I asked myself the same question 8 years ago ? Here’s how I overcame all my doubts??

Throughout my 30-year Speech Therapist career helping stutterers to fix their speech difficulties with various conventional treatment methods was always frustrating for me.


Because despite any improvement whilst working with me, these results weren’t long-term and my clients would always continue to stutter.

This is why, when 8 years ago I first stumbled on the YouTube video results of the work of an independent Russian scientist, I immediately became skeptical.

“What? – I thought – Elimination of stuttering in 3 days? No! This is some kind of a scam!”

I closed my computer and did not want to even look at that video.

But my professional curiosity took over the skepticism and I started watching lengthy video reports in Russian language one after another one.

I recognized that Mr. Roman Snezhko solved the stuttering puzzle, which still remained a mystery for me and my colleagues.

Just like thousands of other speech professionals around the world, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE STUTTERING PHENOMENON and had no idea how to help my clients who stuttered to stop stuttering in only 3 days.

I contacted the author of the Etalon Unblocking program and asked him to teach me. I just wanted to use his revolutionary unblocking methods for helping my present clients.

Mr. Snezhko responded immediately ?

He agreed, but on one shocking condition… I would have to forget everything I had been taught about speech and stuttering during my conventional training.

And my new journey began…

As a Russian learning English at the time, I knew it was my calling and my mission to introduce this to stutters who didn’t understand Russian.

When I was contacted by the very first Englishmen who stuttered, and I watched with my own eyes him become stutter-free with Etalon Unblocking… I cried tears of joy.

I was excited for him, but also to see this stuff really work!

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of English-speaking students unblock their naturally balanced speech, thinking, memory and attention in only 3 days.

Each time, it was with 100% success.

You may ask, why have I never heard of Etalon Unblocking before?

Well, I have attempted to offer this revolutionary discovery to conventional Speech Therapists and Pathologists… but with no success.

Instead of support, I faced their strong resistance.

They did not seem to be interested in my work and I know exactly how they felt.

I was earning a lot of money myself as a conventional speech therapist too. Their reason was clear to me: why fix something that isn’t broken for them.

After all, a fat paycheck was landing in their bank account each month without doing any extra study/work.

Imagine, what would they do if millions of stutterers stopped stuttering in 3 days? It would stop their source of income!

Despite this, I have written books, published hundreds of hours of videos online and personally helped to unblock over 300 people to eliminate stuttering once and for all.

So, if you have any questions or need my guidance, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or send a direct message.

I am here to guide you in making your stutter-free dream come true in only 3 days!


Lots of LOVE,

Anna Deeter

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