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The Unblocking of Thinking, Attention, Memory and Speech
For the Elimination of Stuttering

{Each Course Individually Customized to YOUR exact needs}

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A: The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is for:

  • Every Individual who truly desires to stop stuttering – (permanently)
  • Parents desiring to help their children with correct speech development
  • Children of all ages accompanied with their caretaker(s)
  • Individuals desiring an administrative or executive position
  • Professionals desiring to be promoted
  • Individuals desiring to become public speakers
  • Individuals desiring to master their skills of delivering presentations
  • Teachers
  • Individuals desiring to become public personalities; i.e. politicians, actors,
    entertainers, etc.
  • School graduates preparing for job interviews
  • Individuals desiring to enhance their relationship with others; i.e. Personal
    relationships, business/work relationships, social community, etc.
  • Every individual desiring to become “unblocked” at the level of their body,
    mind and speech.
  • Every individual desiring to enhance their “Thinking, Attention, Memory,
    Speech and Will”

A: The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course was created in 1998 by scientist, researcher and academic, R.A. Snezhko, in Russia. In 2012, Roman Snezhko and Speech Educator and Master Teacher of The Etalon Academie English Division, Anna Deeter, co-founded The Speech Academie Etalon International, by R.A. Snezhko, non-profit. Together, they offer the 3-Day “Individual Customized” Etalon Speech Unblocking Course in the English language.
The word “Etalon” means a standard of measurement, perfect model/example. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is the method of instruction. It teaches the Natural Speech Norms to both children and adults. Guided by licensed Etalon Speech Teachers, students unblock the natural functioning of their Speech, Thinking, Attention and Memory through their own efforts and for their Self-development and Self-improvement.

A: The course is a psycho-physical. It is designed to “Un-block the mind” of a person who stutters and/or who experiences other speaking limitations, which restrict and diminish their desired effectiveness in communicating with others.
The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course has many factors, all of which make the course both exceptional and unique. One such factor is our proprietary teaching method where dis-information in his/her memory is substituted with 100% rational and reliable information about speech, stuttering, and life in general.
Once an Etalon student discovers, understands and begins following precise “Etalon” (a set of Natural Speech Norms), he/she automatically and instantly normalize the work of the following functions of his/her body and mind: Thinking, Attention, Memory, and Speech.
Another exceptional and unique feature of our “Unblocking” course is that, just as each and every individual student is unique… each Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is “Individually Customized” for every student’s exact “unblocking” needs. This is a vitally important component in insuring the success of every student we work with and is one of the factors of our course, as to how we are able to offer our 100% life-time guarantee!

A: The The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is successfully being used in the area of and at any level of speech underdevelopment. In only three to four days, every individual who stutters can fully correct and normalize his/her speech, emotional state and mental functioning by using his/her own power only; without medications, drugs, devices, hypnosis, long-term training, or psychological help.


A: The results achieved over the 3-Day Etalon Speech Unblocking Course are 100% successful and virtually life-long. Every Etalon graduate can maintain his/her own speech daily by self-regulating the load of their daily practical speaking. This is similar to how an athlete keeps themselves fit by determining the daily load of physical exercise they need in order to maintain their own ideal fitness.

A: The training that students receive through the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is suitable for any age group, ranging from age two and up. The earlier a child learns to follow the Natural Speech Norms taught in the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course, the healthier his/her speech, attention, body and mind will be throughout their life.


A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is the best prevention of stuttering for children of any age. Educated in the Etalon Speech Unblocking classroom, a child obtains a full life “immunity” from any form of stuttering and fear of speaking.


A: In order to preserve the clarity and avoid any possible distortion of Etalon Speech Unblocking information, Mr. Snezhko, the author, has chosen to keep his teaching methods under the status of Intellectual proprietary property.


A: The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course offers a 100% successful outcome in only three (3) Days, followed with a life-long stutter-free guarantee to each student. Over the duration of the course, an Etalon Instructor provides a set of individually customized speech tasks and as the student completes these tasks, they discover, understand and begin to follow in practicality the “Etalons” – Natural Speech Norms and their speech automatically normalizes.
These “Etalons” never change. They do not have an expiration date, never get blemished and are never in need of updating. By following these “Etalons”- Natural Speech Norms, each person produces a perfectly normal Etalon speech with no stuttering mistakes… 100% guaranteed.

