The harm caused by such “speech trainer” to this one young person who found and already used with 100% success the immediate solution to his problem, is a moral crime.

Listen carefully to what such “long-playing” speech experts broadcast today ! They do not even deny that, despite of the many years, efforts and money invested, a stutterer never turns into normal speaker. He may only become “better”, but never reaches the bar of the norms (standards) of speech!

But would we call an “expert” a person, who  is not able to demonstrate and explain to his students what they need to do precisely in order to become 100% normal “today” – not to be somewhat “better tomorrow” ???

The answer is obvious. All “long-playing” programs for stutterers – are the past of the stuttering era! These outdated methods are being offered by people who are unaware of and struggle to keep up with the scientific Etalon discoveries!

And just like the dinosaurs, they are destined to die out.

Anna Deeter,

CEO&Etalon Speech Educator

@  Speech Academie Etalon

International by R.A.Snezhko





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