Stuttering Treatment and Speech Training Are Useless Without Prior Unblocking!

“To play well on any musical instrument, it must be tuned first. Musicians could have practiced a lot. They could be virtuoso players. But they will never extract the perfect melody from the out-of-tune (blocked!) instrument. I help people who stutter to tune their speech instrument for perfect speaking. Right after that, they can play well any word-melody on their speech instrument” ~ R.A. Snezhko

Why can’t people who stutter stop stuttering on their own?

Speech is a skill. Each person acquires it independently. Why can’t those who stutter do this by themselves as well? Why do they need help? Because stutterers experience a state of stupor block when they speak.

What Is Stupor Block?

Stupor block is an invisible limiter of a person’s ability to move his or her own body with ease. To illustrate this concept, let’s look at a few examples of visible obstacles that restrict a person’s freedom to move. These could include chains, fetters, handcuffs, shackles, or dumbbells.

Imagine playing soccer with a heavy weight chained to your leg. Would it be inconvenient to move your body with such a limiter? Of course! Similarly, a stupor block interferes with the stutterer’s ability to move his or her speech muscles, although this block is invisible.

Each stupor block limits the will, mind, and body of a stutterer. The problem is that stutterers do not see these limiters and cannot get rid of them on their own. However, many people who have been treating stutterers for years do not see these obstacles either. Russian scientist R.A. Snezhko was the first to notice these limiters in 1998. He created a simple method to remove all stupor blocks from any stuttering individual in only three days. This method is called ETALON. (Standard, Norm, Perfection)

A stupor block is an invisible limiter of stutterers’ abilities. It restricts the freedom of their thoughts, desires, and body movements. It also deprives them of the ability to get rid of their blocks independently. Mother Nature has gifted stutterers with the capability of balanced speech, but they cannot access their own potential. Why? They have blocked this access with various invisible limiters in their minds. But they are not aware of doing so. This is why the majority of stutterers are unable to get rid of their mental blocks on their own.

What are the symptoms of a stupor block in speaking?

The symptoms are unnecessary muscle tension and useless efforts at speech. A stutterer feels that no matter how hard he or she tries to say a word, it still “will not come out.” Like chains or dumbbells, the stupor block prevents the freedom of body movement. It does not allow the speaker to easily perform the work necessary for speech. This is the mechanism of stuttering.

R.A. Snezhko has discovered that those who stutter are not sick. Instead, stutterers are constrained by a set of stupor blocks! This invisible set of “dumbbells of stuttering” hangs on their mind and body. To instantly feel the freedom of body movement, it is necessary to remove all the limiters first.

How does one get rid of all stupor blocks?

To get rid of all blocks, every person who stutters needs an unblocking specialist. The Etalon Unblocking Master can help stutterers to get rid of all their stupor blocks. Unblocking the mind will unlock their access to their own natural potential of will, body, and mind. Only an unblocked person can use his or her own abilities for normal speaking.

To remove the fetters, one needs a person who has the key to unlocking them! Mr. Snezhko and Anna Deeter are such specialists. They are the pioneers of the new profession of Etalon Unblocking Master. They are the only experts who can recognize and remove any type of stuttering blocks.

Most conventional specialists do not understand the essence of Mr. Snezhko’s discovery, so they are very surprised by the results of his work with their former patients.  After all, they treated these same people without much progress for years or even decades! How did Mr. Snezhko manage to rid them of stuttering in just three days?

These “specialists” need to learn that stuttering is not a sickness. Conventional “experts” still believe that those who stutter are physiologically ill. They speculate that something is wrong with the stutterers’ brain, or that they carry a bad gene, or that their respiration system is malfunctioning… and so on. When these experts finally understand that stuttering is a blockage, they will start seeing success.

R.A. Snezhko has proven that this is the case. He has demonstrated through thousands of examples that stutterers are ordinary but limited people. Their limiters are their mental stupor blocks. Mr. Snezhko has educated thousands of people who used to stutter. He has removed all blocks from their mind. He has freed their memory from all their misconceptions, and each time, the stutterer immediately began to feel liberated. The restriction of the “dumbbell in the mouth” disappeared right away. The person could feel the lightness and freedom of speaking fluently.

Under the guidance of various specialists, people who stutter keep training their speech muscles for years but continue to live with the “dumbbell of stuttering” in their mouth. This limiter prevents them from speaking fluently. Until this dumbbell is removed in the Etalon classroom, they will remain blocked stutterers. No treatment or training will ever help them! It is the same as putting handcuffs on a person and then attempting to train them to throw a ball. The restrained person may try very hard, but the handcuffs will limit all his or her diligent efforts.