A: The Three (3)-Day Etalon Speech Unblocking Course enables a complete and permanent normalization of speaking, thinking and attention functions in the Etalon student. (Possible exceptions are: total deafness, physiological deformities of the speech organs (e.g., an absence of the tongue in the mouth). Every diligent student achieves stable and sustainable results. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course produces virtually instant results in the present time. In most instances, a stuttering individual corrects his/her own speech within the very first hour of the study course. Their further speech improvement grows by leaps and bounds as they complete their various individually customized speech tasks, each time becoming more and more accurate in their speech as they continue to acquire the “Etalon” – Natural Speech Norms.


A: Etalon Unblocking is NOT a cure. It is a psycho-physical Three (3)-Day intensive training. The process of clearing the student’s mind of dis-information about speech and stuttering and teaching him/her to follow the “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms is similar to the process of clearing-up the hard drive of a computer that is infected with a virus.


A: No. “Etalon” information taught in the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is not difficult for adults or for children to learn. The information presented during the Etalon course is clear, straightforward, pleasant and painless to learn, even for a child.
NOTE: It is vital to clearly understand that this natural and painless learning is only the case if the “Etalon Information” is taught by course Founder, Mr. Snezhko, himself or a Certified Etalon Speech Coach, who has been fully and properly trained and who can present a legitimate “Certified” Etalon Speech Coach document verifying such certification, such as with Master “Etalon” Speech Trainer, Anna Deeter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is absolutely vital for the public and potential students’ best interest, to Not be fooled by imposters claiming to be certified in “Etalon information”/Etalon Speech Unblocking; such imposters pose a dangerous threat to both the short and long-term outcome of the student.

A: No. A former stutterer is NOT an “Etalon” Speech Trainer and will never be unless they have studied, graduated and have received a legitimate “Certified” Etalon Speech Coach document, signed by Founder and Scientific Supervisor, Roman Snezhko, proving such certification.
It is important to understand that Non-certified individuals who solicit potential students only possess their own individual set of a few Etalon speech norms that were selected specifically for him/her during their own individually customized 3-Day Etalon course by a Certified Etalon Speech coach. For everyone’s protection, it must be understood that every Etalon student receives only the limited information of which he/she needs to know in order to rid that particular individual’s mind off of his/her specific stuttering blocks. A former student’s knowledge is NOT by any means suitable and is even harmful, for any other individual’s mental blocks.
Persons who are Non-Etalon certified, untrained “Etalon Speech Unblocking” imposters, can only communicate an incorrect explanation of the Etalon information, which leads only to confusion for a stuttering adult and especially for a child. This confusion will always worsen the student’s speech condition and increase his/her nervousness.
Distorted explanations, presented by “self-appointed speech coaches” instead of the clear Etalon instructions, can and will lead to serious harm to a stutterer’s speech and to their psychic. We caution every person to beware of such impostors.
Two Red Flags that point to being cautious of such imposters are:
1) Solicitation of the necessity for “Long-Term” coaching.
2) Salutation of teaching “supposed” Etalon Speech Unblocking course “for less” than the course taught by the licensed Etalon Teachers.

A: No. Such fragmented and superficial information can only confuse and mis-lead a person. In the best-case scenario, it may cause him/her to waste months of their life. At worst-case scenario, it can trigger worsening of their speech condition and mental state (neurosis). Every piece of video and text information in various social media platforms are for course introduction purposes only. Such viewing content is not a textbook that would present the “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms with a practical application guide of instructions.
Note: Just as reading about prescription drugs in a medical journal and self-prescribing a medication can be lethal, non-professional self-treatment brings no good. It is for this reason that it is of highest importance to contact only Certified Licensed Etalon Speech Trainers.

A: Visit www.LiveStutterFree.com for contact information to Etalon Speech Unblocking Certified Trainer, Anna Deeter, she is the first and only English-speaking Certified Trainer of the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course. *Ms. Deeter also trains Russian-speaking students.
Note: Etalon Speech Unblocking Course, Founder, R.A. Snezhko and a very small select group of Certified licensed trainers assist Russian-speaking students only.

A: No. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is fundamentally different from speech therapy exercises or any other method of stuttering treatment. There is no similarity or association. Etalon Speech Unblocking is based on the laws of nature and human physiology. It does NOT contain man-made unnatural exercises and techniques, i.e.: prolonging/stretching speech sounds, tapping a speech rhythm with fingers, substituting “difficult” words with “easy” words, breathing practice, adding initial sounds to words, using various psychological suggestions, affirmations, devices, drugs, dietary supplements, magic, conspiracies, psychic and hypnotic effects, and so forth.

