Video Lessons


Do you still believe in the existence of  “stuttering sickness”and keep looking for a cure for your unbalanced speaking skills?

This  Enlightened Etalon Presentation is divided into 4 parts.  Prepared by Anna Deeter, it offers a revolutionary information for your education. Take your time to carefully watch, listen and conduct practical demonstrations and experiments. You will give yourself a gift of learning about:

  • the mechanism of natural speech production;
  • the mechanism of stuttering;
  • various types of stupor-blocks causing you and millions of other people to stutter/stammer/clutter/make speaking mistakes;
  • inefficiency of the most conventional stuttering techniques-methods used for hundred of years and how they block and damage your speech;
  • the fact that each person has a unique set of mental blocks and requires an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in order to become unblocked;
  • how you can eliminate your type of speech deficiency, unblock your Naturally Balanced Speech and enter your stutter-free life in less than a week.

It is our mission to answer correctly each of your questions! Why? Because each unanswered question in your mind is your mental  block!

To eliminate stuttering means to have all your questions answered correctly!

Discover Reality, Gain Skills and Win!

Anna Deeter, M.A,
Etalon Unblocking Master, Speech Educator & CEO @ Speech Academie Etalon International by R.A.Snezhko Non-Profit