A: Yes, but stretched over some time (up to 10 months).
A: No. In one month of the group course, you will solve only one stuttering problem. You will learn and master  ONE SPEECH SKILL, significantly reduce the amount of your speech mistakes and feel a SIGNIFICANT RELIEF FROM STUTTERING.
A: Over the individual course, a student obtains the basics of ALL SPEECH SKILLS through his intensive  speech work under the guidance of a Personal Etalon trainer in 3 days  and continues to increase independently his speech mastery level over some time after the course. During the group course, students both obtain and master only ONE SPEECH SKILL under the guidance of an Etalon trainer and then, proceed to the higher level to learn and master another speech skill.
A: Most students should begin their speech education with the first level.
A: Yes, it is possible, but for that, you would have to pass an examination on the skills taught at the previous level(s). For additional fee, you may request an evaluation to determine the level of your speech mastery.
A: No, you will pay less (minus the amount you have already invested for your education in the Group Course)
A: All classes will always be conducted from 8 to 10am of Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA). It is the responsibility of each student to adjust their life schedule to this time.
A: There will be not more than 6-10 students in one class.
A: The content will be the same and all students will be working on solving the same stuttering problem – just like 30 students in the same classroom in school do.
A: We may use the assistance of a couple Etalon Interns who will work under the direct supervision of the licensed Etalon trainers.