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EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU:  Every Course is Individually Customized to YOUR exact needs.


The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course was created in 1998 by R.A. Snezhko, an independent researcher and practitioner of the Natural Science. It was discovered and utilized for teaching in the English language by Anna Deeter, a former conventional Speech Therapist; presently - a Speech Educator and a Master Teacher of the English Division of The Speech Academie Etalon International, by R.A. Snezhko, a non-profit. In 2012, Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter started to offer the 3-Day Individually Customized Etalon Speech Unblocking Course in the English language.



The word “Etalon” means a standard of measurement, ideal model, and perfect example. It’s something that never changes and is always the same. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is the method of instruction. It teaches the Natural Speech Norms to both children and adults. Guided by licensed Etalon Speech Teachers, students unblock the natural functioning of their Speech, Thinking, Attention and Memory through their own efforts and for the sake of their Self-development and Self-improvement. The course is both psychological and physical in nature.  It is designed to “Un-block the mind” of a person with various speaking limitations (including stuttering) that restrict and diminish their desired effectiveness in communicating with others and the freedom to live a productive and prosperous life. One of many factors that make the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course both exceptional and unique is its proprietary teaching method where dis-information in a person’s memory becomes substituted with 100% rational and reliable information about speech, stuttering, and life in general. Once an Etalon student discovers, understands, and begins to precisely follow etalons (Natural Speech Norms/Standards), they automatically and instantly normalize the work of the following functions of their mind and body: Thinking, Attention, Memory, and Speech. The Etalon Unblocking Course is “Individually Customized” for every student’s exact “unblocking” needs.  This is a vitally important component in ensuring the 100% success of every student we work with and is how we can offer our 100% lifetime guarantee!

The partial list below contains numerous Features & Benefits that our graduates obtain from the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course:

- You or your loved one will become stutter-free in only 3 days (15 - 30 hours of instruction) in the one-on-one digital classroom.

- Your 100% success is guaranteed by your 100% dedicated, diligent, and conscious work accompanied by the Natural Laws of Physiology.


- The program is available to English-speaking students worldwide via various online video platforms. If you do not speak the English language, we may consider teaching you with the help of your interpreter. ​ - You will acquire this condensed science-based college course in only three days, without going through years of professional training. ​ - You will become educated in the new style of a school, which revolutionizes the whole modern education system worldwide. The Etalon Speech Unblocking course is 100% opposite to all other stuttering programs. It adamantly opposes ALL gimmicks, temporary fixes, misleading recommendations, and such offers as to “fix most of your stuttering, most of the time.”  You will be guided to unblock and liberate your adequate speech according to the Natural Speech Norms that all standard speakers worldwide follow intuitively. ​ - To best serve you, two highly qualified unique Etalon Speech Experts will educate you during your Etalon Speech Unblocking and psycho-physical training. ​ - Through our course, you will first become unblocked. Then, you will discover and begin to follow the Natural Speech Norms. By doing so, you will instantly and automatically gain the freedom to move your speech organs with ease and to speak without mistakes. After graduation, you will need to maintain and master your speech at the “Etalon” level by building your tongue vocabulary and speaking a lot everywhere for the rest of your life, just like all adequate people do. ​ - You will have a lifetime guarantee that if you ever forget anything learned during your 3-Day course or develop any new mental block by which a new question arises, you can always come back to your Etalon Instructor for a FREE consultation, clear your confusion, and regain your beautiful speech in almost no time. - If you are a parent, guardian, teacher, or a caretaker of a young child or an adult with learning limitations, you will receive the 3-Day education course to enable you to continue training your dependents to maintain and master their speech skills at the Etalon (model-like) level after the Etalon Speech Unblocking course.

The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is for:

   • Every Individual who truly desires to stop stuttering permanently,
   • Parents desiring to unblock and enhance the correct speech development of their children, 
   • Children of all ages accompanied by their caretaker(s),     
   • Individuals dreaming of an administrative or executive position,
   • Professionals desiring to be promoted,

• Individuals wishing to become public speakers,   • Individuals wanting to master their skills of delivering presentations,    • Educators of all categories: teachers, counselors, speech therapists, etc.,    • Individuals wishing to become public personalities; i.e. politicians, actors, entertainers, etc.,    • School graduates preparing for job interviews,    • Individuals aiming to enhance their relationship with others (i.e. personal relationships, business/work relationships, social community, etc.),    • Every individual wants to become “unblocked” at the level of their body, mind, and will.    • Every individual desiring to revive and enhance their adequate Thinking, Attention, Memory, and Speech.

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