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Awaken From the Stuttering Nightmare with the 3 Day Individual Course

No matter how long or severe your stuttering has been, you can eliminate it in as little as 3 days of your intensive Etalon speech work.

Do this training any time, anywhere!


A 100% Effective Solution. Real People. Real Success Stories.

In this video you’ll see how our program has changed lives in only 3 days.

Academic Snezhko, the author of the Etalon method, and Anna Deeter, a bilingual interpreter & Etalon Speech Educator, will introduce the Natural Speech NORMS to you in the individual setting of the ACCELERATED CONDENSED 3-day COURSE for the elimination of stuttering.

After you discover and perform precisely simple actions of a normal speaker, you will immediately return back to your physiologically normal speech and become a NORMAL SPEAKER  – just like thousands of our stutter-free Etalon program graduates.

Students Love the Convenience of the Internet Course

In the Skype Speech Education classroom (left to right): Anna Deeter, a student, and Roman Snezhko.

Your life is busy, and we get that. Our students appreciate how convenient our online course is.

You can become stutter free from the comfort of your own home.

What You Need to Know

Information about the course

 You will become stutter-free in only 3 days (15-20 hours of instruction):  your diligent speech work, dedication and 100% personal conscious control over your correct speaking actions will 100% guarantee your 100% success.

√ The program is available to English-speaking stutterers all around the world via various online video platforms.

  This is a science-based college course condensed to only three days.

 We are 100% opposite from all other programs: no gimmicks, no temporary fixes,  no offer to fix most of your stuttering most of the time.

To best serve you, two highly-qualified unique Etalon Speech Experts educate you during your psycho-physical training.

√  To solve ALL your individual problems in only 3 days  may be possible in the one-on-one setting only. However, if you choose to invest your TIME rather than money, you may join a UNIQUE group course. It is designed for people who want to discover and begin to follow the natural speech norms, normalize their speech and increase the level of their speech mastery GRADUALLY = ONE speaking skill in ONE month.

  Both Etalon courses introduce the REVOLUTIONARY scientific information. Students discover and begin to follow the Natural Speech Norms and discontinue making speech mistakes.  They continue to maintain and master their normal speech at the etalon (model-like) level after the course.

  When working with young children or adults with learning limitations, the Etalon program offers the 3-day training for the parents, guardians, teachers or care takers – any one who will continue training their wards to maintain and master normal speech at the etalon (model-like) level after the course.

This is a set of 3 examples of a severely stuttered speech of a 7yo boy: 1.  BEFORE the 3-day training of his parents, 2. on the third day of the class and 3.7 months after. Note his 100% correct speech in the last episode.


You will produce your physiologically normal, mistake-free speech almost instantly. We will provide you with the INFORMATION that has the power to return you back to your INBORN PHYSIOLOGICALLY NORMAL SPEECH. Such etalon information is an USER’S MANUAL for any operator of the device called “body-mind”. You will use this strict, but simple set of the practical Etalon instructions to maintain and master your own speech at the ETALON (model-like) level for the rest of your life.