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Please, enjoy the REVOLUTIONARY TRUTH discovered and shared by  Academic R.A. Snezhko in this video lesson:

Cure Stuttering is a mental program for fools! Get smart about your speech! from Anna Deeter on Vimeo.

Stuttering is a set of speech errors made by a speaker, who acts according to the MISINFORMATION stored in his/her memory. This is identical to the work of a computer operated by a damaged program.

The easiest way to explain this is to compare a human’s brain with a computer processor. The reason a brand new computer may slow down or crush is not because its parts are physically broken. It may occur when the computer’s “brain” becomes infected with a virus. All the metal and plastic parts of the computer’s body are intact. But  the bad operating system installed on the memory hard drive, begins to operate the whole computer in the wrong, destructive way. We take our computer to the computer specialist, who performs some professional tweaking of the program, installs  an anti-virus software or simply substitutes this dysfunctional program-virus with a new one. After that, the computer immediately begins to function normally again.

The same goes for people who stutter. Their physical brain and all body muscles are 100% healthy. But because of too much MISINFORMATION in their memory, they act incorrectly according to it. Stutterers attempt to operate abnormally their body-mind instrument, but expect it to act normally.

The human brain is NOT just a physical body of flesh. It is a highly organized (or not!) energy-information system controlled by the WILL of its owner.


Muscle twitching does not occur spontaneously. Our muscles always react to the way we use them according to what we want in the present moment. If we want to do things that are possible to perform in physical reality, our body-mind instrument works without any problems. But each time we give ourselves a task impossible to execute in reality, our body-mind instrument inevitably reacts with a stupor.

Speaking is a process of working with information. Our body-mind system is just the instrument designed for this work. We use it for loading information in our memory (mind) so it could reflect  in our body automatically. Why? Because our body is a mirror of our mind. People who stutter have a lot of MISINFORMATION on their mind. They program their mindset with this misinformation. When they attempt to speak according to their inadequate mental programs, they force their healthy speech instrument to stupor. They perform NSAs – Non-correct Speech Actions. By pushing their muscle to do things it is not designed to do, stutterers voluntarily (according to their volition) execute their own useless disorganized and hectic muscle movements. They do not realize that they stupor as the result of their own inadequate desire to do something that is impossible to do in reality. They wish to perform an impossible to complete task. The stronger a stutterer pushes his speech instrument, the stronger his muscles resit such abuse and the stronger, longer and more painfully he stupors.

Filled with misinformation, the mind of those who stutter lacks adequate INFORMATION. Stutterers do not understand the mechanism of natural speech production. They are not familiar with the physiological characteristics of their own speech instrument and do not know how to use it correctly practically. Stutterers keep setting up various impossible to complete tasks for themselves, attempt to execute them and, of course, fail inevitably every time.

Each piece of stutterers’ misinformation blocks their speech and life. Every time they attempt to act according to any of their inadequate mental program, they block their natural ability to use adequately their speech instrument. In reality, each of you, people who stutter, can speak normally when you do not block yourself. The moment you perform ESA (Etalon Speech Action), your speech instrument moves freely without any restrictions and you become stutter-free INSTANTLY. No mystery, why sometimes you can speak easily, but other times, you stutter. When you want to do ESA, you free your body to move with ease. When you want to perform NSA, you block the freedom of your bodily movement and stupor=stutter.

So, what is the solution? It is straight forward, logical and clear. In order to stop blocking yourself and become stutter-free, you should simply substitute all pieces of misinformation in your mind with information. Only after that you will be able to substitute all your Non-correct Speech Actions (NSA) with the correct ones (ESA).

It will take only 3 days to me, as the Etalon Speech Educator, to guide you in the process of your liberation. You will receive a custom made Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for normalization of your speech and life. You will implement most of it in 3 days: you will drop stuttering and learn to follow the Natural Speech Norms-etalons always and everywhere. After the course, you will continue implementing your IEP and take your speech/life mastery to the level you will desire. Sky is the limit:-)

Lots of success to you.

Anna Deeter


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