Written Testimonials

Guaranteed stop stutter


Bill Alpers

“The results after he completed the 3-day course is just amazing!!. We want to thank you and Roman for accepting Darin into the program. It will CHANGE and IMPROVE his life so much!!!…….THANK YOU again!…….Bill Alpers”

Roger, 32, UK

““Yes, I am stutter free in all situations. I don’t treat any person, object or situation differently anymore (which I did in the past). It is a wonderful feeling:) I am a very happy man right now.””

Margery Patricia Richardson (Roger’s mother)

“It is unbelievable. Thank You Anna from Roger’s Mum. X”

Natalie, 19, USA

“I am very happy! I really do feel like a new person and I feel that I can take on anything ? I have been talking more and not making any speech errors, it feels great. I love talking without that worry of stuttering and like that I can be “me” a lot more ? ”

Paulius, 24, Netherlands

“I am doing totally fine with my speech for the past three years. From time to time, I may rush a bit and don’t give myself enough time. But I do notice this and get back quickly. ”

Camille, 25, Canada

“Everything is going great! I am talking all day long. I had a presentation today at work and it went so well and stress-free. I’ve made a few phone calls today and it went pretty smoothly… I watched the video about my success… It’s amazing to see me talking so well, I like it… Go ahead, post it… Thank you, Anna! Thank you, Roman!!”

Joe, 18, UK

“Etalon has been a revelation to me. I don’t need to practice any type of technique like other programs suggest. All I need to do is speak as much as I can. Right now I’m over the moon! I couldn’t thank Anna and Roman enough.”

Shantanu, 23, India

“I just got selected in the interview!!!! It is all because of you. Thank you so much! I will make sure that I continue speaking in the same etalon way. Thanks Ma’am.”

Tad, 25, Lithuania

“I am like a chatter-box…. I can’t stop talking! No mistakes! I’m feeling so good right now!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Hussein, 20, Finland

“Anna, I speak Arabic, English and Finnish languages perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact is than whatever I do, I could never repay you I will be grateful and in debt forever. I really mean this! I feel I owe you my life and world….”

Kesang, 27, India

“It is not magic, but close to a miracle! I am very much proud of myself that I can express what I want to say. I feel free now! Thank you, Anna, for your kind support and education!”

Stephan, 48, Canada

“I’ve managed to gain control over my speech and can now produce regular normal speech after 3 days rather than 48 years! In fact, I could do it on the first day.”

Laura, 33, Norway

“I awoke from that bad dream that I had been in from my childhood. I am such a vital person now that I want to leave, I want to communicate with others! I just want to speak as much as possible! I just want to call people and share this joy.”

Dev, 27, Mauricio Island

“It’s easy for me to talk now! I keep on talking, talking and talking! I have started to express myself and it’s really amazing. It’s life changing! Thank you so much, Anna!”

Tiago, 22, Portugal

“I have just come back from the dentist… He was so surprised and even asked for the program name! I spoke perfectly in a very uncomfortable situation at the dentist! About 20 days ago, I stuttered so badly when I was there. I was so embarrassed because I was laying down and I had one person on each side and my attention was all over the place… Today, in the same situation, it was PERFECT! Thank you!”

Roger, 24, India

“I will go and speak now with people. Thank you.”

Saeed, 20, Canada

“This course has changed my life and how I see things now. On the back of my head, I knew I had to take it. I just had to take actions. Once I did, it worked! Thank you so much!”

PAWEL, Poland, 19

“What I love the most about this course is the holistic and individual approach to each participant resulting in 100% correct speech without stuttering.”

Nino, 37 Sweden

This course is really an eye-opener about the only and true way of correct speech actions without mistakes. The Etalon Program with Anna and Roman has taught me, just in three days, to learn and understand how normal people speak. I now understand what was causing my blocks and why I did so many mistakes whenever I tried to speak. Now I only have to follow the natural norms of speech and I can say whatever is on my mind without any blocks or other interruption regarding my speech. Is three days enough? Yes, the course teaches you the correct norms of speech, the rest is up to you to follow them.
Thank you so much Anna and Roman for this life lesson!

Gabriel, 23 Canada

“I decided to be an individual, do what I needed to do and enrolled in the class regardless of my mom’s skepticism. It was the best decision I have made!”


“I want to say thank you to Anna and Roman for helping me to learn and understand the correct way to speak. I have realized that speaking is not so difficult and can flow smoothly like a dance only when I move correctly my tongue. The things you will learn in this ETALON class are not difficult, they are actually quite simple and make a lot of sense. I am very excited to go out and speak what is on my mind now, without analyzing everything or worrying about the ” what if” I stutter or make a mistake in this sentence. Again big thanks to Anna and Roman!”