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Please, enjoy the REVOLUTIONARY TRUTH discovered and shared by  Academic R.A. Snezhko in this video lesson:

Cure Stuttering is a mental program for fools! Get smart about your speech! from Anna Deeter on Vimeo.


The easiest way to explain this definition is to compare a human’s brain with a computer processor. The reason a brand new computer may slow down or crush is not because its parts are physically broken, but because the  computer is run by  a bad ( infected with virus) operating system installed on its memory hard drive. All the metal and plastic parts are intact. After some professional tweaking of the program, installing of an anti-virus software or simply deleting this dysfunctional program and installation of a new one, the computer begins to function normally again.

The same goes for people who stutter. Their physical brain and muscle structures are totally fine, but because they execute their non-correct speech actions according to a mistaken information stored in their memory, they act hectically, irrationally and inefficiently.

Human’s brain is not just a physical body of flesh; it is primarily a highly organized (or not!) energy-informational system controlled by the Will of its owner.

Screen-shot-2012-03-14-at-11.09.46-AMMuscle spasms do not occur spontaneously. A stutterer executes these disorganized hectic muscle movements voluntarily (but unconsciously!) each time he attempts to speak using the wrong algorithm (program) and inevitably develops a stupor.

Every stutterer’s attempt to perform an action according to such pathological algorithm is an impossible to complete task. However, because  a stutterer does not understand the mechanism of speech formation, is not familiar with the natural physiological characteristics of his speech apparatus and does not know how to use it correctly naturally, he sets up impossible to complete tasks and inevitably fails every time he attempts to execute them.

The solution is straight forward, logical and clear: a stutterer should simply substitute all his Non-correct Speech Actions (NSA) with the correct ones (ESA) and enjoy being in control of his etalon-like/ naturally ideal speaking always and everywhere:-)

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