YOUR first step in elimination of YOUR stuttering is making the right choice of what to believe

The first step in getting rid of stuttering is convincing yourself, changing your belief system, your faith. In what should a stutterer convince himself in order to embark on the path to a life of a normal speaker? There are many irrational beliefs that a stutterer must change into rational in his mind. Until he gets rid of his own misconceptions, no one will ever do it for him.

You have a choice what to believe. You can believe in nonsense considering it useful and rational or you can believe that rational laws of nature are worthless and useless nonsense. Your  beliefs completely define your life. At the end, you will always receive what you believe.


It is your, stutterer’s, false beliefs or irrational faith that prevent you to get on the right way to solve the problem of your own speech .

Let’s start with the fact that irrational beliefs of stutterers are very extensive and are based on rumors, fabrications, speculations, myths and false scientific theories about stuttering. Stutterers believe in a variety of irrational theories about stuttering and its nature. Most of them truly believe that their speech errors are symptoms of a disease of their nervous system, brain, genes, breathing, vocal cords, etc. People who stutter obtain these theories from different sources that they trust, believe in their honesty, integrity and competence. Indeed, this information comes from a doctor, speech therapist/pathologist or some other “expert” – the recognized authority. Stutterers and their family members firmly believe such authority and in every word he said without a doubt. They take their faith in what they heard from someone for their knowledge about stuttering. However, in reality, they do not know and do not understand the truth about stuttering, its mechanism and causes – as well as that specialist who has authoritatively “explained” all these theories to them. A huge number of lies ( irrational information ) about stuttering circulates on the Internet, in the official medical and speech therapy facilities, not to mention the stuttering folk talеs… It is amazing how broad and irrational these theories about the origin of stuttering are and how ridiculous most of countless means of getting rid of stuttering are.


Here are the main tales, misconceptions (about stuttering) that most stutterers believe.


1. Stuttering is a disease and it should be treated. In reality, stuttering it is not a disease, but it is simply a tongue-tie, underdevelopment of a person’s speaking skill. It’s a bad habit that every stutterer forms himself on the basis of his false knowledge (faith, belief) about what actions he should perform in order to speak.


2. Someone should help stutterers to get rid of their stuttering. Such irrational misconception is also based on stutterer’s belief in his own sickness. It is this belief that gives him a false hope and sends him on a quest of finding a nonexistent illusion: he seeks help from a miracle-drug, miracle-device or miracle-healer something or someone out there that will be able to ” cure ” him from his stuttering disability… And sure enough , “a miracle demand creates a miracle supply”: thousands of quack proposals of treating stuttering with miracle means and numerous miracle – healers of stuttering offer their services. In reality, the treatment of stuttering does not exist. Nobody can cure stuttering. It is impossible because stuttering is not a disease and there is simply nothing to be treated there!

Treatment (or cure) of stuttering is an absolutely irrational approach to the problem  of stuttering. There is only one rational approach towards stuttering and  it is a self-learning process of a skill of normal speech. A stuttering individual, himself, should complete the development of his own speech and change his own behavior from irrational (abnormal) to rational (normal) after his self-study training course of a clear scientific and rational Speech Education Program ETALON.

Because there is no other rational program of development and improvement of speech anywhere in the world today, all the other programs dealing with stuttering, certainly contain some percentage of irrationality. Studying in such programs, a stutterer learns and begins to perform new irrational actions in addition to the ones that he already has. As the result, he begins to make more mistakes, stumbles, and stupors ( stuttering ). Going the wrong irrational way, stutterers only reinforce their stuttering, modify its shape or form its new type. Studying abnormal irrational actions cannot enable a stutterer to develop his normal rational speech!


3. By performing various exercises daily and for a long time, stutterers  may receive a “relief” of stuttering someday in the indefinite future. In reality, the hope for the future is another false path. Walking this path is dead end because speech is an action that can only happen in the present time. Speech tomorrow simply does not happen in reality. It happens only here and now! After making a mistake in his speech action, a speaking individual can fix it by adjusting his own action to match the norms either here and at once, or never.

Captivated by all these tales, most stutterers are confused and do not understand who they believe and on what basis. Their irrational false beliefs in an outside help and/or extended in time miracle treatments are, in fact, nothing else, but just an illusion of their mind, imagination, fantasy.

It’s time to wake up from all these irrational illusions and get rid of these false beliefs and misconceptions about stuttering. I urge stutterers to take responsibility of helping themselves with their own actions: choose the truth of the ETALON (norms) method by taking a rational self-education course of psycho-physical training to get rid of stuttering!


It’s time to make your choice of who to believe in regards of stuttering expertise. After all, your end result will depend on your choice. Decide whether you will go along the way of the rational Etalon (norms) method or any other irrational methods. Your choice will determine whether you reach normal speech or remain a decieved stutterer. However, when deceived, do not blame anyone, but yourself because you voluntarily believed and stood on the wrong path, despite my warning. Let me repeat again: there is only one real scientific and completely rational method to stop stuttering in the world today; it is called  ETALON (norms, standard, model).


So who will you choose to believe? Will you believe Dr. Snezhko and his rational scientific norms or someone else? The answer to this question will determine your fate and the outcome of the path you will choose! If you follow the ETALON (norms), then you, yourself, will become a normal person very soon. Turning to others, you’ll remain a long time stutterer since you will not be able to completely solve your stuttering problem. However, it is possible that while remaining a stutterer for many years, you will remember one day of the short ETALON path and will finally come to it after your useless wandering in the false paths!

There are many paths to the normal speech have been offered to stutterers today, but the most reliable, simple and quick ( just in 3 days) path is only one. It is the ETALON method. Other paths are like false labyrinths. Walking them, a stutterer will never come to the light of his normal speech and will remain in the maze of lies and hopelessness – the maze of stuttering. Therefore, choose what you will believe: naturally-rational path of ETALON or any other different way.

Your choice of your faith  will determine your destiny!










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