Why Anti-Stuttering Methods and Techniques Do Not Work?

There is a big variety of methods for treating stuttering ?today. These methods appear different. But in reality, they all contain mistaken information. In fact, each “stuttering cure” method is a set of disinformation, delusions, myths and deceptions about stuttering. ????????

In attempt to get rid of stuttering, stutterers apply one method after another one on their speaking, but still continue to stutter. Unsatisfied, they pull various errors from various methods and combine them to create their own personal sets of errors.???

This mixture of various pieces of disinformation is like a pile of boxes with errors.??


As any other stutterer, you have created your own personal set of stuttering errors and delusions about speaking. You constantly change, mix up and substitute them.

As the result of adding more untruths to your mind, you become even more confused ??about what speech ?and stuttering ? really are. Your stuttering mutates, changes forms, and becomes more and more severe. Each time you attempt to follow practically errors in your mind, you instantly end up with a stupor  of your body. You experience difficulty speaking! ???

So, what should you do?

Get rid of all disinformation from your mind at once! ?

Replace it with the correct information about the Natural Speech Norms in only 3 days of the online Etalon Unblocking Course. Learn to follow these norms, normalize your speech and forget about all artificial methods and techniques! ???

You can get your normal speech only if you are ready to throw away all your erroneous knowledge about stuttering and methods of its cure!

It is not difficult to drop your stuttering in only 3 days if you do it under my guidance. But it is absolutely impossible to accomplish this alone or with those who offer another erroneous method of “stuttering cure” to you.

What is the best method for the elimination of stuttering?

It is to ? discard all the erroneous methods once and for all and begin speaking according to the Natural Speech Norms right away!??

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