I am a stutterer. I am a “WAIT”. I am waiting for the result. When will it come?

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Below is a short and a bit harsh article of Academic Snezhko. It reveals the bitter truth about millions of people who stutter. They have been socialized to believe the lie about their “stuttering illness” and constantly wait for such result from OTHERS….

“… Are you waiting for the result? If so, you are a WAIT! People-waits are always waiting for the result. They are convinced that it has legs and that it will definitely come to them. They truly believe that one day the result will be brought to them in a beautiful box or that a kind magician will wave a magic wand and turn every WAIT into the master of speech and a public speaker.

But who turns a stutterer into a WAIT in reality without any magic wand? The doctors! They tell stutterers: “You are sick and therefore, we release you from the development of your speech. You need to rest, remain silent and not speak much. Wait until we cure you and only then, you will learn to speak.

And stutterers keep waiting. They have become WAITS now. They are waiting for someone to invent a magic medicine, give them a miracle method, create a fairy remedy… All they need to do is just to wait a little. And they are waiting day after day, month after month, year after year and… turning into old WAITS. They wait and they die to be born again and wait again. Such waiting circle is their eternal and endless fate of stutterers’ living.

I urge stutterers: “First, STOP BEING A WAIT! Only after that, you will learn to speak and discontinue being a stutterer!” These words are 100% true! While you remain a WAIT, you will be a stutterer forever and will not improve the result of your speech work not even with one sound. It will never become any better while someone is silently waiting for the improvement of his/her speech or making stupid “speech exercises”, which only twist and distort their speech.

It’s time to STOP WAITING and begin developing your speech according to the common natural etalons=standards. The sooner you CEASE TO BE WAITING and become an Etalon student, the faster you will correct your speech up to the ideal speaking norms. DO NOT WAIT! Enroll in the 3-day course of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics, discover the Natural Speech Norms/Etalons and develop your speaking skills through your own speech work. Only in this way, your speech will become full-fledged and developed. There is no other way out of stuttering. Never was and never will be. The only solution for getting rid of stuttering is your own work of self-development according to the Natural Etalon Speech Standards.

Did someone promise to bring the result of your speech mastery to you? Did you already pay money for this future resand are now waiting? DO NOT WAIT! The result will never come to you on its own.

Did someone promise to help improve your speech? Are you waiting for their promises now? DO NOT WAIT! No one will improve your speech. No one else can improve it, except you.

Are you hoping and waiting for someone or something? Then, you certainly may wait…Your life is probably long… so, you may sit and wait for it to pass you by… Good luck…

However, I can only state the bitter reality: all WAITS will remain losers. It is a well known fact: luck does not come to WAITS, it comes only to the workers! Luck, blessing, successful results are the destinies of the man of labor. They are his personal traces in life. But God prepared only a black band of life for the WAITS sitting in silence in a silent corner. They will always remain in that silent dark corner.

Idleness leaves no trace. The result of doing nothing is a devastating emptiness, which is the mother and the basis of stuttering. The life of every WAIT will end without a trace (result). Such forecast is 100% true. So, gentlemen-WAITS, happy expectation of the result… But I assure you and guarantee 100% that the result will not come to you without your WORK….


Sincerely yours, Academic Snezhko.

Translated from Russian by Anna Deeter


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