A: No. Etalon Speech Unblocking is a method of self-development and self- improvement based exclusively on the laws of nature and physiology. It gives the student speech tasks to complete and speech tests to pass. Enthusiastically, diligently and consciously an Etalon student learns to follow the “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms for their own self-improvement. The student makes a personal effort, studies voluntarily and improves their educational level. Etalon students never rely on anyone’s assistance or outside influences. They work independently on correcting all of their individual speaking mistakes.
Note: Etalon Speech Unblocking strongly opposes all man-made methods, techniques or forms of external influence; (physical, medical, psychological or hypnotic) on a student. Also, since the Etalon Speech Unblocking student does not have any outside influences, they are protected from any adverse side-effects typically associated with “man-made” methods and techniques.

A: The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is an “Inclusive Customized Speech Unblocking” protocol that includes our 100% life-time guarantee, which is that when a post-graduate follows the “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms taught to them during their 3-Day course, they will never again stutter!

All the financial options for enrollment in the Customized Speech Unblocking Course are explained to each candidate during the discovery call with Anna Deeter.
For further information, please proceed to www.livestutterfree.info, view the webinar,  and schedule your FREE consultation via Zoom.
We take every aspect of a person’s life very seriously and we understand the dynamics of how “stuttering” effects an individual, their life, and that of their loved ones.
Note: In understanding that “life” brings with it certain events, (i.e. job interviews, special occasions, depression, self-esteem issues, etc.) that call for “immediate” help… please know that we will make every possible effort to allow for scheduling to meet any necessary immediate needs that you may have.

A: Before you learn what stuttering is, it is vital to understand what it is NOT!
Stuttering is NOT a sickness in your body; all of your body’s organs, including your brain, are healthy. Stuttering does NOT require you being “cured”. It does NOT require “treatment”. It does NOT require any type of long-term speech practice.

In reality, stuttering is a set of voluntary incorrect speaking actions of a person who deviates from the natural speech norms because of his/her mental block(s). Simply put, it is when a speaker operates his/her speech instrument according to disinformation or missing information in his/her memory and then experiences an immediate stupor- (a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility).

A: The cause and the mechanism of stuttering is a so-called mental block that most stutterers develop in their early childhood. They learn to believe a lot of disinformation and become afraid to speak because of these various untruths. Stutterers begin to avoid talking and even speaking situations. They limit their chances of gaining sufficient speech experience and grow into adults with underdeveloped immature speaking skills. Because they have never learned to speak according to the Natural Speech Norms, they constantly guess how to speak and frequently make mistakes in their speaking.

A: There can be many reasons why your speech development went the wrong way. You could have chosen to mimic a bad speaker at school, on the street or even by watching Television; Children copy everything that they see and hear. It is the role of the parents to control the early development of their child and to make sure he/she does not follow bad examples. But unfortunately, too often, the family allows excessive outside influence on their child and does not provide him/her with an adequate stimulating environment for his/her speech development.

A: Eliminate it urgently, otherwise it will continue to block your life at each and every level.
We encourage you to study the information on this website, download and read carefully FREE e-books. When you understand the facts (The TRUTH) about speech and stuttering, you will then be able to make an informed decision about what step to take in order to “Unblock” your speech and obtain freedom in your life, NOW!

A: The answer to this question is simple once you understand What stuttering IS and WHAT causes it. When you speak alone with people who are familiar to you or to pets, there is no one to judge you, nobody to “examine” your speaking mistakes. Because of this you don’t worry about impressing others. You simply move your words in the “natural way” just like all other people do. In contrast, when the moment arrives that you see strangers, authorities or other listeners that you want to impress, you give your full attention to them and leave your speech unattended. Unless you are planning to talk about these people – (say words to describe these, your communication partners), they cannot help you speak. They do not have information (words) that you want to convey to them at the moment.
Where is this information (your desired words)? It is in your memory, but your beam of attention is not there. Instead, you’ve directed it to observing and collecting information about people at that moment in time. You’ve blocked access to this information (a word) in your memory and simply do not know what to talk about at that instant of a moment. It is no wonder that you cannot speak normally when this occurs.

