Should I focus on my actions or on actions of others in order to fix my life?

As an Etalon speech educator, I am always amazed when people who stutter come to me and ask to provide them with the contact information of the Etalon graduates who fixed THEIR lives by having learned and applied precisely the  simple principles of nature THEY were born with, but learned about them only in the Etalon classroom.

Those inquirers do not even realize how irrational and even harmful their request is… In reality, they want to invest THEIR time and energy into learning about the success (or failure???) of OTHERS in stead of putting all their energy into learning how THEY can fix THEIR own life. They are simply not aware that every human can focus on only ONE conscious action at one moment and that by focusing on the actions of OTHERS, they leave their own life “unattended” and their own speech problems remaining unsolved!  Based on hypothetical suggestions and speculations of the old conventional science, such mistaken mental program has been installed and engraved in the mind of many of gullible and ignorant  humans:-(

Unfortunately, too many of us today rely on opinions of others, advertisements and  commercials… on what OTHERS have to say or recommend we should do with our money, time, energy!….

As a person who stutters, you may truly believe that  before you can enroll in a program, you should ask  others about the effectiveness of this program for THEM… and you commonly look for an advice of OTHERS, graduates of this program – the ones who paid for it, experienced it and succeeded in it (or, may be not???)… You assume that they should know better because THEY appear solved THEIR problem, right? And you keep investing your time and energy on studying different opinions about the Etalon program…. It may sound rational… until you observe this situation carefully and begin asking yourself simple rational questions.

1. How many stuttering programs did you already attend prior to this new one?

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2. Did you already follow this conventional “rule” in making a decision to invest YOUR money, energy and time by enrolling in the previous programs that you eventually failed in any way?

3. Did you talk to at least one successful graduate before you joined these other programs, but  still failed in the long run?

4. Did your learning about actions and problems of OTHERS, communication with OTHERS (even successful graduates!) really help you to choose the right program FOR YOU?

5. May be, it is time you change your approach towards making decisions based on learning about actions of OTHERS and switch your 100% focus to learning about YOU and YOUR life?

6. May be, it is time you begin asking different questions and address them to different people?

7. May be,  in stead of questioning former program students who could have solved THEIR problem (which most likely was totally different from yours!), you should begin questioning instructors of this program – the EXPERTS who are supposed to know precisely how YOU can solve YOUR problem?

8. Shouldn’t you prepare hard questions for them and expect to hear simple and direct answers from them about YOUR speech/life problem and what exactly YOU would have to do during the program to solve it?

9. Isn’t it logical to RUN AWAY from those speech specialists, who cannot answer your questions in a simple way and begin saying sophisticated words, complicated terms (that you do not have to understand!) or talking about your success in the unknown future –  to cover their lack of competence on the subject of speech and stuttering? (Speech is a n action that you can perform correctly NOW, not in the future!!!)

10. Who should you ask how to master your speech: a Speech Master or a student who has barely graduated from the class taught by this Speech Master and may still be in the process of sorting out the learned information in his head?

It is YOUR life, YOUR energy, YOUR time! Choose to invest them rationally in ONE action that is the most beneficial for YOU today, will you?

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