Stutterers are victims of two factors: their own laziness and the criminal negligence and ignorance of teachers and parents. Lots of adults surrounding a bit lazy child help the organized work of the criminal conveyor called “stuttering cure.” Unaware, adult “professionals” accustom the child to perform various Non-correct Speech  and Useless Non-Speaking Actions under the guise of “fighting stuttering.”


But is it even possible to fight stuttering? Can it be be defeated, cured or eliminated ever? NO!!!! Why? Because STUTTERING IS EMPTINESS. It reflects the lack of adequate information about proper speech in the mind and the lack of adequate speech experience in the human body. STUTTERING IS NOTHING, ZERO, EMPTINESS. So how do you cure any illness that does not exist in reality?


Any attempt to cure or treat medically an underdeveloped speech skill is criminal. All medical professionals (including Speech TheRapists/Pathologists)  who extort money for their medical “assistance” of stutterers are essentially inadvertent rapists and blackmailers. They convince a gullible stutterer accustomed to speech idleness that stuttering relapse is inevitable… They encourage him to continue to vegetate in “doing nothing” state and keep getting various treatments for his emptiness for life! Again and again, a deceived patient returns to his “good”, “kind” and “nice” deceivers and extortionists for “help”. He pays them not only for the treatment of a non-existent illness, but  also for a bunch of inadequate information that only increases the amount of emptiness in his head.


An informational war is going on in the world today. All over the globe, a whole lump of international trash-methods of “stuttering cure” (or, fighting the emptiness!) aggressively attacks the revolutionary scientific development called Etalon Speech Gymnastics for the elimination of stuttering (or, filling the emptiness!) in 3 days!


The bitter truth is that stutterers speak badly because their numerous medical “helpers” taught them to speak in this way under the pretext of “treatment”. The goal of the “stuttering cure” industry is to squeeze money out of the patient.  After all, attempting to cure means to protect a patient from an attack (relapse) of a disease. But if this disease is just an emptiness, then, how can it attack anyone?

It’s time, at last, we stop the mockery of people who stutter and prohibit the use of all “stuttering cure” methods, techniques, tips, tricks and strategies!

Realize that stutterers should be not treated, but taught. We, Etalon Speech Educators,  should simply fill their void: provide their empty mind with an adequate information, and encourage them to do a sufficient amount of an adequate speech work with their body.

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