A: Yes, but not “treated” though…. We’ve guided them in the “unblocking” of their innate (in-born) natural ability to speak normally, just like all other people. Scandinavians are no different from any other human. It does not matter what country we live in or what language we speak, we all have just one set of lips and tongue, one brain, one beam of attention and one air pump – our lungs.
The Etalon Speech Unblocking method works for all individuals, of any age, nationality, gender and severity or duration of their stuttering. The natural mechanism of adequate speech production and the Natural Speech Norms, “Etalons” are Universal.

A: No. A skill of performing any muscle action, including speaking is never inherited. It can be acquired only. No human-being is born with speaking skills. A newborn baby does not know how to speak yet. The baby begins learning this skill by observing and imitating speech actions of others around them. If a close relative or any other authority figure (role model) speaks with frequent mistakes, a child will observe and imitate this mistaken way of speaking. By copying the speech patterns of a normal speaker, a child will copy and form the skill of normal speaking. Thus, the probability of developing an incorrect speech behavior – (stuttering) is much higher in children who are born into families where there is a person who stutters and that person is a role-model to the child.

A: Singing and speaking are two significantly different skills, both learned actions of the body. If you are a descent singer, it means that you know and follow singing rules accurately, which are different than speaking rules. If you want to become an adequate speaker, you would have to learn and always accurately follow the natural speaking rules.

A: Yes, it is highly possible. When a child’s growth and early development occurs in the presence of a stuttering individual, a little one tends to observe and copy speaking behavior of a stuttering role model. The child gradually develops a skill of speaking with repetitions of words or word parts, prolonging initial sounds in words or speaking with other mistakes that their stuttering relative makes.

Every child on the planet acquires his/her speaking skills through listening to and copying speech actions of people around them; their sounds, tone, rhythm and speech SEQUENCE. Unconscious learning of incorrect speaking occurs very quickly when a child has to communicate with and copy the speech patterns of such authorities such as: his/her parents, a teacher, an older sibling or a friend. The child literally mirrors and copies to their brain all the pathological behaviors of the people that the child focuses his/her attention on throughout the day.

A: You think “far too much” about your speech because you are not certain how you are supposed to act in your speaking. You are not familiar with the Natural Speech Norms/Etalons. Instead of simply selecting, taking and giving the word to people, you are guessing about how to do it. Placing “too much attention” on such guessing interrupts and/or blocks your natural speech flow. You need to stop guessing and do what all normal speakers do in their speech; lend your attention to the Natural Speech Norm-Etalon only and produce natural normal-etalon speech. However, first, you must learn these speech etalons. You need to unblock your natural ability to speak like all normal speakers on the planet do. Until you have down-loaded speech norms in your memory, you will continue to deviate from these norms and keep guessing, which produces stuttering.

A: No, the nature and severity of the stutter does not matter for a successful outcome. Regardless of how many speech mistakes a stutterer makes, he/she can instantly correct them all by consciously and diligently following the Natural Speech Norms-Etalons learned on the very first Day of the 3-Day Etalon Speech Unblocking course.

A: 1. When done correctly, it is very simple for a person to re-learn and shift out of their self-abusive behavior. It may happen almost instantly. The following is an example: Imagine that you keep pushing the door in an attempt to open it. You push it harder and harder, but the door remains shut. Then, someone taps your shoulder and says: “You are not doing it correctly. To open this door, you need to PULL the door knob towards yourself!” How much time would you need to change your behavior and open that door without any pressure on your body?

2. “Stuttering blocks” originate in your mind and are the reason you stutter. They are your informational viruses or mental dirt. Mental blocks disrupt the natural functioning of your whole body and mind in the same manner as how a computer virus disrupts the normal functioning of the whole computer. Just like a computer programmer corrects the computer’s functioning in almost no time by eliminating the virus program and then installing the clean program on its hard-disk drive; so can a certified Etalon Speech Educator correct in only 3 days a stutter’s mind-body by guiding them to stop believing dis-information in their memory and to then learn to follow Etalon information, the “Etalons” Natural Speech Norms instead.
The moment a person learns, understands and begins to follow these etalons, they instantly normalize the following functions of their body, mind and will: Thinking, Memory, Attention and Speech.

A: The natural breathing function and the speaking action have totally different mechanisms and purposes. Here are a few main differences.

