People Who Stutter are Prisoners of Speech Therapy Clinics

Conventional speech therapy clinics provide a variety of treatments for people who stutter. The length of one treatment varies… It may go for 9 days, 12 days, 3 weeks, 2 months, etc…  But what about results? The Stuttering Foundation of America does not guarantee the treatment of these clinics.  So, a person who stutters may only hope for some slight relief of stuttering. He/she is also given a chance to come back for another treatment.

Now let’s compare that data to the 3-day Etalon Unblocking  Courses. The length of the Etalon course is never longer than 3 days (15 to 30 hours). And what about results? Live Stutter Free offers a 100% guaranteed successful outcome to all Etalon program students. In addition, each stutter-free Etalon graduate is also granted a 100% lifetime guarantee from returns and relapses of stuttering!

With the conventional approach, patients receive various treatments at their own expense. There is no way out. The stuttering treatment can be lifelong.  Why? Because all conventional speech therapy clinics work with the same principle. It says: “Let everyone in and let out nobody!”  This will continue as long as people who stutter conform to the conventional belief that “stuttering is a sickness.”

Naive stutterers truly believe that various therapists working in these facilities will help them fix their speech. But their assumption is devoid of logic. The maintenance of speech therapy clinics and their employees requires a lot of money. Who covers all these expenses? The ones who request the clinicians’ services. Many of them are people who stutter. Therefore, each Speech Therapy Clinic is interested in attracting potential sponsors and keeping them involved with the clinic for a long time. The goal of any speech facility is: “To treat, but not to cure. Provide a slight relief for a short while, but not forever.” It is on this principle that a multi-billion dollar “stuttering cure” business is built on.

It is very similar to the principle of the pharmacological industry. Pharmacists also treat and mutilate people at the same time with their medicines. After all, in addition to the therapeutic effect of each drug, there is a side effect. Having cured one, the patient immediately begins to treat the other health problem. Similarly, every anti-stuttering method is also equipped with side effects. They worsen the speech of stutterers, make it unsuitable for everyday life.

All speech therapy clinics constantly convince stutterers the following untruths…

  • Speech is a very complex “system”. To master it, they need a lot of time;
  • Stutterers should fight stuttering with the help of various experts and procedures;
  • Only specialists of the clinic can enable stutterers to feel a temporary relief;
  • Stutterers’ life is impossible without the help of experts;
  • Stutterers should be treated a lot and for a very long time;
  • They should live there entire life fighting stuttering, but never expect to win it completely;
  • Stutterers should spend their entire life with the clinic;
  • Regular payments for temporary relief of their condition or for moral support and comfort are a vital necessity for those who stutter.

Etalon Unlocking Masters oppose such a misleading approach to helping those who stutter.

Speech Academy Etalon International has no facility to where stutterers could come back again and again. There is no need for it. After all, Etalon Graduates are completely free from stuttering. They leave the 3-day course without speech problems. The goal of Etalon teachers is to truly help a person to get rid of stuttering in the shortest possible time and forever.

Etalon teachers show students the truth about stuttering. Students realize that stuttering is not an “incurable disease”, but a common inaccuracy in their own speech actions. Every speech error is a “typo” in speech.

And what is a typo? This is when we inadvertently, in a hurry or out of ignorance poke a finger in the wrong letter. Does this happen sometimes? Of course! But do we go after that to the doctor to treat your finger? No! We realize that treating a typo is ridiculous. Therefore, no one even thinks of the idea to create a therapy clinic for the treatment of people who make typos more often than others! No one resorts to massages, hypnosis, exercises or pills to cure the inaccuracy in moving their finger on a computer keyboard!

But why are people who admit inaccuracy in moving their speech organs announced terminally ill? Why are they being convinced from early childhood that they need a lifelong treatment of stuttering? Why do we suggest they should accept and embrace their stuttering? For what reason do we offer them moral support for? Why do we have so many different specialists trained to treat speech typos in perfectly healthy people? What is the purpose of setting up so many speech therapy clinics?

The answer is simple and obvious. Any speech therapy clinic in the world is an international business of transferring money from the pockets of ignorant people who stutter to the pockets of specialists with diplomas. Simply put, smart people make money off stupid ones.

Let’s compare two totally opposite approaches to stuttering help. What are the main differences between all speech therapy clinics and the Etalon program?

Dear people who stutter! Now, you have a choice. Would you like to…

  • Continue to pay for the maintenance of speech therapy clinics and their employees and remain a stutterer for the rest of your life or invest once in your full release from stuttering, all speech therapy clinics and specialists in 3 days?
  • Keep attending various programs for months and years of your life or solve the problem of stuttering in 3 days and for life?
  • Accept the motto of all speech clinics: “Tomorrow and After” and follow their plans of regular visits and lifelong fees or follow the Etalon Unlocking policy: “Total freedom from stuttering here and now!”?
  • Pay for and go through various procedures that have no relation to speech or complete a series of speech assignments and pass speech tests with excellent marks in 3 days?
  • Rejoice in temporary relief after treatment, but be prepared to return to a speech therapy clinic for repeated treatments again and again or get rid of stuttering and the need for all counselors and healers of your speech?
  • Rely on the miracle of stuttering cure in an unknown future without any guarantee, pay for the treatment at each exacerbation of stuttering or drop stuttering in three days with a 100% guarantee and get a free lifetime guarantee against its return?
  • After failing in one program, go to another, from there go to the third, fourth, fifth, etc. or defeat stuttering in 3 days and forget about it like a bad dream?
  • Allow conventional specialists to try trying their new techniques on you like on the quinine pigs. These new baits for fools contain old promises of “tomorrow and after” that never come… or put an end to your torment once and for all. Get everything you need right away to solve your problem and live without stuttering?

By selecting the right from wrong, you will choose your successful future life!

If you choose the specialists of any speech therapy clinic, they will welcome you with open arms, but will not let you go. You will go from one clinic to another, from one specialist to another in the hope of a “new technique.” Yet, your walk will be endless. After all, the goal of the clinic is to extort money for its survival from you. To help you leave the clinic once and for all is not in its interest. The next “new stuttering technique” will be just a new wrapper with the old content: “Tomorrow and After”. This is a fraud: “You’ll get results later, but bring money now!”

This real truth is hidden from you behind the colorful facades of speech therapy clinics and their sweet promises of your future success in a never-coming tomorrow.

But if you choose to complete a 3-day unlocking course, the Etalon Coach will help you defeat this prison called “incurable stuttering illness” once and for all. Having begun your Etalon training, you will fulfill all your wishes already today in the evening. Following the natural speech standards, you will immediately begin to speak with ease and freedom.

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