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The ETALON Speech Gymnastics is a set of natural rules, norms, standards for normal speech. This scientific breakthrough information is a foundation for a 100% effective SPEECH EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR THE ELIMINATION OF STUTTERING. The program is offered as a 3-day intensive PSYCHO-PHYSICAL TRAINING via Skype. It is designed to educate children and adults about the natural algorithm of adequate speech that all normally speaking people on the planet follow in their naturally normal speech actions, no matter what language they communicate in.  Etalon Speech Gymnastics enables anyone to rehabilitate/eliminate various speaking mistakes, speech discoordinations,  including, but not limited to stuttering, stammering, cluttering.

In order to speak normally, every human must know the natural algorithm/universal “code” for normal speech.  All good speakers follow it to produce their adequate speech in any language.
People that have never learned, learned incorrectly or forgotten the code for normal speech always struggle guessing this code and therefore, every time they speak, they frequently make speaking mistakes (stutter).

There are two choices today in dealing with stuttering problem: ETALON and NON-ETALON methods!

The chart below demonstrates the difference.


The ETALON method has been discovered and registered as a scientific “KNOW-HOW” program in Russia. Please, see the legal documents issued by the Russian Federation government organizations.


The Certificate of Intellectual Property. Russian Federation.

 “The ETALON program is based on the natural acquisition of speech skills by people of any age; our students do this  in the same way children learn to speak: first, they learn to speak by  listening to and observing people around them talk and then, copying/imitating such speaking behaviors. ETALON students learn to speak correctly in the same way: first, they  observe the model demonstration of the speaking actions presented by the  ETALON teachers  and then, imitate the same actions. The “ETALON” method contains several sets of etalon (standard)  speech samples, speech algorithms, speech stylistics, as well as explanation of actual speech production. The program user student must imitate PRECISELY and DILIGENTLY the models of ideal speech.  As a result, people who stutter correct their mistakes in the areas of speaking action, thinking, and attention focus.”

Academic Snezhko, R.A.,

The author and the right holder of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics for the elimination of stuttering 

The State Registration Of The Computer Program ETALON (The Model), Russian Federation

The State Registration Of The Computer Program ETALON (The Model), Russian Federation


ETALON (ЭТАЛОН is an innovative project in the area of speech and stuttering. It is a speech program for the elimination of stuttering.  Based on the unique method of Academic Snezhko R.A., this program was developed and written to normalize speech in any person who stutters and to  eradicates side effects of previous attempts to cure stuttering.



  • Enables any one wiling to work hard towards self-change to Eliminate his/her Stuttering forever. 100% success is guaranteed by the student’s dedication and hard work.

The program ETALON is based on natural rules (algorithms) for speech, attention and memory. These rules have been discovered and formulated by Dr. Snezhko R.A. in 1998. Following these NATURAL rules 100% of the time, any speaker  is 100% guaranteed to always produce 100% correct speech without any speech mistakes (stuttering)  because these rules are as perfect as the Nature that created them.

  • Eradicates all the side effects of the previous attempts to “cure” or “treat medically” stuttering.

Each attempt to “cure” stuttering medically triggers side effects as it damages even further discoordination of speech muscles.  By learning the correct patterns for all speaking actions, the program ETALON  enables students to coordinate their own speech processes back to the normal natural condition and get rid of the damage made by previous medical treatments.

  • Provides an option of Unlimited  Perfection of your Speech Quality.

ETALON allows to work on development and improvement in all areas of your speech – from co-ringtones to sentences and also enables a speaker to build his vocabulary. This makes it possible to acquire skills of using human’s speech apparatus at the mastery level.

  • Develops Communication Skills.

ETALON has a separate communication unit, which teaches basic skills of communication in all real life situations.

  • Stabilizes Thinking Skills.

An ability to speak forms an ability to think. That’s why when the speech becomes normal, it normalizes thinking naturally. Thinking and speech become in agreement. ETALON monitors the precise sequence of acquisition of speech skills and prevents the rushing of thinking in a person who stutters for his benefit.

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Here is a simple illustration of how the Etalon Speech  Gymnastics for the  elimination of stuttering works.


           ABOUT THE ETALON SOFTWARE (in Russian language only!)

  • ETALON Works for Any Severity and Complexity of Stuttering.

ETALON enables any stutterer labeled by his doctors as “severe” or “hopeless” to achieve the same 100% successful resultETALON will help to any human to gain naturally-normal speech skills and become a valuable member of the society.

  • The software “ETALON” is based on the Method of Dr. Snezhko R.A.

The method of Snezhko is the only real method of elimination of stuttering in the world. The software ETALON, a ready-to-use computer program, exists in Russian language only. Currently, the English-language division of the ETALON Academie has been working on translation of this software in to English language.

  • ETALON is User-friendly

It’s simple because it’s correct. Any ETALON user does not need any prior special knowledge or go through a lengthy studying. Even a baby would be able to easily understand the simple language the software ETALON is written with.

  • ETALON Differs in Principle From Other Methods Of  “Stuttering Cure”.

ETALON is written from scratch and does not use any known today programs that cure stuttering, because all these methods only worsen speech of people who stutter.

  • ETALON Is Unique; It is the First and Only Kind In the World

ETALON introduces a breakthrough discovery in the world of speech science and stuttering. Roman Snezhko, a pioneer in the field, has made this knowledge available for modern scientists and ordinary people. This knowledge will allow to get rid of stuttering in the whole world.


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