All trainers who stutter teach you to stutter with their “techniques”

Millions of people who stutter allow a few specialists-stutterers to profit of them. The speaking skills of these so-called “experts” are far from being perfect. Their speech has a lot of inaccuracies-mistakes. Yet, they offer their “speech improvement” services based on their stuttering approaches. Without any guarantees, they give only empty promises to their clients. Most of them do it without realizing that. They mean well but are unaware of the fact that they harm their clients.  These coaches who stutter are passionate about “helping” others who stutter. They generate, share and sell their artificial “techniques”, “methods”, “tips”, tricks” and “strategies”.  But these few stutterers are as confused as the rest of millions who stutter. Stuttering trainers are also unaware of the existence of the Natural Speech Norms and have not been able to normalize their own speech… Listen to their speech. Notice how many inaccuracies they allow there.
What is stuttering?

Stuttering is an inaccuracy that puts a speaker into a stupor (dead end). Because something is inaccurate, he/she has to stop the action. There are three simple reasons all people may be inaccurate in speaking. We may make a mistake if we are misinformed, inattentive or not diligent at the moment. But misinformed stuttering coaches are unaware of this simple reality. They suggest stutterers speak in the artificial way of their techniques. But what are all these techniques and methods?
Each man-made technique-method teaches a speaker to deviate from the Natural Speech Norms. This is the form of abnormal speaking. It causes people to stutter! In fact, it is a form of stuttering itself.
Normal speaking means speaking without any technique and without any helper.

So, what should stuttering coaches do if they have the heart and the soul for helping others?

I recommend they first help themselves to stop stuttering naturally. How? They may take any of the Etalon Unblocking Courses first. Educate themselves about the Natural Speech Standards and fix their own speech. Then, they may complete the Certification Course and become a licensed Unblocking Master. Only after that, they will be able to help their struggling clients!

If you are one of these misinformed coaches who stutter, let’s be honest. What do you do to millions of stutterers in reality? You mislead your confused clients who stutter. You lead them away from the norms with your methods-techniques of abnormal speaking. Their speech actions become more and more inaccurate.
Apply for the license of a Certified Etalon Unblocking Master. Then, you will be able to unblock any person who stutters in only 3 days and guarantee them their success with 100%. No more training your clients to use a technique for months and years! Your Etalon Mastery will enable you to educate people with underdeveloped speaking skills. You will enjoy returning them back to their natural personal speaking style.

Are you still doubting my words?

Do you still believe that people who stutter are not built to speak with accuracy? Are you still sure that humans can create a better tool for speaking than Mother Nature or God?
I recommend you watch this video below. This stutter-free Etalon graduate was very close to end his life. He has gone through several methods-techniques and ruined his natural speech. The Etalon Unblocking Course became his last hope. This “URGENT STUDY CARE FOR STUTTERERS” has saved his life and brought peace to his family!


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