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Dear people who stutter!

An absolutely new paradigm in the field of stuttering has been presented to your attention!

“SPEECH IS A SKILL. 100% Reliable Scientific Solution For the Perfection of Speech and Elimination Of Stuttering Based on Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by Academic R.A. Snezhko” is the second edition of “STUTTERING SOLVED! Definitive Scientific Solution for Speech Perfection Based on Natural Laws Discovered and Explained By Roman Snezhko” – the introduction of a breakthrough in science and education. This edition is written by Anna Deeter under the scientific supervision of Academic R.A. Snezhko – the author of the Etalon method for the elimination of stuttering. First time in recorded history, there is finally a clear, precise, and truly scientific answer to every question ever asked by millions of people who stutter, their families, and speech professionals about speech and stuttering!


Readers will discover: What is speech? What is stuttering? What causes stuttering? How and why do people develop stuttering? Why did the concept of stuttering as a neurological and genetic disorder confuse so many bright scientists? Why is it that the modern conventional approach towards stuttering (acceptance, therapy, cure or management) has not been successful and must be changed? What is the only real solution in putting an end to stuttering efficiently, effectively and permanently? What is the ETALON Speech Gymnastics for the Elimination of Stuttering about and why it guarantees 100% success? Anna Deeter shares her unique knowledge she gained over the five years of her intensive study and practical work under the guidance of her Mentor – a Russian scientist, researcher and the Program author Academic (Professor) Roman Alekseyevich Snezhko, who has become the first man to solve the mystery of stuttering by explaining speech as a learned skill and discovering a definitive education solution for its perfection by any human being. Since 1998, over 5000 stutterers speaking various languages have graduated from the “ETALON” Program with 100% successful outcome and have been enjoying their stutter-free speech ever since.

This book will transform your life for the better IF you read it and understand what it says. It may not be easy to understand and even more difficult to accept…. Everything written in this book is completely contrary to what you have heard from doctors, speech therapists/ pathologists and other stuttering specialists, to whom you have appealed for help to get rid of stuttering so many times with limited to no successful results.Stuttering cure is a misconception. Those who attempt to cure it and lure you into all sorts of stuttering treatments or therapy sessions to manage stuttering are ether ignorant or inadvertent charlatans. The fact that most of them stutterer themselves demonstrates that they obviously can not really help you as they did not help even themselves!

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Please, keep in mind that most reviews written by speech therapists/pathologists or doctors will always be negative, since this book refutes their conventional views and exposes their obvious lack of competence. Those comments of speech “experts”, who still stutterer themselves, sound especially incompetently.

This book introduces a method of psycho-physical training for the elimination of stuttering ETALON (PERFECT ORDER). The book shares the true theoretical and practical information about speech and stuttering. By understanding, applying practically and mastering this information, you can solve the problem of your stuttering on your own in the shortest time. Knowledge is power! Your knowledge about speech, stuttering and its natural mechanism is the force that will enable you to turn your whole life around. The foundation for such power is contained in this book. READ it and discard all the stuttering lies that you have been fed with for years by those who had promised to help, but could not do so. READ this book so you could help yourself. READ and UNDERSTAND this book so you could become a naturally-speaking human and begin living a full and normal life that you have been dreaming about for such a long time! After all, it is YOUR life and only YOU can change it in the way YOU want it to be:-)
With lots of LOVE,
Anna Deeter, the author of this book
All rights reserved, 2017