I keep receiving questions about this “new” “miraculous” way “to cure stuttering” (which is a simple lack of speech maturity!) over a long time… It is called MODELING… The most passionate promoters of this TRASH-method call themselves speech coaches or trainers and make a nice income  out of selling their harmful MISINFORMATION. I refuse to mention their names so Google would not give them even more power. Most of them are people who stutter themselves and truly believe that the best way to become an excellent speaker is to “TRANSFORM” = KILL YOUR OWN IDENTITY by copying the behavior and the lifestyle of someone else… These coaches have sold their own soul to devil and are ready to guide you to hell of lost identity… for your money:-(

These confused coaches stutterer themselves and are totally unaware of the revolutionary discovery of the NATURAL SPEECH NORMS explained by Academic Snezhko – an independent Russian scientist – in 1998. Every stuttering coach has a hard time realizing that NATURAL NORMS = CORRECT ALGORITHMS = STANDARDS EXIST in every action we perform, including speaking. He/she has not learned yet that each of us is in charge of one UNIQUE bio-computer, called ‘body-mind’. It is the most intelligent machine, which has to be handled according to a certain “USER’S MANUAL” – a set of norms, standards, etalons. Just like any other device, in order to properly operate our ‘body-mind’, we must follow precise INSTRUCTIONS of its operation. The moment we deviate from the norms-etalons and attempt to use it not according to the instructions of the “User’s Manual”, our body-mind device instantly responds with a failure to work properly! It immediately reacts with a STUPOR – the moment of doing nothing or performing an incorrect action.

How does stupor occur in speech? Very simple. When a person uses his body according to the incorrect program (MISINFORMATION) of his mind, his body responds with a speech stupor: block, repetition, hesitation, muscle tension, pain, unnecessarily bodily movements, etc… A person becomes scared of such unpleasant results of his own Non-correct Speech Action (NSA) and learns various pieces of misinformation like the following: “This word/letter/sound, etc is difficult“, “I should say it only to my mother, but I better never even attempt to say it in front of Mr. Smith”, ” I should always substitute this word with some other word that is easier to say”, “I am sick”, “I need a cure”, “I need to seek for advice from others”, “I want to die”, “I am worthless”, “I want to change my identity”…..

And here is our “savior” stuttering coach comes in! He brings his endless techniques and steps of “speech improvement” that normal speakers never use in their speaking…. Most of his tricks are too old and hard to sell… I am talking about such artificial techniques (harmful for normal speech!) as: stretching, blending, maintaining airflow, etc. He has a lot of them in his store:-(

But the most dangerous and satanic technique he promotes today is a so-called “MODELING”. Because such coach  is not aware himself of the natural speech norms-etalons, he suggests that people who stutter should “transform” = KILL their “sick” identity, learn to speak and live someone else’s life …. He encourages people with a simple lack of speech skill maturity to sell their soul to devil:-(

Copying the behavior (speech style, thoughts, words, gestures, etc) of others will never allow you to be true to yourself and make you always feel uncomfortable.

It will prohibit you from discovering your own point of comfort and developing yourself as a person who you were born to be on this planet! Attempting to copy and live your adult life with a fake identity of someone else is as uncomfortable as, for example, trying to fit in and wear the shoes of a child… You will constantly feel like a baby, who is trying shoes that are too big or too small for him!

When it is not your size, it will never fit you. You will always struggle to adjust to someone else’s style of speech and life.

Why? Because you are unique. You have your unique body mass, composition, size, shape, voice and character-temperament….. Based on all these components, you have YOUR OWN UNIQUE INBORN SPEECH STYLE! It is yours and no one else’s!

If you kill your identity, you will commit a crime against yourself. It is a suicidal action against your own soul…. mind and eventually, your body… Why? Because pretending to be someone who you are not and convincing yourself to live in hell of a prison of someone’s identity is a nightmare

Earlier, I wrote another article about this. Please, click to read it here.

I am sure that a few committed stutterers could have made some changes for the better in their life over a long time and they may have even thanked their coach…However, what they do not realize is that the success they were able to achieve was not because of his useless and harmful techniques, but … in spite of them. They have done a sufficient amount of their speech work and received a sufficient result of their work.


Adequate (etalon) work brings adequate (etalon) result: implementing natural speech norms results in the elimination of stuttering in only 3 days.

Improper work brings improper results: practicing artificial techniques and killing a person’s identity takes time. This is why Mr. stuttering coach (who preaches only his artificial techniques and has no knowledge of the speech norms!) keeps telling others that it is impossible to get rid of stuttering in only 3 days. Based on his limited knowledge and confusion, it IS impossible. You gotta learn norms-etalons for that:-)

There is only one reliable and straight forward way to stop struggling and fix your speech. Discover and stick to the Natural Speech Norms/Etalons created for each of us by God (or Mother Nature!) so we could use our mind and body with ease. Just like all other people on the planet, each stutterer’s body-mind device is also equipped with  a SPEECH INSTRUMENT. It is intact and “factory”-ready to be used for an adequate speech production by its owner.  Simply put, our body and mind are EMPTY at birth. A newborn baby’s mind does not have INFORMATION and the body does not have any EXPERIENCE yet. It is our job to fill our device with this content. But because of bad advice of confused people, stutterers begin to deviate from the natural norms and play their 100% healthy instrument abnormally.

Learn the natural speech norms, follow them and enjoy an INSTANT response of your “body-mind” machine: normal speech in “here and now”!

In stead of killing your identity, normalize your speech according to the NATURAL SPEECH NORMS once and for all!

Anna Deeter

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