My first “A-ha!” moment with the Etalon method

I have received a question via PM today: “Anna, when did you realize first time that the Etalon method was the one and only way to eliminate stuttering 100% reliably and efficiently?”

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.34.40 AMIn response to this question, I simply referred this person to the part from my new book “SPEECH IS A SKILL”, where I shared my experience assisting Academic Roman Snezhko in his work with my very first English-speaking Etalon student. Here is how it went:

“I was amazed when I first witnessed how easily the Etalon method configured the correct brain function in my very first English-speaking student. Right after learning the natural algorithm of his speech actions, he immediately began producing his perfectly correct speech and instantly normalized his memory function. All other actions of his body became normal as well! My eyes filled with tears when I saw such dramatic transformation of his whole personality from the downtrodden, fearful of his own shadow, miserable stutterer into a confident, proud man, who was able to easily express himself and his opinion to the world without a trace of hesitation or fear!”

Today, three years later and 35 stutter-free program graduates from various countries, I still get chills every time I witness this dramatic self-change in each and every student I teach to speak adequately on the last day of their 3-day Etalon speech education class. It is still fascinating to me… I consider it a high honor to be a part of this process of their self-transformation. It is the energy of their happy, satisfied with the results of their own hard work smile that charges me and gives me the strengths to continue sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn to change themselves for good.

Please, do not give up on yourself! Continue challenging those authorities who suggest you should accept stuttering as a genetic or neurological condition and carry this inhumane burden for life! Please, be aware that, no matter whether they wear a white robe or a black gown… no matter what they may tell you you can or cannot do, – they all are just humans who may be mistaken…  Please, ask them questions and run their answers through a reality check!

I am here to assure you that all the answers about stuttering exist today!


Love you with all my heart,

Anna Deeter



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