Why doctors’ MAGIC does not stay long with a stutterer? An open letter to a stutterer…

Dear people who stutter and  speech specialists who love their profession!

I have received an e-mail from a life-time stutterer today. Just like most people who stutter, he went to a DOCTOR to become “CURED” from his lack of learned correct speech skills (stuttering), got some DOCTOR’S training and felt that somehow (he did not know how!) doctor’s MAGIC worked for some time, but then, the stutterer lost this “magic” and his stuttering became even more severe than before.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-1.47.09-PMDoes this sound familiar?

Here is what I wrote to him…

“Unfortunately, your story is very typical:-( I hear these (and similar) words from almost every student who comes to me: “I suffer from stammering since my childhood. In school, I always felt nervous and would begin to stutter every time when a teacher asked me a question, even though I knew the answer to it… My mom told me she got this problem when she was 4 years old as well…. Somebody told me about speech therapy and I went to a DOCTOR… DOCTOR trained me for 1 month… DOCTOR  built a confidence in me… DOCTOR exercised me…. I did neck exercise(neck??? Do we even speak with our necks???), etc…. I was the happiest…. but … I lost that MAGIC that I had gained during exercise period…. So, please suggest me how I can recover from it.”

Note, that I used YOUR words to draw a typical picture of what usually happens when a MEDICAL professional… a DOCTOR… attempts to “cure” the lack of a SKILL = lack of a LEARNED ability to speak correctly (stuttering)! You do not even know exactly what this person did to you as you call it a “magic”:-( In reality, there is no “magic” in this world.

If you have never learned how to do something correctly, then, no doctors can cure this lack of your skill!!!

Raised by your stuttering mother, you simply copied her speech behavior.  You LEARNED to speak with the same mistakes she spoke with… You LEARNED to become a stutterer yourself. Even though you could have known the answer to the teacher’s question in school, but you had no idea how to put it in spoken words correctly…. Then, when “somebody”  convinced you to believe that you were sick and needed help in the form of a medical treatment, you went for such “help” to that DOCTOR… and got exactly what you were looking for: the DOCTOR treated you as a patient – gave you some treatment – a “magic pill” – without even explaining to you how it worked…. (Isn’t it what conventional doctors do when they prescribe meds to us in a secret Latin language so we would not even be able to read and understand what they write?) That smart doctor “trained” you to do things that “somehow” (you do not know how!) “worked” while he was there, but he never explained to you what exactly YOU should do to speak correctly while on your own, without his presence!!! Why? Because he did not know how to TEACH to speak, it was NOT his job!!!

Doctors only know how to “treat” diseases! Also, they NEED to make sure you keep coming back to them for their “miracle pill” (that only they know how it works!) again and again while you continue remaining a “dumb” stutterer when you are  on your own:-( Just like you, these people in white robes also have been MISTAKENLY trained to believe  that stuttering is a neurological or even genetic illness….

The TRUTH of the matter is: stuttering is NOT a disease and does not require any “cure”, “treatment” or a doctor’s training!!!!

Stuttering is a simple lack of CORRECT speech skills that each human must LEARN. Unfortunately, just like the rest of 70 million stutterers in the World, you never learned this SKILL of correct speaking:-( No one ever taught you to speak correctly, anywhere, and any time! The only rational and 100% reliable solution for the elimination of every mistake from YOUR speech is not a doctor’s “cure”, but a Speech SELF-Education. Only YOU, a person who produces speech, can LEARN to speak correctly under the guidance of a speech EDUCATOR/teacher (not a doctor!). Only YOU can LEARN practically what the CORRECT speech actions are and how to substitute YOUR own non-correct irrational speech actions with the Etalon (correct) speech actions.This is what we, Etalon Speech Educators, are here for:-)”

For more information about speech and stuttering, I recommend you subscribe to my YouTube or Vimeo channel and watch many of the video success reports and educational videos about speech and stuttering. Begin your speech SELF-education.

Here are a couple of the latest videos I recommend you watch:

If you do not understand something in English, I suggest you rewind the video and listen again as every word is important!

Feel free to also navigate this website, read a lot of information there and ASK QUESTIONS if you do not understand anything:-)

Happy learning to you!

Anna Deeter, M.A.,
CEO, Speech Educator
Speech Program for the Elimination of Stuttering

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