I would like to introduce Joe from UK. He is a FORMER life-long stutterer and a stutter-free Etalon graduate.
It’s been 4 years since he graduated from the Etalon Unblocking Course. Today, Joe is a very successful young man.  He has recently completed his University Degree. Joe has started an exciting new job as a software engineer in a big UK company.
For his dissertation, he has chosen to make a documentary about his own life. So, Joe has told the story about his struggles with stuttering. He has shared his experience with the Etalon Program. This motivational film is Joe’s gift to his teachers. It is also a strong motivation for millions of people who stutterer worldwide. Hope you will enjoy watching it like did I:
Joe was only 18 when he enrolled in the 3-day Etalon Speech Unblocking in 2014. He eliminated his life-long stuttering in only 3 days. At that time, Joe’s grandparents made him a present. They gave him the money for buying a car. But their grandson decided to invest in his speech-life education.
The family was skeptical of his decision and attempted to talk him out of it. His father was against such a risky investment. He did not trust this new approach towards stuttering. Why? Because he didn’t know much about it. The Etalon concept was still very new for the English-speaking people back then. Joe’s dad was afraid that it was an online scam and that his son would waste money.
Torn between misinformation and etalon information, Joe contacted me on Facebook. His first messages were so aggressive that I blocked him! But Joe did not give up! He kept researching the Etalon information. He watched videos and read articles on our website. The young man even studied the website of Mr. Snezhko! It was in the Russian language. But Joe used google translate app. He was able to read and understand the writing of Mr. Snezhko even in Russian language. He studied everything he could find on the net. Then, he became convinced that this online course was exactly what he was looking for.
Joe created a new Facebook account and contacted me again. Right away, he explained who he was and apologized for his rude comments. One thing for sure, Joe grabbed my attention and later, my heart!
A few days later, he took the 3-day course and solved his speech problem once and for all! You may watch a video report about his 3-day 100% success:

Here is what Joe posted on one of the stuttering forums on the next day after his Etalon course graduation:

“Etalon has been a revelation to me.  Right now, I’m over the moon! I couldn’t thank Anna and Roman enough. I started the course on Wednesday and finished it on Friday. I have now done the Etalon course and currently, I am stutter free. When I say stutter free I mean I am aware of the cause of stuttering and it was pointed out clearly, why I make mistakes in my speech. By the second day, I was already speaking without any mistakes and my speech was great.

The course was very easy to understand. There’s no magic ‘technique’. It’s just the natural way of speaking, using your memory and your attention correctly. Although my speech is stutter free (I haven’t stuttered since the first day of the class), I do make some mistakes like talking without pauses without having a word ready to say, but I can control this easily. When I follow the natural norms, my speech is perfect…

Also, I never feel the need to monitor my breathing anymore. I used to focus on taking deep breaths, but with this course, my natural speech just always makes me feel relaxed with no tension in my throat. I use to pre-block loads too… I have practically eliminated this, but sometimes when I am not paying attention to what I’m about to say, I make a mistake. But this isn’t ‘stuttering’! This is just me opening my mouth when I haven’t recalled the word I want to say.

Today, I have been starting every conversation, asking questions, making jokes, all without stuttering. Once you understand that stuttering is not neurological and is something you can eliminate with following the natural norms of memory, attention, and speech, then, you will understand me clearer. The feeling of being able to say whatever pops into my head without thinking about it and trying to arrange sentences in my head is great and my confidence is growing more by the day. I was still skeptical even on the first day of the class, but Roman  (with the translation of Anna) explained what was going wrong in my speech and I corrected I it immediately. As long as I keep on speaking every day and follow the norms (which are just like following the rules to ride a bike!), then I’m 100% confident that my speech will be always perfect.

I hope people start to realize that the course is 100% genuine. I truly believe Etalon will become global once it starts to receive more publicity. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who hated Anna and thought it was a scam 2 years ago… Now, I love Anna and I think the course is amazing. Even my mum and dad are interested in it and have read some of Anna’s book. I think it was 100% worth it and I would have done it 5 years ago if I knew about it”

If you would like to hear more details about Joe’s life story, feel free to listen to his live interview on my recent LIVE STUTTER FREE show on BBM Global Network and Tune-In Radio.

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