Science Behind the Etalon Method


What are the two mutually exclusive components that make a human being?

Science-Behind--the-Etalon-Method-1The FIRST in the history of mankind and the ONLY reliable, 100% successful method for INSTANT and PERMANENT ELIMINATION of stuttering has been invented by the member of a Russian Science Academy, Psychologist, and Awakened Master Roman Snezhko in 1998. The method has been designed based on Mr. Snezhko’s breakthrough discovery of some consistent nature patterns that had never been noticed and observed by other scientists before. After multiple experiments, observations and data analysis, Roman Snezhko has formulated his FIRST ANTI-MATTER LAW: the law of absolute sequence of material (physical) events. The law states:

Two physical events cannot occur at the same time; they can occur in a sequence only!

It is ABSOLUTE because it is true for any physical object or event without any exceptions, ALWAYS and ANYWHERE. Such unique law cannot be called neither material (physical) nor relative (with certain borders, behind which the action of the law ends) and that is why, it significantly differs from previously discovered material laws of physics, chemistry, etc. The Snezhko’s law is directly related to human’s Consciousness and Will Power.

To better understand the law, it is recommended to carry out the following experiment.

A    A physical task of simultaneity is given to a human’s physical body.

Science-Behind--the-Etalon-Method-2Stretch your arm in front of you and then, lift it up and pull it down SIMULTANEOUSLY. Go! What is happening with your arm? What thoughts are going through your head? What are you feelings? What is your arm doing? Your answers to those questions would be predictable: I don’t understand or it’s impossible. While you are experiencing confusion in your thoughts and uncertainty in your feelings at this moment, your arm takes one of the following THREE positions:

1). It will RELAX and drop down;

2). It will TENSE freeze/hang still in tension;

3). It will TREMBLE – begin moving up and down in attempt to take two positions at once.

Such 3 possible patterns in reaction of any human (physical body), asked to perform an impossible task, are consistent. It is ALWAYS going to be one of the following outcomes: an arm will helplessly RELAX (1), statically TENSE (2) in the starting position (in which the impossible task was received), or intensively SHAKE (3) in attempt to take both positions at the same time. The bottom line is that it is physically IMPOSSIBLE for the arm as a part of human’s PHYSICAL BODY to perform two actions at the same time.

2.     An imaginary task of simultaneity is given to a human’s imagination.

Stretch your arm in front of you and, then, IMAGINE that it moves up and down SIMULTANEOUSLY. Go! Have you been able to visualize your arm split into two identical IMAGINARY arms: one moved up at the same moment when the other one went down? Yes! Now, let’s answer the same questions. What is happening with your arm? What thoughts are going through your head? What are you feelings? What is your arm doing? Your thoughts are clear, your feelings are pleasant at this moment, and your arm remains in the starting position without any tension (although it appears just as helplessness as in the first experiment!).

Here is a conclusion: such a task of, for example, SIMULTANEOUS splitting of the arm can be easily performed by a person at the level of his imagination, but it can never be performed at the level of his physical body. No exceptions! Isn’t this interesting? The same ONE HUMAN performs the same ONE TASK two times with completely opposite results. This is a paradox!

Both experiments consist of two parts: ONE HUMAN (1) and ONE TASK of SIMULTANEITY (2). The only uncertain and variable part in this energetic chain is a human because the second part, conditioned by the experiment (impossible task), is always precise and constant. It is obvious that the paradox is hidden in the human’s phenomena and his absence of unity. Yes, a human is not integral he/she is a variable, which leads to the development of two opposite conditions in response to the same task. Any task of simultaneity is totally impossible to perform for one component of a human its physical body, but the same task is absolutely possible to perform for the other component human’s imagination. Thousands of experiments have proved the fact that a human cannot perform any task of simultaneity with both his body and imagination. Therefore, he/she has two natural components that possess totally opposite characteristics; they are mutually exclusive:

·PHYSICAL BODY (Material component)


·IMAGINATION (Anti-Matter component)

Physical body + Imagination = Human

So, out of these two components, which one represents a human?

This is a logical question. Which part of the system, called human, is capable for conscious independent being and conscious speaking action? Of course it is the one that is more perfected, meaningful and therefore, able to execute any task of simultaneity IMAGINATION. It is the leading component of a human because it can accomplish any impossible task. A physical body cannot perform simultaneous tasks; it is weak and imperfect and therefore, always being led by the imagination.

Physical body lead by imagination makes a human.

Conclusion: The experiment has proved that unlike the physical body, imagination can easily execute any task of simultaneity, but naturally limited physical body can easily execute such task not simultaneously, but SEQUENTIALLY only! So, each simultaneous task should have been executed in a sequence of physically possible actions.

(To be continued)


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