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won a speech contest at the Toastmasters International club in Finland last month! He was awarded  the “BEST SPEAKER”   title   for   his very first Icebreaker speech! Enjoy the video report about his inspirational speech!!!
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“Hussein Al-Hassan, 21yo, was offered Saga Fursilla job in late November 2015. Prior to that, he was working on the processing of fur from November to the end of the 2014-May 2015. Hussein was born in Iraq, but at the age of 3 moved with his family in Finland. His employability has been hampered by his severe stutter that he was able to remedy only in the last year, particularly with the assistance of an American speech teacher and through the Etalon course. Even opening the first season of their work Saga Fursilla, he still stammered badly.
Al-Hassan went through a lot of trouble, because he wanted to get rid of stuttering and improve his speech through employment. In order to take the Etalon course, a persistent young man Hussein had to earn EUR 6000 and learn to speak in English language. The Etalon course lasted three days and was conducted via Skype, on a daily basis for 8-10 hours. Al-Hassan learned from the course, that stuttering occurs due to the lack of appropriate speech development, what kind of psychological factors affect stuttering and how one should practice in order to improve speech. Today, he speaks with ease, clearly and fluently.
“Yes, it was great to come back here to work,” said Al-Hassan. In his opinion, Heinonen understanding of paternity earned him a season of work, which for the first time was not hindered by stuttering. Currently Hussein’s tasks include fur pelt handling and packaging, which is a team work.
“I’m glad to work each morning. This is a good place to be. I’ve been practicing hard to talk with colleagues. ” He appreciates the various benefits offered by the employer. In addition, Al-Hassan adds that it’s great that he can talk to his superiors openly, free from all worries.
Al-Hassan saves money nowadays. He plans to leave next summer on a journey around the world. He was particularly interested in Africa. There, he believes that he can learn a lot of new things about African life and different people. In particular, Al-Hassan wants to grow stronger spiritually. Otherwise, the future is still open to its plans. He likes to read books on his free time.”


Click here to make your charitable contribution to our non-profit foundation and receive a copy of this book


Click here to make your charitable contribution to our non-profit foundation and receive a copy of this book.