Why is stuttering so incurable and unbeatable?

Why does it come back again and again?

Why do people fight stuttering for years, but it wins over them again and again?

This article will give clear answers to all these questions.

The mechanism of stuttering is identical to a common typing error.

Imagine you are texting on the phone. By accident, your finger has slipped to the wrong key and you’ve made a typo. Not a big deal! There is nothing to worry about. No need to run for doctor’s help. You realize that fighting against typos is absurd and ridiculous. Nobody fights their misprints. You correct them and do not make a tragedy out of it.
Both spoken and written words are streams made by a person. Letters are streams of ink. Speech sounds are streams of CO2 gas. So, each written word is a stream of ink.  Each spoken word is a stream of gas CO2. People must produce these streams with 100% precision. Even a tiny inaccuracy will lead a person to a stupor. He/she will have to stop the action.
For example, what do you do after your finger slipped and you noticed a typographical error in the word you were typing? “Oops!” – you may say and stop typing. This is a moment of a stupor. Because you were not 100% accurate with your finger movement, you had to stop the action. But when a young child makes a “typo” in speaking, our society calls it a mysterious “stuttering” illness. They insist this child needs a cure:-(
The mechanism of a speech stupor is the same as a typing error! The moment you “slip” your speech instrument and hear your speech “typo”, you stop speaking. Inaccuracy always leads to stupor. (Not a big deal!!!! Just go back to the Natural Speech Norms and adjust your actions to these standards…)
We produce these streams voluntarily according to what we want and what image we see with our mind. A slip of a finger (a typo) and interruption of a gas stream  (speech mistake) have the same mechanism. Most people who stutter handle with ease their occasional typos in producing ink streams (writing). Yet, they have a problem with their gas stream production (speaking). They make speech “typos” and call them stuttering. Stutterers believe that their speech typos are the symptoms of a mysterious illness.
But this is not true! Stuttering is an inaccurate action performed by a speaker. But he/she is unaware of this. Out of ignorance, stutterers call such typo-mistakes an illness. This untruth triggers huge confusion in their mind. This confusion has created an unsolvable problem of stuttering. Until people who stutter discover reality, it will remain entangled, that is, invincible.
Confusion is unbeatable. It’s useless to fight it with force.  But the majority of stutterers choose the path of a power struggle rather than a quiet mental path. They remain confused and continue making mistakes. Why? Because each error is the result of mental confusion. Thus, stuttering can never be defeated by physical force.  The only solution is to gain awareness and comprehension of reality. Stutterers must complete certain mental work first. Their confused mind will always order their body to make mistakes-stupors. Only after a complete normalization of their thinking, they can normalize their speaking.
So, stuttering is an ordinary “air typo”. Its root is in the mind, not in the body. Stuttering is very simple to correct. It is an instant switch of priority from physical action to a mental one.

Why do we make typos?

Each typo is the result of our wrong choice in the present moment. We choose incorrectly what to use first: our mind or our body. Our ancestors’ wisdom states, measure seven times, and cut once”. This is the panacea for any typos and stupors in our physical actions. If we don’t want to stupor, we should always follow this simple rule. We must begin with mental planning. What is it? t’s visualizing  our upcoming physical action. Mental planning enables clarity and accuracy in the implementation of the action. But there are many people who tend to not follow this Natural Law! These individuals are eternal stutterers. They usually stupor not only in speech but in other actions of their body as well.
When people attempt to move their body ahead of their mind, they act like a “half-asser”.

Half-assers – Who Are They? 

This term indicates a person who acts in a sloppy, negligent, half-ass way. Typical stutterers first act without mental planning. Then, they perceive what they’ve done with their body. All stutterers feel lost and confused because of their mental disorientation. Half-assers are not accustomed to mental planning. Nobody has ever taught them to first visualize and measure their activity in their mind. Then, act according to a clear precise mental plan. They act without planning, blindly, at random, guessing by physical trial and error. Such mental blindness is the main cause of stuttering. Disoriented mentally, stutterers make chronic “typos’ in various physical actions.  Half-assor’s actions lack accuracy and coordination. They attempt to type seven times. Only then, they start to plan. They begin to think: “Why didn’t this word come out?”

