If you do not see the answer to your question, do not hesitate to write to Anna Deeter and she will answer it right away!

The first rational step you should take in order to solve a problem of stuttering is to study and understand what this problem really is.

Before enrolling in any program, you must address all your questions to an instructor of this program – to learn what precise activities you will participate in this course and why, what outcome and how soon you will achieve. If a service provider cannot answer comprehensively and with certainty even one question or suggests any long term after-program exercise, you should not enroll.

Anyone can stop stuttering naturally and begin living a normal life right after having observed and imitated precisely an etalon/correct speech action in the present moment. The quick nature of the  algorithm of learning (observation and then,  subsequent repetition of the correct speech action) brings immediate result – a stutterer instantly produces correct speech in the now and does not need to practice any artificial technique for a prolonged period of time.

It is simple. You do not have to please anybody when you  speak alone, with familiar people or pets because nobody judges or “examines” your disordered immature speech. Each time you talk to strangers (or other listeners of your choice!), you focus your attention on them instead of focusing it on YOUR correct speech production. You sense (feel) them, instead of sensing your own speech:-( To learn more, you will have to get enrolled in the 3-day Etalon Speech Gymnastics class over Skype.

Yes, we have. Not “treated” though… We have taught them how they could treat themselves.But what is so special about you, a Scandinavian person? Do you have a different set of lips or a different tongue?;-) Our method works for any human, no matter how old a person is, what language he/she speaks, or how severe or how long the stuttering has been. All humans possess the same mechanism of speech production and follow the same natural rules for speaking.

NO. A skill of performing any muscle action, including speaking, is never inherited. It can be acquired only. Each human is born with no skills. A newborn baby does not know how to speak yet. He starts learning this skill by observing and imitating speech actions of others around. If a close relative or any other authority figure (role model) speaks with frequent mistakes, a child will observe, imitate and continue using such mistaken way of speaking. By copying speech patterns of a normal speaker, a child will copy and form the skill of normal speaking. Thus, the probability of developing an incorrect speech behavior (stuttering) is much higher in children born in a family with a person who stutterers as a role model.


Singing and speaking are two significantly different skills, learned actions of the body. If you are a descent singer, it means that you know and can follow well singing rules (not speaking!). If you want to become an adequate speaker, you would have to learn and always follow well speaking rules.

Yes, it is highly possible. When a child’s growth and early development occurs in the presence of a stuttering individual, a little one tends to observe and copy speaking behavior of a stuttering role model. The child gradually develops a skill of speaking with repetitions of words or word parts, prolonging initial sounds in words or speaking with other mistakes that his/her stuttering relative makes. All children in the world acquire their speaking skills by listening to and copying speech actions after people around them: their sounds, tone, rhythm, and speech SEQUENCE. Unconscious learning of incorrect speaking occurs especially quickly, when a child has to communicate with and copy the speech patterns after such authorities as his/her parents, a teacher older sibling or friend. He/she literally mirrors and copies to his/her brain all the pathological behaviors of the people that he/she focuses his/her attention on throughout the day.


It means that you have to know exactly what word and how you want to say and then, simply say it WITHOUT THINKING! At the moment of speaking, one must be 100% focused on the correct speech action, instead of “thinking” about anything, including guessing how to say it right.


No, the nature and severity of the stutter does not matter for a successful outcome. Regardless of how many mistakes a stutterer makes in his/her speech, he/she can instantly eliminate them all by consciously substituting his/her non-correct speech actions with the Etalon (correct) speech actions learned on the very first day of the 3-day Etalon Speech Gymnastics training.


