QUESTIONS & ANSWERS about Etalon Speech Unblocking

Why do I need to prepay the whole amount?

We are a start-up nonprofit organization that operates by donations only. We have never been supported financially by any Government funds or grants. So far, our donors have been our students and family. The prepay system is also our insurance against human irresponsibility. In the past, some people would often reserve their spot in the schedule of our teachers, but did not come to classes and did not even warn in advance about changing their plans. Therefore, we needed to avoid wasting our time on light-headed, irresponsible individuals so we could focus on serious and responsible students.  Once we’ve established the prepay system, we have completely solved the problem of dealing with flaky people.

What if you’re a fraud? I’m afraid to pay in an advance…

You should not worry about the honesty of a teacher who already taught thousands of students before. You better worry about your stuttering, which will continue to block your life for as long as you will continue to doubt. It‘s pretty strange to ask a person for help, and then, right after that, doubt his honesty and competence. We do not work with middlemen, so there is practically no one to deceive you, except for yourself.

How long does 3-day class last each day?

For a student, the class lasts all day long, from early morning to late evening, with a short break for a meal. The class with the teacher lasts half of a day. For the rest of the day, a student performs independent speech work. He practices and generalizes what he learned with the teacher, develops and improves his new full-fledged speech.

At what age can the Etalon course be taken?

Etalon Speech Unblocking is not a magic or treatment; it’s a training course. This is why, it is totally appropriate and necessary to study at any age. The Etalon training course is designed for the full development of speech from infancy to old age. Babies do not have yet any speech, which should be formed and developed appropriately. In early childhood, speech is necessary for the adequate study and intellectual development of the little ones. Children need speech as a foundation for their successful studying and forming their intellect. Mature people use speech to find and perform their work.  In older age, speech is crucial to maintain a person’s mental abilities in order to avoid his degradation. The Etalon program possesses specific keys and precise tasks necessary for each student of any case or age.

What are your guarantees?

Upon the 100% completion of the entire educational Etalon program, we guarantee that each Etalon graduate will be able to operate independently his/her own speech instrument  for producing a 100% perfect clear speech. Never returning back to stuttering is 100% guaranteed by the Etalon graduate’s diligent conscious choice to always follow precisely the Natural Norms in speech and life. Unlike the temporary effect-result of any stuttering treatment, the effect-result of weaning from stuttering with the Etalon program is stable and lifelong. It is better to learn to speak beautifully once and for all, than keep treating this “unknown and mysterious illness” (even for doctors themselves!) for all life! Compare the basic parameters of two approaches towards dealing with stuttering in the table above and make a choice for yourself.

How to contact you?

The most convenient way is to call me on the phone 1-323-896-1214 (USA) or write to me to , Skype (annadeeter),  What’sApp (Live Stutter Free), LinkedIn (Anna Deeter)

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