The stutterer’s stupor blocks are such invisible handcuffs. They do not allow people to train themselves to achieve their desired results. These “handcuffs” have to go. Each stuttering stupor block must be found and removed! As soon as these handcuffs are removed, the need for treatment immediately disappears, and the liberated person feels the freedom to move his or her body.

Does the success of unblocking depend on the severity or duration of stuttering?

No! Imagine that you have been wearing handcuffs for a long time. One day, they are finally removed and you immediately feel free to move your hands. This is exactly what people who stutter feel after their unblocking. They immediately sense how easy it is to say any words, including those that used to be difficult for them before.

It is useless to train your leg if it’s bound by a chain or a heavy weight. It does not matter how much you’ve strengthened the leg or how many exercises you’ve done – it is still uncomfortable to move with the weight attached to it. Your suffering will continue for as long as your leg is blocked with this limiter. A stutterer’s speech muscles are also limited, but with an invisible stupor block!

The Etalon method provides anyone who stutters with instant freedom from their blockage. No treatment or long-term training is necessary. Unblocking works for any type of stuttering without exception. Success does not depend on how many years the invisible “dumbbell” has been limiting a stutterer. It’s the same as it does not matter when a slave was shackled, for how long he or she carried these chains and suffered. As soon as someone unchains the slave, he or she immediately feels the freedom of deliverance. The feeling of restriction disappears completely!

After a full three-day unblocking, the stutterer also feels relieved. He or she immediately relaxes and feels how easy it is to speak. There’s no need for any type of cure or long-term training!

Why are other experts unable to help stutterers in only 3 days?

Academic Snezhko is the first scientist to study the phenomenon of stutterers’ limitation. He described in detail the mechanism of the stupor block. So, only he and his partner Anna Deeter can create this miracle of “getting rid of stuttering in 3 days!” Other “experts” do not see and do not understand what a “stupor block” is. They keep treating and training stutterers bound with a stupor block for years. But they are not able to help their patients remove it. Why? Because they do not see and do not understand its mechanism. Neither people who stutter, nor those who cure them can see the limiting “dumbbells” of a stutterer!
Only Academic Snezhko or a licensed Etalon Unblocking Master can see them. To see a stupor-block, one must have a special vision. Mr. Snezhko teaches this vision to his students. He offers a special training course for a certified Etalon Unblocking Master.
A specialist who has never been trained to see stupor blocks is not able to remove them. After all, if a Speech Therapist does not see the “speech shackles”, then, this does not mean that they are not there. They do not exist in reality. It is a fact that it is difficult for the one who stutters to move his/her speech muscles. “Speech shackles” are absolutely real. But the specialist, not educated by Mr. Snezhko, does not see them. Stutterers often complain: “Something prevents me from saying… something is stopping me…” But what is it exactly? Where are these interferences? The “experts” do not the training to see this mysterious “something”! Such non-seeing (blind!) specialists are powerless to help the stutterer to get rid of his/her set of stupor blocks. So, they just helplessly throw up their hands in the air… They complain that the stutterer is, probably, “too sick”. This is why he/she should have more treatments and training.  And these “specialists” invent new methods for treating stutterers and training their speech. They are not aware that they treat and train a person blocked by the “dumbbell” of stuttering. It restricts his/her freedom of moving with ease his/her body…

In Summary

All “cures” for stuttering and long-term speech training techniques are completely useless for stutterers. As long as any stupor block restricts a person’s freedom, he or she will remain limited to stuttering. Those who still have not realized this will remain stutters for the rest of their lives. It does not matter how a blocked person tries to cure stuttering or how hard he or she practices. As long as there is even one tiny stupor block in the mind, a person’s ability to speak with ease will remain restricted.

Academic Snezhko has discovered and explained in detail the mechanism of stuttering. He proved in practice that it is a set of stupor blocks that causes people to stutter.  Freed from the blocks, each Etalon student immediately begins to speak with ease. There’s no need for any treatment and no need for any long-term workouts. The unblocked student begins to produce mistake-free speech in three days in the Etalon classroom.


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  1. Robbin July 26, 2018 at 11:05 am - Reply

    Anna, I want to be clear about this. To receive the treatment do I have to pay or I have to contribute?

    • Anna Deeter July 26, 2018 at 7:18 pm - Reply

      The 3-day Etalon Speech Gymnastics is NOT a “treatment”. It is an individual study course in the Etalon online SCHOOL. Before a student can enter the Etalon classroom, he/she should arrange the funds for the 3 day work of the Etalon speech teachers.

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