WHAT IS STUTTERING? You will not believe the truth!

Since their childhood, people who stutter are being inspired by the idea that stuttering is a kind of mysterious and enigmatic illness. It is dangerous, insidious, incomprehensible, secretive and covered with privacy and fear. Let’s open the veil of this mystery. Let me show  what this “stuttering puzzle” is and why all the “stuttering healers” (doctors, speech therapists/pathologists, and other authors of various “stuttering cure” methods) guard so carefully this secret. These people are eager to help stutterers. They  all have great intentions and purport as they were “friends and helpers of a stutterer”. But in reality, they only harm their clients’ speech:-(  These affectionately and kind stuttering “specialists” have been trained to cripple a stutterer by teaching  him/her various methods of … STUTTERING! How so? How could an anti-stuttering technique designed to help a stutterer speak beautifully, spoil his speech and become the cause of stuttering? Let’s find it out.

First, what is a normal speech of a normal person?

It is an independent speech without any “method” and without any “assistant.” Every normal speaker simply uses naturally his speech tool, never uses any methods and does not refer to any adviser or assistant. A normal person speaks solely with his own speech apparatus, which is just a part of the human body – just like an arm or a leg.

Would you ever ask another person to help you move, for example, your arm or leg? Would you ask someone to develop for you a method of “how to walk” or “how to grab a spoon”? No, you will say: “I will do it in the way that suits me personally. There is no need for “methods” and “helpers!” That’s right! But the human speech device is also just the part of your body, no different from your arm, leg, eyes. You do not need any “helpers-assistants” to use them according to someone’s stupid advice, techniques or methods!

What is stuttering?

The truth is simple! It is a person’s speech with the help of techniques and other people’s help! This is what stuttering really is! And while you use the help of an “assistant” and apply any method of “helping” your speech, you will never have a normal INDEPENDENT speech “without the help of an assistant”!

Normal speech is the speech without the help of any “assistant” and without any stupid “method”! Therefore, all the anti-stuttering methods ever designed to “help stutterers and their speech” are essentially stuttering itself!

Are you surprised with such a twist? Not bad, hah? Read on!

The reality is that what was meant “to help you fight stuttering” was the cause of your stuttering and became the reason of its incurability!

“Your speech is sick”, – “stuttering cure” specialists say.

But what exactly is it sick with? It is sick with various “speech techniques ” and with the “help of an assistant”! Any speaking technique, allegedly designed “against stuttering,” makes a stutterer distort his speech: waving hands, maintaining airflow, breathing in prior to speaking, changing words, squeezing the diaphragm, pushing the rib cage with a belt, breathing with the belly, yelling confirmations, stretching out vowels, humming, interjecting meaningless filler-words, keeping the rhythm, dividing words into parts, connecting words, using various devices or computer programs… This list of ridiculous “speech assistance” can go on and on for a very long time. Each of these “techniques” distinguishes a stutterer from the surrounding him people just like a stick in the hand of a disabled person clearly distinguishes him from normal people who do not carry and do not use such a stick!

In reality, any technique of “helping speech” is a stick that normal people do not have! This means that as long as a stutterer uses any “speech stick” and continues to hold onto it, he will never become normal. Every time he uses it in the process of his speech, surrounding people will always see it! This is similar to how anyone can immediately recognize a disabled person by seeing him walk. Every method against stuttering is stuttering itself! Each technique of “helping speech” is an unnatural, method-dependent, handicapped and funny speech. And just as the gait of a person dependent on a stick will always be lame (because he/she will rely on the support of this stick), so the speech “by the method” will always be the speech of a disabled person. How so?

It is a very simple and tricky scheme of “stuttering sickness.” Usually stutterers receive their first “help to speak” stick to  in early childhood. Then, they get accustomed to limp with it for years while being constantly threatened that if they throw the cane, their stuttering will intensify! But because a child-stutterer does not see the deception, he believes his “speech helpers” and trusts that they want only the best for him. Unfortunately, such naive trust destroys ignorant and gullible stutterers. For years, they voluntarily accustom themselves to various “stick-methods”, that is, to unnatural speech, while dreaming of speaking like everyone else!

But all normal people speak without any stick-methods! After years of training yourself to speak “with a stick”, you can only dream of your speech “without a stick”. But the reality is that while the stick is in your hands, you will continue living as an invalid! This ridiculous scheme of “imposing a stick into the hands of a healthy child” would never work without the magic words of “stuttering neurological or genetic disorder”=illness.

This code-word-scarecrow was invented by the Russian dishonest psychiatrist and dirty politician Prof. Sikorsky in 1889. These words frighten stutters and force them to hold tight to some method-stick and never (under no circumstances!) let it go.

Professor I.A.Sikorski has become the evil inventor of the false stuttering “disease”.

He deceived stutterers with the words “stuttering disorder requires a cure.” He confused millions with this incomprehensible and mysterious term of “stuttering”. He simply committed a fraud!

