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I have received an e-mail from a life-time stutterer from Sweden today. You-gotta-start-somewhere.I was very pleased by the neat and clear presentation of this WRITTEN message. The author is obviously a MASTER of WRITTEN SPEECH, but not so of oral… I’ve decided to share his letter (without indicating his name) and my written response to it as an example of my every day communication with people who stutter from all over the world.



1. “I believed I discovered the cure of stuttering… I tend to believe that stuttering is probably a disease…”

The word “believe” indicates that such information is not based on REALITY, TRUTH. The Etalon program is based only on practical data, real science, FACTS:-)  In reality, stuttering “CURE” does not exist because stuttering is NOT a disease or any type of a medical condition that requires any “cure”, “treatment”, “healing”, or “therapy”. Stuttering is a simple lack of correct speech SKILLS. No matter how many pills, devices or tricks you may use to “help” you perform your INCORRECT action that you have never learned to do correctly, it will remain… mistaken! If you do not know how to CORRECTLY write a letter, play a musical instrument, or drive a car, you do not go to a doctor for a cure, don’t you? Rational people go to a TEACHER, instructor in order to learn how to do CORRECTLY these things and then practice intensively to turn them into skills. Speech is a SKILL that we learn from adequate or not so adequate (!) speech teachers-role models: our parents, older siblings, school teachers, friends, etc. Once we know what to do correctly in writing, driving, swimming, speaking,etc, we simply concentrate on doing it in this correct way.

2. “I suddenly got totally absorbed by the subject and forgot about an audience listening to me. My speech and my oral presentation was brilliant. “Do not think about the audience listening to you and do not monitor your speech”, I said to myself then. Unfortunately I very seldom was able to to repeat that experience later in my life.”

Every person who stutterers CAN say words correctly, when he performs correct speech actions BY ACCIDENT, without realizing what exactly he did correctly…. This is why he has a hard time repeating “that experience” again… Because of such lack of awareness, every stutterer GUESSES each time he attempts to speak in stead of just performing correct speech actions! (Guessing is thinking, which is not a part of the natural process of speech production.) I teach the precise natural CORRECT SPEECH ACTIONS during the three-day Etalon Speech Education class: what one should do in speech in stead of thinking:-)

3. “In recent years I tend to believe that …. stuttering is probably a disease caused by some brain damage or brain malfunction and the speech only can be improved to some degree and that I have to accept it and live with it and with the distress of malfunctioned oral communication.”

Note that you used the words “believe” and “probably” here … Speech is a SIMPLE and learned action that we perform with of our MIND and BODY. I teach this simple scientific discovery, based on natural laws of physics and physiology: each of us, humans, are in charge for operating our “body-mind” system in the same way as we operate a computer or any electronic device! Our brain is a storage room for information that we choose to learn, remember and then, use as guidance in any our action… When we load it with the correct information, then, we begin operate our body correctly and our actions become correct, NORMAL.

4. “I even had thought of attending your skype class, but my doubt/fear is I will not bee able to transfer it in the real life speaking situation, which I struggled with during my whole life as, public speaking, presentations in the groups, meetings, and just saying my name when somebody asked me.”

Your “doubt/fear” is based on your inadequate mental program-belief that you have an incurable disease:-( Here are a couple of my videos:

one is about a 48yo person who struggled with stuttering for 48 years of his life

the other one is about one of the very first English-speaking Etalon program graduates.

Watch them carefully and see it yourself what happens when a person realizes that his severe stuttering was not a disease, but a simple lack of correct speech skills:-)

5. “Last week I ordered your book Stuttering solved and really just wait to get it to read it with passion.”

Congratulation on your rational choice! This is a great start! It will give you a chance to become smart about your speech and stuttering:-) But, keep it in mind that every book is just a CODED information. Everyone has a different ability to DECODE written information because of a huge difference in our life experiences and education. Here is what Mr. Snezhko has said about the book “SPEECH IS A SKILL…” (which is a second edition of the book that you have bought):

“This book is a proven theory, informative story about the natural practice of speech. Only a personal practice under the guidance of the Etalon teacher will enable a student who stutters to turn himself from a stutterer into a normally speaking person”

Whether you will decide to educate yourself in only 3 days of the Etalon classroom under my guidance or choose to continue guessing on your own for some time (could be until the rest of your life!), I wish you lots of success in your speech/life education!


Anna Deeter, M.A.,
CEO, Speech Educator
Speech Program for the Elimination of Stuttering

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