1. Breathing is the most natural innate (in-born) function of our body. Just like our heart constantly pumps blood in and out and never requires training to perform this automatic function, so is our lung function as a pump that automatically takes in Oxygen and releases Carbon Dioxide, waste gas. We breath constantly, whether we are aware of it or not (e.g., when we sleep), whether we want to breath or not. For example, we cannot hold our breath for too long under the water, even if we want to.

Speaking, however, is a voluntary action that requires our self-training. We learn to speak over the course of our entire life. We begin feeling our memory with the first simple words in early childhood and continue growing our speech skills (increase vocabulary, learn new languages, etc.) for as long as we live.

2. We use our vocal cords in breathing totally differently than in speaking. When we breathe, our vocal cords are widely open to enable un-abstracted air passage in and out of the lungs. Our vocal cords are not involved in the process of natural breathing exhalation. We breathe out silently. But when we speak, our vocal cords are tightly shut.
They create an obstacle for the CO2 stream on its way out of the lungs. As the waste gas rushes out, it pushes vocal cords to open. They then vibrate generating our voice. The stream of CO2 comes out vocal.

3. When we breathe, we automatically inhale oxygen and it immediately gets delivered with the blood flow to the brain and other body organs to activate certain biological processes. Carbon Dioxide is just one of the waste products of these processes.
Oxygen is not for speaking. When we speak, we use only carbon dioxide. Our body constantly produces this waste gas, accumulates it in our lunges and then, rids itself of it through exhalation or speaking.

Normal speakers never focus on breathing because they are fully concentrating on accurately following the Natural Speech Norms. They keep 100% of their attention on their speaking actions. Those who focus on breathing, distract their attention from speaking and block their speech. When an individual switches their attention from breathing to speaking, they” suddenly” say a word correctly.

A: Stuttering is a speaking behavior that has deviated from the norms. Because people who stutter do not know/follow the Natural Speech Norms, they constantly are guessing when they speak. It is like playing roulette; sometimes, they may guess the norm right and speak correctly, but most of the time they guess it incorrectly and deviate from the norms, which produces stuttering. Etalon Speech Unblocking teaches stutterers to follow these norms accurately, always and everywhere. Etalon graduates no longer “guess” when they speak, they instead “know” because they have learned/experienced their normal speech production during their 3-Day course. Even when outside of the classroom, when they occasionally deviate from the norm (e.g., when they get distracted or are in a hurry), they can easily and instantly normalize their speaking actions by simply returning back to the Natural Speech Norms.

A: You are welcome to contact Certified Etalon instructor Anna Deeter for a complimentary consultation over Skype/WhatsApp/e-mail or FB Messenger. Ms. Deeter will be honored to answer all your questions and then schedule your class as soon as possible.

A: We have created the Etalon Analysis Profile (EAP) at no cost to you. This will assist us in evaluating if we believe you are ready at that time to enroll in the 3-Day Etalon Speech Unblocking course. After you have reviewed our website, completed your complimentary Etalon Analysis Profile and have viewed at least three (3) of our free on-line E-books, if there is anything that is still not clear to you, we highly encourage you to then contact us and ask all questions that you still may have and then schedule your complimentary consultation.
During your Complimentary 30-minute Consultation we will evaluate if we believe you are ready at that time to enroll in the course. We are able do this evaluation by listening to the words you use when you begin asking us your questions. The language that you use when speaking with us will be an indicator as to the amount of review time you have given yourself on the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course and if we believe you are ready for enrolling into the Course at that time, we can proceed with the enrollment for you.

A: On the average, over the three (3) Days of the course, every individual student/client receives 5-8 hours a Day of the teacher’s instructions. The exact amount of time spent each Day depends on the number of “blocks” that are needed to be removed, how much speech work a student would have to do and how diligently he/she performs the work. Each individual learns in a different way, some learning faster, and others possibly needing more time. The Teacher will continue to teach according to the individual student’s needs, until the student/client has achieved 100% success.

A: As with all aspects of our method, our guarantee is different from anyone else’s. It is not the old rusty “money back” guarantee, which sets one up for failure by presenting it as an option.  Our guarantee is for the success of every individual who chooses to follow diligently the “Natural” Etalon Speech Norms, accurately, always and everywhere.

Every time you do ETALON in your speech, you produce ETALON speech… 100% guaranteed. This is the only reliable guarantee. YOU pledge to YOURSELF to consciously follow the golden knowledge of the“Etalon” Natural Speech Norms accurately, always and in any situation, with the availability of on-going assistance from your Etalon trainer, even after the Course… throughout your lifetime!