This dishonest man created a need to give stutterers a stick-method, so that they would cling to it with all their might… But how to impose a stick on a physically healthy person? SCARE THEM! And what can a man be frighten of the most? He will be frightened of the fabricated “fact” that he is sick with “a terrible mysterious illness” requiring him to not go anywhere without this stick!

This is similar to how, for example, a healthy man has come for a routine medical check-up and his doctor has decided to make some money off this patient. So, how can to make money of a healthy client?! The doctor must deceive the patient, convince him that he is sick and, then, impose on him a drug under the guise of a cure for this disease.

So, imagine, a patient comes to such a doctor and gets informed that he has cancer. The patient says: “What? How so? I am feeling well.” But the doctor shows fake test results to frighten the trusting client and convinces him with the lie: “If you do not take this drug, you will soon die.” The person is frightened. He is in a panic, and starts taking the medicine – unaware that he is actually taking a poison. And when his health condition worsens from this poison, he comes back to the doctor and complains of malaise. The cunning doctor “rubs his hands” and says: “ I warned you about your sickness! These are the symptoms of your “cancer disease”…. It is killing you. Take another drug!” A person believes the fraudster-doctor and takes more poison under the guise of a medicine. Patient’s health keeps deteriorating…. The worse he feels, the higher the price for the poison goes up! Finally, a patient runs out of money and the doctor is no longer interested in his poor poisoned and injured client… He is sent home to die.

The same scheme works in the “stuttering cure” business. But instead of poisonous medicine, various fraudsters offer to stutterers an intellectual poison called a “method against stuttering”, which is a pure thrash-information, informational virus for the head or, simply, MISINFORMATION. The more a stutterer believes his “helper” and the more he speaks according to his toxic method-stick, the farther and farther he gets away from the normal speech “without any method”!

What is the Snezhko’s method? This is the method of rejecting the poison and the realization of the truth. You were scammed. They frightened you with the non-existent and, therefore, “mysterious” stuttering “illness”. It had to be “mysterious” because your speech has never been poisoned by the non-existent stuttering! The real poison has always been an “anti-stuttering method”! The poisonous crutch-medicine is the method itself. It prevents you from speaking without it! And until you drop all “anti-stuttering methods” and all the “speech help” crutches imposed on you in your childhood, you will never speak normally, that is, speak “without a crutch”, “without a method”, – just like all normal people do!

Dear people who stutter, you are not sick! You have no illness! You poison your speech by the method that you “practice in order to help your speech”!

Whether you like it or not, this is a true stuttering story, which is worthy of being filmed in a movie! This is a plot of a detective novel, a bestseller. The secret of the “stuttering sickness” has been finally revealed by Academic Snezhko. The very people that you consider your friends – doctors, assistants and advocates – are your poisoners and blockers in reality… They are the ones who force you to practice various crutches-techniques. They poison you, HEALTHY PEOPLE, with pills only because you are uninformed and trusting! They hurt, poison and teach you to use their speech crutches “so gently and so carefully”, that while walking WITH THEM, you would hopelessly and endlessly dream about speaking WITHOUT THEM. You are like an invalid with a cane observing in envy people running around without crutches. While stutterers speak with a crutch and believe that this crutch is their hope for salvation, their dream to live without crutches remains UN-realizable. The situation with a stutterer deceived by his “helpers” is the same as that poisoned patient who believed he had a “cancer disease” and allowed the “nice”, “kind” and “knowledgeable” medical fraudster to steal his money, health and life!

Stutterer’s  story is the same! No one will ever let you go into the normal life. You will continue getting more and more new crutch-methods and pills “from stuttering”. You would never run out or get rid of them. The moment you become discouraged by one crutch, pill or method, they will immediately come up with the new ones. Months and even years of trying them out will pass by until you finally realize that you were once again “foisted” another useless poison. During this time, you will regularly and constantly pay for this “crutch-drug”, which also maims your speech! You pay for the poison to your poisoners, who also spoil your speech turning you into incurable disabled stutterers!

Do you understand now who your enemies are? Do you understand who your friend is? This will determine whether you will reject all “poisonous medical crutches” and return to the world of normal people by utilizing the Snezhko’s method or continue foolishly limping with them to your grave and living eternal hopeless life of a stutter “talking with a thrash-method”!

You decide. And if you still have at least a drop of rationality left, then you will hear me… It means that there is still a hope that you will fully recover from this MISINFORMATION called “stuttering sickness” … which, in fact, does not exist. You suffer not from illness, but from poisoning your speech with “crutch methods” that cause distortion of your speech. All anti-stuttering techniques teach you to stutter! Every method against stuttering is the cause of stuttering and it is stuttering itself!

Academic R.A. Snezhko, the author of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics

Translated from Russian by Anna Deeter, Etalon Speech Educator

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