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"ONE LONELY CLIMB TO SUCCESS" displays the authentic Facebook private text message conversation between Anna Deeter, Etalon Speech Educator, and one of her students, a FORMER stutterer, who permanently eliminated his life-long severe stuttering in the 3-day class taught over Skype.


For decades, we’ve been hearing that speech fluency disorders are incurable medical conditions, but ONE LONELY CLIMB TO SUCCESS proves that this dangerous myth blocks a stuttering individual from succeeding in developing his adequate speaking skills. The moment Hussein realized that only he had the power to change his own life with his own actions, he refused to accept the deceptive label of a helpless stutterer. He stopped waiting for others to help him speak and took control of his own life. He became the Master of his own life!


ONE LONELY CLIMB TO SUCCESS will show you that no matter what life challenges you may face today, just like Hussein, you can permanently eliminate your stuttering and fears and enjoy your new stutter-free life.


The points of Hussein's story:                                                                                                                                                                                           

* This Iraqi man was born in Saudia Arabian refugee camp. His family emigrated to Finland when he was three years old.  

* Because the baby did not speak yet, his parents took him to a speech therapist, who diagnosed the fearful child with severe stuttering, but his speech remained undeveloped.   

* His elementary school was for mentally disabled children.                                                   

* In his middle and high schools, he attended special classes for children with special needs.                                 

* He attended special classes for children with special needs in his middle and high schools. He was constantly ridiculed, left alone, and made fun of in school and personal life.  

* He followed the recommendations of 3 speech therapists, but his stuttering became even more severe.

* At 18, he started searching online for ways to cure stuttering every day and stumbled on the Etalon Unblocking Program                    

He used Google Translator to contact Anna Deeter through FaceBook Messenger because he did not speak English.

* When he realized that he’d have to learn to speak the English language and earn money for education to get rid of stuttering in her online course, he got disappointed and wanted to kill himself.                                                                                              

* He went to serve in the Finnish Army, where he experienced many struggles and got in several physical fights with other soldiers.

* After the Army, he started to search for a job and study the English language using a free online program. 

* He went through depression after being fired from his first job, but Anna encouraged him to look for another job. 

* He volunteered at a supermarket for six months to earn an excellent testimonial and studied English.

* Got hired for a physical labor job at the factory. He was working for 10 hours each day, with no days off. During breaks, he studied English.

* He earned enough money to take the class in 6 months. 

* He continued to study English for two more years until he was fully ready to enroll in the class. 

* He graduated from the 3-day Etalon Speech Unblocking course with 100% success. His family was shocked. 

* When he returned to work, his surprised coworkers crowded around him to listen to him speak.

* He was selected for the interview by the employment office as the one who adjusted the most successfully to the work-life.  The interview was published in the Finland National newspaper.

* To continue to master his speaking skills, he joined two Toastmasters International speaking clubs in Helsinki – one for presenting speeches in Finnish, another one – in English.

* Won a speech contest and was granted the BEST SPEAKER title.


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