It is extremely rare, however, it can occur that a graduate may forget something or has something come up with their own idea of speaking and then attempts to perform a new Non-Correct Speech Action, this is why we have the unique 100% lifetime guarantee that we do.  “Money-back” guarantees are offered only by those companies/people who are not 100% certain of their success in training their students/clients.

We are honored to offer our 100% lifetime guarantee to you. We are 100% confident that if You Pledge to Yourself to consciously follow what you will learn in our course, you will have success!

A: Yes, and you will be able to operate your body and mind CORRECTLY (mistake-free) while pronouncing words in ANY spoken language that you know. We all have THE SAME tools for speaking and use them in the same way, just as all musicians always play a guitar in the same way.

The set of speech tools you have in your body-mind is no different from other individuals, and in order to speak adequately, you are supposed to perform THE SAME algorithm of actions. This is what we teach. Learning words in a primarily or any other language is the same as learning to play different tunes on the guitar. Once you know how to extract sounds from the instrument, you can play any tune.

A:  You will no longer hide your eyes from your teachers to avoid being called to answer their questions in the classroom and you will become the first one to raise your hand and offer your answer! After completing your group projects, other students will ask you to present their research findings because you will be the best speaker in their group.

You will volunteer to do many presentations for extra credit and you will significantly improve your school grades. You will also make new friends, develop your social skills and establish healthy friendships/relationship with the opposite sex.

A:  Yes! After your graduation you will be able to pass any job interview, as long as you know your subject matter. Speaking in the interview setting is one of the speech modes our students learn during their class. You will understand what specific actions you would need to do in order to speak in any situation; answer questions from unfamiliar people and also ask them questions. Whether you will apply for the work of an engineer or any other administrative position, your chances of being selected for your dream job will increase dramatically.

A: Yes, The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is designed to help you to completely solve your son’s problem and direct his speech development in the correct way, with your own efforts as a parent, and No, you should NOT wait until your son becomes older before enrolling in the course.

Through our course, you will learn why your son makes speaking mistakes and what the mental blocks are that he has. You will understand what he needs to learn in order to normalize his own speech and also learn how you can guide him in this process.

After the course, even when he makes an unconscious mistake again, (e.g., while in a hurry), you will no longer feel devastated and helpless. You will have the knowledge and the ability to remind him what he needs to do in order to say the word correctly. This process is no different from how you would monitor your son’s homework in his preparation for a spelling test.

After completion of the Etalon course, you will be able to help your son with normalization of not only his speech but also with all other crucial functions of his body and mind, such as thinking, memory, and attention.

As the result, your son will be able to dramatically improve the quality of his life. You will see a significant increase in his school grades and in the number and quality of his new friends. Your stutter-free teenager will no longer avoid his participation in extra-curriculum activities in school and he will want to go out and communicate with people. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course will empower you to open a great future for your son.

A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course can “cure” you, that is if you consider yourself sick. The fact that you can speak normally in some situations indicates that you are a totally healthy person and do not require any “cure” or “treatment”.

Just like all other people, you are born to speak normally, however, because you believe and act in speech according to some dis-information, you stutter sometimes. During the 3-Day class, your Etalon teacher will determine what the dis-information is within your mind that blocks your normal speech and makes you stutter. You will then learn practically to use your speech instrument for producing your words correctly at any time and anywhere. The Etalon information will unblock your mind and body almost instantly. You will know (have experienced) precisely what to do in order to answer teacher’s questions, read out loud and to do presentations in the classroom. The Etalon knowledge will empower you to live stutter-free for the rest of your life!

A: Yes, it will! Right after your graduation from the 3-Day Etalon Speech class, you will feel like thanking your boss for his promotion offer and will want to accept it!

You will let your employer know that you are very excited about communicating with customers and that you will do your very best for the company. This will be a magnificent time in your developmental and professional self-growth.

Graduates of our course frequently correspond with us about their speedy post-graduation career enhancement and about the significant changes for better, in the development of their personal and business relationships. Our graduates become noticed in a positive manner and promoted at their work, find the right partners, get married and begin raising children.

A: Yes, you will definitely have an excellent chance to utilize this opportunity of a life-time after your Etalon graduation class. After you graduate, you will be able to join your father and become a politician, if you choose to. The opportunity that your Father has offered you certainly would require a very high level of your speech mastery, of which you would achieve in only 3 days of the Etalon Speech Unblocking course.

