Dear people who stutter, please, answer these simple questions:

1. Do ordinary people use any technique in their normal speech?
REALITY: No, they JUST SPEAK – without any technique or method!

2. Are normal speakers even aware of what exactly they do during their speaking?
REALITY: No, they JUST SPEAK and do not even care about what they do for that.

3. Who made you believe that YOU need some technique in YOUR speech?
REALITY: I do not remember. I was too young when my parents took me to a Speech Therapist-Pathologist, who taught me the first technique.

4. Do you REALLY believe that a person who never developed her own ADEQUATE speaking SKILLS can teach them to you?
REALITY: No. He/she can teach me only techniques to hide speech mistakes.

I hope that your answers  match mine… If so, then, there is still hope to bring sanity back to our confused planet and STOP THE SUFFERING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE who we, adults, turn into stutterers with our mistaken actions when they are still young and gullible….

…I have initiated a YouTube conversation with a Speech Pathologist who stutters herself and advertises her services for other stutterers. In her videos, she stutters badly and displays total LACK OF ADEQUATE SPEECH SKILLS.  I have become interested in the logic behind her approach, which is incomprehensible for me as a licensed  Etalon Speech Educator and an adequate speaker…

I openly asked her in the comment under her video:

“How can YOU teach people who stutter when you stutter yourself??? Don’t you see yourself that it is the same as THE BLIND IS LEADING THE BLIND?”

She did not hesitate…

“That’s an excellent question, Anna. Thanks for bringing that up.” –  she replied confidently and continued honestly sharing her story: ” That’s definitely been a question/concern that many people (including clinical supervisors and college professors) have brought up.”

Then, she explained why she believes that her assistance as a stuttering Speech Therapist is actually beneficial to people who stutter:

“I believe”,  she wrote ,  “that I am actually a better speech therapist because I stutter. I can empathize with my clients on a level that other speech therapists cannot. ”

But let me translate this common “I stutter” phrase  into the language of REALITY. “I stutter”  simply means I AM BLOCKED”. Because of my blocks, I have never developed adequate speaking skills.  This phrase also indicates that a stutterer cannot remove his/her blocks independently because they are invisible for  him/her and other ordinary people – including conventionally trained Speech Pathologists/Therapists.

Imagine a person whose hands are cuffed from his early childhood. A slave. After years of intensive training, somehow, he has trained himself to play basketball in such restricted state. Does he play adequately – like others?  Of course, not! His freedom to move his body with ease remains limited. He has never experienced such freedom because playing with handcuffs is the only way he knows…   Will this restricted basketball player be ever able to train others to play basketball in an adequate (not restricted!) way? Of course, not! He can only teach others how to play with their hands cuffed. But, in reality, people do not wear handcuffs when they play basketball:-) Only those who are FREE to move their body without limitations, can become ADEQUATE basketball players and are able to become adequate basketball coaches.

Each person who stutters (including any Speech Pathologist, who stutters!) is restricted to move freely his/her speech organs in the way others do from early childhood (accept those who blocked themselves later in life!). The limiting impact of these INVISIBLE restricting blocks scares not only a struggling stutterer, but also people around him/her.  We, as a society, do not understand what makes a person behave in such a strange way… When we do not understand, we tend to be fearful…. And when we are afraid of something, we tend to look for protection from this danger (real or imaginary) in two ways. We may run away from such danger or fight it.

This is exactly what is happening with and around stutterers. People who stutter  either run away from speaking (e.g., avoid saying “difficult words” ) or fight it by applying too much force and over-straining their speech organs. Ordinary people tend to run away from stutterers by avoiding to converse with them or fight stutterers’ speech mistakes by suggesting various techniques, methods, tips….

But let’s go back to my conversation with an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) who is just one of millions of those who became blocked at the very early age and never experienced the freedom of moving her speech organs with ease like do other ordinary people. Similar to that blocked slave restricted by handcuffs, she has also trained herself to speak somehow in her restricted state after years of intensive training. She wrote:

I have had many years of speech therapy so, even though talking is harder for me than for other speech therapists, oftentimes my ability to use the techniques I teach is much better (because of many years of practice). Being a speech therapists who stutters certainly has its challenges (many!!) but ultimately, I think it’s made me a better therapist .

I have to agree with her claims. Look at the second phrase that I put in bold letters.  Yes, she is the best at teaching techniques! No doubt about this fact. However…


I hope, that information I shared above will assist you in answering this question yourself!

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