Stuttering: What It Is, Its Causes, Symptoms, Types and a Definitive Solution

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is an inaccuracy that puts the speaker into a stupor (dead end).

What causes stuttering?

Stuttering is caused by:

  • disinformation,
  • inattention,
  • and/or lack of diligence.

What are the symptoms of stuttering?

There is one symptom of stuttering. It is a stupor – stopping an action due to some inaccuracy.

What are the types of stuttering?

Inaccuracy is a deviation from the natural reference (etalon) norm or, simply, an error. While there is only one etalon-norm, the number of mistakes people may make is infinite. Depending on what exactly the speaker is inaccurate in, the type of stuttering-stupor can be:

  • mental
  • visual
  • auditory
  • breathing
  • muscle-strength
  • velocity
  • volitional
  • and many others

How is stuttering diagnosed?

Stuttering can be diagnosed with a set of special test tasks that reveal the presence of various types of blocking stupors in speaking.

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 How is stuttering treated?

Inaccuracy is not an illness. There is no need for any treatment. Speech is an action, and actions do not inflict illness. There is only one way to correct an inaccuracy. This method is to teach accuracy in action.

Can Speech Therapy Help to People Who Stutter?

Conventional Speech Therapy is based on the mistaken approach towards stuttering (inaccuracy!) as a mysterious sickness requiring a cure.  Guided by Speech Therapists/Pathologists, people who stutter perform tasks that do not meet natural speech standards (norms). Therefore, people who stutter are missing the reference and cannot normalize their speech.

Can Other Treatments Help to People Who Stutter?

Both conventional and alternative therapy treatments are not effective because it is impossible to treat inaccuracy.

What is a Definitive Solution For the Elimination of  Stuttering?

Speech professionals, teachers, family members and those who stutter must discontinue irrational, useless and harmful attempts to cure a non-existent stuttering illness. Stumbles and mistakes in speech are impossible to cure. To eliminate stuttering (inaccuracy), it is crucial to teach all people who stutter the Natural Speech Norms and to follow them always and everywhere with a 100% accuracy.

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