1. Relearning behavior in 3 days is really easy when it is done the right way. That is why it is so important to identify what the MAIN problem each student has. When the root of the problem is known, it does not take long to relearn. Here is my example from my life.  14 years ago, I failed to pass my driving test 3 times because of the same mistake that I was making: I could not understand HOW to drive a car in reverse and then, parallel park… I was convinced that there was something wrong with my spacial perception and that I was not “cut” to understand this kind of action! So, after I switched to a different driving instructor and told him about my “perceptional problem” with tears in my eyes, he laughed at me and said: “I can guarantee that after I teach you HOW to do this the right way, you will do it in 3 minutes!” I said: “NO! I am perceptually dumb”… He pointed to the front passenger’s side mirror and said: “Look in this mirror so you could see the curb!” I did… and parked the right way immediately! All my psychological uncertainty disappeared instantly because I finally learned HOW to perform my conscious action in the right way!!!!2. “Stuttering blocks” are no longer a mystery. The reason stutterers “block” = cannot say some “difficult” words is because THEY simply do not say it! At the moment when they need to SAY a word, they begin THINKING about it! (“Oh, here is coming this word that I will not be able to say!”) But thinking and speaking cannot occur at the same time. Answer this question: “At the moment when you are sitting in the chair and thinking: ” I better get off the chair”, are you actually getting off that chair or continuing sitting in it till the end of your thought?” Answer: “You will be thinking and remaining in the chair! Only after you have finished thinking about it, then, you will switch to actually getting up!” Same with speaking: if your attention is on thinking instead of speaking, then, the action of thinking will block the action of speaking! You call it a block, but it is a simple lack of knowledge about how to control/switch your attention while speaking.

Breathing is the most natural biological inborn function of our body. It never requires any training. We will always breath – whether we want or not! (For example, when under the water, we cannot hold our breath for too long!) Speaking is a LEARNED skill that requires self-training. Normal speakers never focus on breathing because they are fully concentrated on their speaking action instead.  Any form of breathing practice is one of the worse techniques that conventional speech professionals recommend to stutterers today! On top of so many bad speaking habits, PWS learn additional bad artificial speech behavior: they distract their attention from speech to focusing on breathing!!!!  The reason you “sometimes” may say correctly your difficult word after breathing is VERY SIMPLE: you finally switch your attention to speech ( not to breathing or thinking) and you can say it!


In reality, stuttering does not relapse because it never leaves a stutterer! Unlike Etalon Speech Gymnastics, every stuttering program out there is based on the same hypnotic trick of teaching stutterers to “chant” (stretch out vowel sounds in words), not to speak! Although this trick naturally slows down the mind and the speech apparatus of a stutterer, but it does not enable him to produce normal/adequate speech! Rational person would never use such abnormal and unnatural way of oral communication with normal speakers… Attempting to chant (instead of speaking!) is even more embarrassing that stuttering!  This is why stutterers keep switching back to stuttering in some time after every chanting training they have been through! We, Etalon Speech trainers, teach every student to speak! NO CHANTING in the Etalon classroom is required ever! Etalon speech only, on the very first day of the class!  First, we identify and point to individual speech errors a student makes. Then, we immediately demonstrate, explain, observe our student imitate the Etalon (correct) Speech Actions and eliminate his/her stuttering instantly.  Once he/she has eliminated this “speech garbage” ( non-correct speech actions!) and started focusing his/her attention on own CORRECT speaking actions only -his/her speech becomes naturally normal, easy, and effortless. That is why our graduates never go back to their old habits of incorrect and very uncomfortable way of speaking – unless they choose to. It is the same as once you’ve learned riding a bike, you would never forget how to do it in the future. Once you’ve learned how to do anything (reading, writing, driving, etc), and keep practicing this action frequently, you’ll never forget it – unless you stop performing it (stop reading, writing, driving… or speaking!) That is why it is IMPOSSIBLE for the stutter to come back after taking the Etalon Speech Gymnastics class – unless a person chooses to stop talking after graduation.


  • Over 3000 people in Russia, UK, USA, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, France, S. Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, etc. have been enabled to free themselves from stuttering in only 3 days of th3ir Etalon Speech Gymnastics  course by Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter. Not decreased, cut back or modified their speech mistakes, but 100% RID themselves of their Non-correct Speech Actions !  NO ONE on Earth can give you an advice whether you should enroll in Etalon Speech Gymnastics training, which is totally different from all traditional approach programs available today! Why are they different? Because they all are based on the fraudulent misconception that a stutterer (who has never trained himself to speak adequately) needs a cure!
Right after our nonprofit organization has received the funds necessary for educating a student, we do not enroll anyone right away. We select carefully our every student during the pre-screening Skype session prior to the enrollment. To become qualified for the Etalon Speech Gymnastics is a requirement for every student.  Right after we have determined that YOU ARE READY to  work hard and to endeavor to train yourself, we can schedule your 3-day training immediately.  We accept and greatly appreciate any form of financial support, charitable contribution and donation for development of our “KNOW-HOW” method. We help people that help us to help others. This is a fair exchange of the universal energy.

