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I have received the following message today.


Please, read my responses to each of the questions of this person who stutters.

1. “I want to know reading which book (out of the 2 mentioned) will eliminate stuttering if properly go through.”

Books contain information coded in writing. Each of the readers have a different ability to decode and perceive this information. In simple words, how do I, a person who wrote the book, know that you, a reader, have understood my information properly? If reading a book was a 100% guarantee of correct learning, we would not have teachers. Another question for you: would you be able to play piano as a professional after reading a book about piano? Or, could you become a great swimmer after reading a book about swimming???

2. “Is there any video instructions for guidance step by step procedures and practices?”

Please, understand that my mentor and I are the first and ONLY Speech Educators in the whole world! We are the pioneers of this NEW profession! He works with Russian-speaking stutterers. I educate anyone who speaks English. We are in the process of creating a step-by-step manual with the title “The Stutterer’s Bible”. But I have no idea when we will complete this comprehensive REVOLUTIONARY work.

3. “Please guide me as i am suffering a lot with the inability of confident speech.”

I can guide you only when I see and hear you and you see and hear me. For this, you would have to become a student of the 3-day Etalon Gymnastic course that I teach on Skype today. But before you are ready for this life-changing event, I recommend you buy, read, do your best understanding and applying the information in my book. By reading my book you hopefully will become SMART about your speech problem; you will understand what exactly you are dealing with, what speech and stuttering REALLY are and what the ONLY RELIABLE way of fixing your speech and life is.

4. “which i hope, will be totally eliminated with your invention, the so called missed natural code/algorithm”

The Etalon (Norms, Standard…. GOD-like!) method is not any kind of “invention” of any human! It is our DISCOVERY! It is based on the God’s creation:-) All we do is share this knowledge with our students. When they learn from us, experience and realize how simple and pleasant the NORMAL/natural mechanism of speech is, they choose to stick to it for the rest of their life. Every time they perform Etalon Speech Actions, stuttering (speech mistakes) is not possible!

5. “Thank you with a lot of hope…….”

“Hope” is a weak start… KNOWLEDGE has a lot of power to make change! You can thank me even more if you prioritize your life actions, decide if speaking like a normal person is the most important skill you want to learn, and take your 3-day class from me one day:-) When? I am not in a hurry… You are. It is YOUR life is getting wasted on struggling with something that can be fixed in only 3 days.

Lots of success in your speech education!

6. Here is a list of educational videos I recommend you watch if you still have not done so:

* The lecture of the author of the Etalon method. “What is stuttering.”

* My explanation of why “stuttering cure” is a dead end for stutterers.

* This is a brief list of harmful stuttering programs that one of our graduates made:

* This is about our recent graduate. This young lady was able to take her 3-day class after 10 years since she learned about the Etalon program first time!:


Anna Deeter, M.A.,
CEO, Speech Educator
Speech Program for the Elimination of Stuttering

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