Who is an Etaloner

Being an Etaloner means being the opposite person. Half-assery is incurable. Why?  Because those who do everything in a half-ass way are healthy from a physiological point of view. They are not deprived of anything by nature. Some of them have even far greater potentials than other normally-oriented people. But, their incorrect choices cause them to make mistakes in their body actions. These actions are their useless efforts, mistakes, typos, mishaps or other failures. Half-assers are chronic losers! They fail in anything they do because they do not plan an action in the mind before performing it with their body. Half-assers act at random, blindly, in haste. Since their childhood, they are not accustomed to acting first in their mind. Half-assers are not aware that all normal people first plan each action in their mind. Then, they execute it with their body. People can materialize only the action that they have planned (visualized).  Half-assers are like young children. They also haven’t learned yet their life lesson of “seven times measure, and cut once”. They still act without a clear plan, blindly, at random, in a hurry and chaos. Failure becomes their destiny. Until these people learn to “measure seven times and cut once”, they will remain losers forever…
I hope you have read this article not in a half-ass way. You realize now that stuttering keeps returning again and again because it is not an illness. It is an inaccuracy, a typo, which is impossible to cure. Fighting a typo is useless since this is fighting yourself.  Like in typing on a keyboard, each speaking typo is the result of an inaccuracy of a person’s action. But this is not an average person. This is a half-asser! Such individual’s choice of acting at random, in a hurry and chaos is the reason for each stupor-typo.
Unfortunately, the whole international society calls these speech typos “stuttering sickness” today. Half-assers are now recognized as mentally ill, handicapped people. Most conventional sources of information misinform society about stuttering. Under the code of “physiological disorder”, they call it neurological and genetic. They’ve also labeled it with a confusing term of “neurodevelopmental disorder”.
Millions of people worldwide believe such untruth. Their confusion prevents them from understanding the real nature of stuttering – “HALF-ASSERY”! In reality, it is a lack of following one standard of human behavior: “Measure seven times, and cut once”.

What does it mean to “measure seven times and cut once” ?

It means that a person should first think: plan the action in the mind with 100% accuracy. Only after that, he/she can execute this plan from the very first attempt! Etalon Unblocking Masters can teach you this skill over the 3-day course. You will learn to plan your normal speech and never deviate from these norms back to stupor again.
In reality, it is not stuttering that returns back to half-assers again and again. No! It is half-assers return back to themselves! Again and again, they do not plan mentally their own actions with 100% preciseness. This is their harmful habit. It must be ripped from the root. Otherwise, half-assers will remain eternal losers. They will continue to suffer from mocking of people with adequate orientation. It is natural and logical for any normal person to first measure and then, cut off. This simple algorithm completely prevents and eliminates any typing error.
Today, you can learn to plan your speech actions in the same way all adequate people do! The 3-day Unblocking course will become a powerful transformation of your life. But you must do it only with your own effort and only irreversibly. Unfortunately, half-assers tend to ruin anything they do in their speech and life. They do not do things from the very first time. They try to do them over and over many times (attempts).
I want you to get rid of half-assery and become an etaloner = a normal human! For that, I invite you to our online school – Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A.Snezhko. In 3 days of the Etalon Speech Unblocking, we will show you how you can change yourself. Are you ready to get rid of all your speech and life blocks?
Those who will choose to remain half-assers, will continue to struggle. They will stupor and make typos forever. Why? Because a half-asser is a person who always acts  in an opposite way.  Half-assers will always make their body run ahead of their mind! Nobody will ever cure or save them from their own harmful, self-abusive behavior. No one, but they, can remove all their blocks.  Etalon Educators can teach you how to do it in only 3 days!

Happy Victory Day! 

 Today is May 9th.  It is a great holiday not only in Russia but in the whole world.  It’s Victory Day. We commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II on this day in 1945.   Russia broke the back of the vicious human’s enemy and took the lead to unite people from various countries. Together, our parents defeated the evil forces of fascism and slavery. But the enemy did not disappear from our planet completely. It laid low for some time. But people continued to feed it until it grew in size and became powerful again. Today, it has occupied our mind and destroyed us from within.
What is this evil force? Is it aliens from other planets? No!  The name of our main enemy is DISINFORMATION.  Like in World War II, Russia is taking the lead to unite people from various countries today. Together, we can defeat this human’s enemy again.  But this time, the task is even more challenging. We need to unite not our bodies, but our minds. We must become ONE INVINCIBLE AND POWERFUL HUMAN RACE. On this day today, I urge you to defeat your own half-assery – the result of evil DISINFORMATION in your mind! This victory will be the greatest transformation in your life as well as in the life of the whole of humanity!
Be victorious! Become a winner, not a loser – half-asser. Happy Victory Day! May Etalon = Norm = Standard be with you!

Lots of love,

Anna Deeter


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