We judge by the words they use when they begin asking their question! Their language indicates right away how much homework they have done.  We strongly recommend every student should study the information contained on this website and encourage questions if anything is not clear.

On the average, we work for 5-8 hours a day, 3 days in a row, but we never set any time limitation. We all learn in a different way. Some are faster, others slower learners. We continue our teaching according to the student’s needs, until he/she has achieved 100% success.
Every applicant is expected to have a basic understanding of the program, why it works for anyone, and the reason behind our 100% guaranteed long term results. Our potential students HAVE to study everything available on this website: read all the pages and watch all the videos. See the article about The Program Enrollment Requirements here
Ringtones are the vowel sounds – the speech melodicas that provide structure for our speech and carry the most energy of our emotions.

As with everything about our method, our guarantee is different from anyone else’s! It is not the old rusty “money back” guarantee, which sets one up for failure by presenting it as an option.  Our guarantee is for the success of anyone who chooses to perform diligently the NATURAL Etalon Speech Actions always and everywhere.  Every time you do ETALON in your speech, you produce ETALON speech – 100% guaranteed. This is the only reliable guarantee that you can be granted: YOUR pledge to YOURSELF to consciously follow the golden knowledge of natural speech rules always and in any situation – with the availability of ongoing assistance of the Etalon trainer even after the program. Extremely rare, but it does happen when a graduate may have forgotten something or has come up with his own idea of speaking and attempts to perform a new Non-Correct Speech Action…  “Money back” is an option for those who are not 100% certain of their success. We are certain and will accept nothing less.

Demand creates supply. Therefore, demand of stutterers only creates a very small audience, which is too specific, fearful and thankless. This is not the level, at which the information is ready to grow and be spread around the world rapidly as the majority of stutterers ignore and distort information, con, and betray. Of course, there are some rational and goodhearted people, but they are very few. Fertile soil is still very small.

Only with various dis-coordinations in humans on the rise, the ETALON Speech Gymnastics will become vital for the people that will reach the stage of stupor and total dis-coordination. Such rapid path of human’s degeneration would have to take the form of a pandemic! Things have already been heading this direction, but I do believe that the ETALON’s time will come in 100 years only:)))

By that time, the ETALON SPEECH EDUCATION industry should grow into an Empire similar to “Coca Cola” or some big pharmaceutical organization. ETALON will turn into an organized, disciplined force able to control, finance and strictly shepard the discoordinated human herd.

In the meantime, stutterers, psychopaths, schizophrenics and others are the first signs. They are now the only audience that can appreciate listening to, using of, and benefiting from ETALON principles.

Currently, there is an increase of ignorance in science, that is, gain in professional discoordination, which is being misrepresented by, for example, some “help for stuttering disease.” Such people-discoordinators that offer this kind of misleading “science” will eventually make the whole world sick, and then, Etalon will become the only “cure.” That is when the worldwide fame will come to ETALON :)))

The funding and, therefore, the growth of the company Etalon is directly dependent on the work of those discoordinaters. Fortunately, they grow today: speech therapists, magicians, healers, doctors and other riff-Raff discoordinating “gangsters” – they all have been preparing the ground for the ETALON method. They finance ETALON indirectly by supplying customers – their former patients that after being through their discoordinating systems, are being left doomed to eternal suffering without any right to assistance and even hope for their return to the norms, the Etalon.

Yes, you will be able to operate your body and mind CORRECTLY (mistake-free) while pronouncing words in ANY spoken language you know. We all have THE SAME tools for speaking and use them in THE SAME WAY – just like all musicians always play a guitar in the SAME WAY.

The set of speech tools you have in your body-mind is no different from others. In order to speak adequately, you are supposed to perform THE SAME algorithm of actions. This is what we teach. Learning words in a primarily or any other languages is the same as learning to play different tunes on the guitar. Once you know how to extract sounds from the instrument, you can play any tune.