How is it possible? It’s very simple, instead of your futile and harmful attempts to control your stuttering mistakes, you will always be in charge for performing correct speech actions. You will follow diligently the Natural Speech Norms and produce only normal speech!

A: Yes, you will be capable of leading any meeting without stuttering if you follow the Natural Speech Norms acquired in the Etalon course.

Delivering a presentation is a skill that all Etalon students learn during the 3-Day course.

On the very first day you will discover specific speech actions that all normal speakers perform when they present information in front of an audience. Then, you’ll test and grade your ability to speak in this speech-mode for 2 more days. After graduation from the program, you will know how to prepare and deliver your public speech. If you make an occasional mistake (deviate from the norms) from being in a hurry, you’ll know how to correct it without guessing. You will quickly adjust your speech behavior back to the Natural Speech Norms and continue producing normal speech.

A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is designed to rid students from the mental blocks that are restricting them from interacting freely with other people and establishing relationships with them. You will learn in detail what all successful people do when they interact with one another. You will develop the following skills: initiating a conversation, asking and answering questions, speaking under stress and in a noisy environment, communication with more than one person simultaneously, interaction with a person of the opposite sex, influencing someone with power, skill to negotiate and say exactly what you desire to, etc. Knowing what precise speech actions to perform and then performing them accurately in all these speech modes, will make it simple and pleasant for you to interact successfully with people. You will meet more people and make new friends of both sexes. All Etalon graduates dramatically enhance their relationships with other people at all levels; within their social communities, personal life and at work.

A: Yes, all Etalon graduates experience tremendous improvement in their social skills.  They realize that they are “will-centers of the senses, both internally (from within the various parts of their body) and externally (from the outside world), and that it is this “will-center” that collect sensations/information from whatever it focuses on, at any given moment.

Etalon graduates learn that in order to be able to name any piece of information (speak a word) with their speech apparatus, he/she first needs to accurately load this information in his/her mind through their sensory organs (the physical eyes and ears), as well as from their third-eye (imaginings). Taking the information in (sensory input) and giving it out (sensory output) are two essential parts of the same process, called speech production.

The Etalon Speech Unblocking Program is designed to improve each student’s sensory awareness of the present moment. Etalon students learn to select and name the sensory information both around and inside of them. They acquire skills of reading accurately one piece of information at a time in order to be able to clearly see, hear, feel (physically and emotionally), smell or taste it.

Accurate observation of a given situation enables a person to name it with an appropriate word. When people hear words appropriate to the situation they understand each other with ease.  Their social interaction increases because it now becomes pleasant and desirable.

A: Yes, the Etalon Speech Unblocking program will teach you speaking according to the Natural Speech Norms, in any situation.

Teaching students in the classroom requires several speech skills. A few of these skills are: delivering a presentation, reading aloud, improvisation, telling a story, asking and answering questions, etc. You will learn and will test your ability to speak in each of these situations during your 3-Day course. The “Etalon” knowledge will empower you to speak to your students with authority and you will then be able to enjoy your job. One testimonial we received was from an Etalon graduate who was selected “Best Teacher Of The Year” in his school. This can be you as well!

A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course provides the foundation for adequate speech in any situation. Acting is an excellent choice for a speaking job. A successful actor/actress must have highly developed speech skills. He/she must speak according to the Natural Speech Norms in any situation. You will receive the Etalon knowledge about these norms and will learn to follow them practically over the 3-Day course. After your graduation, you may apply for the next audition right away. Following “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms will give you the power to always produce normal speech and never have unexpected mistakes, allowing for greater probability in being selected for your desired acting role.

A: Yes, as long as you know the answers to the questions about your chosen job and are familiar with its subject matter! If so, then you may schedule your next job interview right after the 3-Day Etalon Unblocking Course. Whether an employer will select you for a job or not will depend much on the quality of your speech, which you will have normalized. Over the 3-Day course you will be guided to rid your mind of dis-information about speaking and will learn to follow the “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms. You will test your ability to speak normally in various situations of your choice. You should be prepared for your next job interview. We wish you much success, and if you will have any questions, we will be there for you to answer them right away!

A: Yes! We offer the Etalon Training Certification Program for Educators. Please, refer to the COURSES section for additional information on this course.

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